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  1. you should try to emulate how this fella did Fuss for attacking corner. Very impressive stats for my team. Score a lot of great goals from corner than ever before. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/145625-%2A%2A%2Afootball-manager-14-tactical-thread%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2Ajassar%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A-85.html#post1920446
  2. I tweaked a little bit, give it half season to properly suits my team. i started my pre season with team cohesion (very high) and def set pieces for match training. i won treble in my 2nd season with arsenal (which i had a mix results for the 1st 4 months looking for a suitable tactic, before went back with my tactic). and this is the new link : http://www.mediafire.com/?07b7o31kmtz2zsv * make sure to ask the left and right striker to man mark opponent right and left fullback respectively.
  3. Anyone still using this tactic? i started a new save with arsenal. good 1st season. overhauled my team for the 2nd season. bought almost new player for each position except keeper, walcott, wilshere, cazorla. Pre season seems fine since i played against very low reputation teams. but when the season starts, i cant get results that i want. i bought very good players available around including neymar and falcao! so i thought my tactic no longer works on the latest patch, so i decided to try others' tactic. still no result. half way through the season, around end of december, i tried play with
  4. i use normal team talks that i usually used. and its getting hard to get reactions from my players. some time i said good thing, turn out everyone is angry at me Lol
  5. anyone notice that team talk is like a bug now? everything i said , the players dont respond or suddenly become angry even when i said good things!
  6. ah haa got it. yup the classic tactic was created from the previous Fm which been passing from previous Fm games up till now. So when we load the classic tactic and we build the tactic from there, hence the arrow and stuff where u can only find it with classic tactic. The new tactic wizard is simpler than the classic tactic, which i think will be more easier to create for most of the people. and we can use shouts too.
  7. in the mean time, everyone can try use my 433 tactic. i dont know if it will be working with you guys, but i had superb results http://www.mediafire.com/?95gyhdvw9c2c2fh
  8. target man :speeds, off the ball movement, work rate, passing and things that striker should have Adv forward :i look for very speedy player with great dribbling and crossing + flair (bonus) fullback : i opted for speedy fullback with great pass and crossing. DEF MIDFIELDER is the most crucial player in the team cuz he gets the most ball, makes the most passes, everything start with him. Composure, concentration, creativity, work rate, passing, tackling, decisions and most of other things that make a great holding midfielder. Hope this help.
  9. really? thats weird, i had my friends tried, everyone came back with positive feedback. sorry to hear that man :confused:
  10. my progress so far, if you can see, i conceded less goals compare with the old tactic.
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