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  1. These may have already been posted but here's what I'd like to see in future FM's Stadium/Training: How about potentially having more say in the matter when it comes to your board expanding your stadium or upgrading your training facilities. On a few other games, you can decide yourself how big to build your stadium, I'm not saying that it has to be that dramatic, but it would give you a say in the club as you are the manager. To be able to visually monitor the progress using computer generated stadia (like those in LMA Manager?) would be a great addition to the game, if possible. Interaction: Although it has been improved in the years, the interaction is actually pretty poor. e.g. I would like the odd occassion when my player is in trouble away from the game, as a manager i can publicly react to this which will effect my relationship with the player. Media: When I attend a press conference, I don't want to be repeatidly answering the same questions every week with only five possible mindless answers (that also seem to have answers on a scale of 1-5) I dont think the questions asked are realistic. A real life journo would not ask a manager "Relegation rivals Blackpool are away to QPR this afternoon, what do you make of thier chances?" first of all i'm sick of answering this question when i'm 30 games into my season and sitting comfortably in 6th place therefore i am not in danger of relegation, also, when your following question is the same but referring to Plymouth's match then you just want to storm out! Board: I've mentioned it more below, but the ability to have a relationship with your chairman i think is needed. Players: Just more options, freshen it up a touch. Maybe more of an insight into how what you say to them will actually affect the game, some times it can be hit/miss. Fans: Again, more mentioned below, but this is probably the most important relationship in football. Without them onside, a manager is struggling. You should be able to interact towards the fans in order to form a bond, the manager of my football team is adored by the fans, not only for his managerial performances, but about how he talks to, and about, the fans. Contracts: First of all the board are too slow in renewing your deal, regardless of how well you are doing. For players, and managers/staff there needs to be more options e.g. a player can leave for £15m if there is an offer made by the "big four". Also, when renewing contracts, any players doing well for me request ridiculous wages, or even, are just not interested in renewing their deals! Players should be more open to contract extensions, players playing well in real life don't all want to leave on a free! A post was mentioned above saying about when players have multiple contract offers. When reading about real life transfers for my local team, alot of teams are attracted by the stadium and the fans for example. You should be able to sell your club to a player, rather than have to offer ridiculous wages. Board requests: When making board requests you should be able to justify to the board why your needs should be met. Also, when you have your monthly summary, you should be able to discuss the current state of the club and the future, rather than just being told. The chariman/manager relationship is very important and you should be able to build on it. Better/More Feeder Club Options: Yes you can select a specific type/club after a while at a club, but selcting a club never works. I've been looking for a team to send my talented youngsters out to with my Swansea team for 6 years, and I've only been given the option of mediocre clubs where my players will reject. Maybe the option of selecting a range of leagues to search for a suitable team from would be appropriate. And when you select a specific club, if a deal cannot be completed, then maybe a few suggestions of other similar teams who may be available to form a link with could be added, this will be more useful than the board pretty much saying "better luck in a few months time". Training: As much as I love, and am addicted, to FM, the training always disappoints me. The training, and your scheme's seem to have no relevance. They some how need to be vastly improved, otherwise, just disgarded. Fan Trouble: Again suggested above, and again this would create more interaction between the fans. Again, it doesn't have to be dramatic, but this happens in football and therefor is likely to happen in FM. Board Confidence: I mentioned it a little above, but this part of the game disappoints me so much I thought it deserved it's own section. I'm six years into my current game, and with my two teams (Swansea City, AFC Telford) I've had great success. After two impressive finishes in the Championship with Swansea, I won the league to get to the Premiership. There I finished 11th in my first season, before a very impressive 6th place finish in the next season to qualify for the UERO Cup. However, at the start of the season, my board are still satisfied with my performance. If I was the chairman of that football club in that situation, having exceeded all the expectations, I'd be more than satisfied. And with my Telford team, 4 promotions in 5 seasons, and a play-off finish in the Championship, again, SATISFIED! It should be easier (not easy!) to impress the board. Also, when you sign some players just trying to build your squad, or signing a youngster, the fans confidence should be so low, as it is only a squad player. Granted if they are a big money signing then it is fully justified if he is not performing. Tactical options: I watch Swansea City every match in real life, and every match you watch you can appreciate how they are set up for the current match. However, on FM, you can have as many sliders as possible, but you don't get to feel how your team is set up to play in the current match, and what style of play they will try to carry out. Also, you have scout reports before a match, and although it suggests players you may wish to mark etc... it doesn't give you an insight on how to set your team up to play the current match. One Last Thing: Granted it isn't major, but please show away attendances, as many fans as you get at home, it's nice to see how many fans you take away. And if this is put into the game, it would be nice to see the allocation you were given. Ridicule/Agree with my idea's as much as you like, but hopefully a few of these little points may be popping up in future FM's.
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