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  1. Less than a month away and not a whisper about FM Touch. Doesn't fill me with confidence.
  2. I just bought the full version of FM Touch for Mac. Is it possible to start a game on the Mac and continue it on iPad. And do I have to pay again for the iOS version?
  3. Mine is similar but an early 2011 model. You should be able to play FM fine on it. I'm currently running 5 nations and a large database. I started a save about a week ago and I'm about 1.5 seasons in now, playing mostly just in the evenings.
  4. I'd rather the game start without any summer transfers (as none have happened yet). Just updated competitions and promotion/relegation. Yes, you can get unofficial databases but you would be starting the game in 2013. It's not the same - all the players will be a year younger for a start. Some managers will have moved on unexpectedly. For example, Moyes would be unemployed but not have the Man U job in his history. The season they've had just wouldn't exist. Another example is Pochettino will be Spurs manager without ever having managed Southampton. An official update from SI would be able to simulate the events of this season in a way an unofficial one would not.
  5. Since the end of the season I've really wanted to start a new game of FM starting from this summer. For me, it seems strange to have to wait until November and FM15 in order to start the game in the summer of 2014. A database update would tide me over until then and I'd gladly pay for it if it was reasonably priced (say £5).
  6. OSX here too, most likely Mavericks by the time FM14 comes out. I hope they have native full screen support this year, which with Mavericks will allow me to my TV as a second screen using AppleTV.
  7. Apologies if this has been asked and answered a million times already. I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Will there be an official summer transfer update for FM13?
  8. I should qualify by saying that I usually play as a Premier League side. At the start, when I initially begin to build the squad I do look at attribute distribution and mentality etc. but if a player has awesome attributes and a crappy mentality, I will probably still go for him. If I'm choosing between two players of similar quality then other things like mentality comes into the decision. When I have my first team squad in order I usually only buy U-18 players for the rest of my career with that club. I buy all the highly recommended youngsters I can (without spending ludicrous sums) and develop them. Then if they become good enough they make it to the first team otherwise they are sold for a tidy profit.
  9. I agree that the star system is a bit useless at lower league levels. But every player role has a number of key attributes that are required. When I play in the lower leagues I don't rely on my scouts, I look at the key attributes for the roles for each player in my system. I look at the players of the top club in my division (or in the next division up) and try to find players that have better attributes. It's much harder in the lower leagues. But it's supposed to be!
  10. It's really not that complicated. 9 times out of 10 the team with the better players win. I've played FM since CM2 in 1992. I have tried every tactic, every training regime and all the mind games. None of them really make too much of a difference apart from morale. Sure, having a solid tactic definitely helps but at the end of the day it comes down to the players in your squad. The current stars system within the game now makes the game relatively easy. Just hire the best scouts you can (15+ for judging PA and CA) and only sign young players that have 4.5+ stars or established players that have at least 3.5+ stars (the more the better obviously). If you do this you will eventually start winning more and more. You'll lose the odd game, like any team will, but in the long run you'll do well. Having a good assistant to help out with the team talks is also a good idea (motivating 15+) but not really essential. Tactics are important in playing a team that have a better, or similar, squad to you but there's no magic formula that will win the game for you. If they're better than you, they will likely win. Now and again, you will lose a game that you should easily win. This happens and can really knock the morale of the squad. Low morale can be a killer to get out of. If your lucky you will have a few easy games that you can win to restore morale. Again, the better your players are, the less you need to worry about morale. The better players usually have better mental stats and can therefore handle it a bit better. In conclusion. Buy better players.
  11. I also just play in windowed mode on my 13' macbook pro. I use the presenter mode mod that hides the dock and menu bar - I then just place the app in a different desktop allowing me to 3 finger swipe between the game and whatever else I'm doing. Really annoying that true osx full-screen isn't implemented. It's on the top of my wishlist for fm14.
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