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  1. download start date and fixtures from sortitoutsi
  2. the ai transfer logic, ai contract negotiations and ai squad building seriously needs a revamp. its been a long time coming. really think this will transform the game and make the game more challenging. too easy to sign the best players. 2 teams bid 34, 54 and me bid 60 for de ligt. yet ajax accepted all 3 offers despite me offering the highest bid. bought skrinar for 70 million. transfer list bailly has 1 year left on contract. get 50 million from inter despite napoli having already had a bid accepted for 36.5. why not offer the same amount as napoli or slightly more? 4 teams are in contract negotiations for frenkie de jong. i offered 100pw. signs for man city for 120pw. after an 1 hour of reloading the save file and making an improved offer he finally signs for me with significant improved wages and bonuses. instead of me reloading the file why not give the agent the ability to renegotiate the contract with other teams even if contract offered. for example agent can come back and say i will sign for you tomorrow if you give me x amount wages and bonuses. liverpool sold mane to barce for 73. bought carrasco for 78. mane clearly the better player and has higher ca and pa
  3. hi everyone i have finished the first season with man utd. i thought i give my feedback. Ai teams too defensive even when 10 mins to go and 2 nil down. Boring as well Strikers miss too many 1 on 1 throw ins straight to opponent defenders dont do well with long balls Could not adjust budget when signing players even though I had enough money. bug? Players complain too much about play time. eg Lindelof fellaini. Not realistic. havent complained in irl. mainly happened at the start of season Rojo unhappy cant join cska. why join rubbish team for low wages? At the end of season, players are available on the cheap. frenkie De jong 25 million, when in transfer window ajax wanted 100 million. Hugely annoying please fix!!! At the end of seasons all teams should all get the transfer budgets updated as only English teams are buying everyone because the rest of the world has not had it transfer budgets updated. Ai should reject lowest offer even if has accepted bid. In my save Liverpool bid first 25 million for frenkie De jong and accepted. Then arsenal bid 50 and man city bid 65. All accepted. I can reject the lowest offer even if accepted why cant ai? Lots of newgens with dual nationality. Dunno if realistic or not Wolves sack manager because they finished 17th even though they won the fa cup. Seems harsh. pochettino also sacked and finished 5th Far too many players are being transfer listed. Liverpool have listed oxo, lallana and Sturridge When was the last time a player was transfer-listed irl? If player is unhappy after a while you can buy player for peanuts. Not realistic so many transfer offers for my players that i have to pay wages. then just include clause to pay £1 and they accept. really irritating.
  4. i dont care about analyst report just want scouting report. incredibly annoying.
  5. i am playing as man utd. i have 17 scouts. i have show attributes on so not needed to scout to 100%. it normally takes 1 day to scout a player. so why is the number of players i can scout is random. sometimes is doesnt work at all. sometimes i can 80 palyers the next 30 players. is this a bug? the same thing happened in fm 18.
  6. great work although you have missed a few high profile clients. i recommend using transfermarkt . com to see which agent has what staff and players.
  7. what i do is use the editor and change the chairman and owner patience to 18 of the top clubs. this makes it much more realistic.
  8. true been a problem for quite some time. what i do is i use the editor and change any nation which has high nation youth rating to 120. 120 is the same as england so you should get at least 2 players above 170 pa every season. remember not all players reach max pa
  9. in the player search my customised view keeps on disappearing. unbelievable that this is still an issue as it was fixed in 18.2. seriously SI, this game on all aspects has gone backwards. SI has becomes the new EA. i think the times has come to stop buying this game it seems the developers seem to have lost their passion for FM.
  10. you should post this on fmscout and sortitoutsi as they seem to be more active forum
  11. please let me know how this goes as this sounds like a must download. i find injuries to low especially for gk.
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