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  1. Finally the latest patch fixed the issue for me. I manage to save the game 3-4 times. Thank you for your support.
  2. Graphic card driver update didn't give any result, game still freezes
  3. I will update graphic card driver and let you know the result...
  4. I already did and it didn't help... The game doesn't like my Nvidia GeForce GTX 860m. Did you guys test the game on that graphic card?
  5. Yes. If my graphic card is enabled the game freezes when I try to save it, when it's disabled everything is fine
  6. Hi Neil! I just want to let you know that issue still persist... I'm playing the v18.1.3
  7. I managed to save 2 times in a row after fresh installation. I will let you know if game freezes again... Thank you for the support
  8. I'm using recommended one, I'm sure that AV is not the source of the problem. It must be a graphic card related issue, everything works fine when my Nvidia graphic card is disabled.
  9. Noop it didn't give any result, the game still freezes...
  10. Unfortunately it happened again.... Just wasted few hours of playing
  11. The latest update fixed the issue, so I can enable the graphic card again.
  12. I managed to disable graphic card few times during the game, but recently game started crashing and now I'm disabling the graphic card before game has been started
  13. That would be too extreme No I just disabled it via Device manager ( Device manager > Display adapters > Nvidia GeForce GTX 860 > Disable device ).
  14. Hi there! As few other guys I have an issue that game freezes when I want to save it. I tried many things like installing the game again, removing AV, changing directory where saves are stored, trying to save it in the cloud, changing the settings of the graphic card and nothing worked. Only solution which I found is to disable manually graphic card before I save the game. Please find attached my Dxdiag. DxDiag.txt
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