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  1. Well done Andy, its great you have adjusted to suit your team. And that is what its all about. There's too many factors to be having just one end-result for this tactic. So many things are connected to each other. I got QPR into Europe this season. And next, UCL will be mine!
  2. I had a mostly draws and a couple of loses away from home but try these shouts - Hit early crosses - Play Narrower - Work ball into box
  3. Thanks Augustin1979 i will test it with your shouts
  4. I havent tried lower league, but took QPR to 5th place during the second season. My training is done by my Assistant Manager. After some games, onces the Familiarity is full, the tactic will be more stable.
  5. Quick Update - Dream Team Showcase what you think is your Best XI FM players. Each user will be able to Add players from the Players DB into their own personalized Dream Team. Not only that you can select which Tactic you prefer and giving your team a name. (We are still working on to Edit the team, should be ready in a couple of days) - Steam Achievements You may sync up with your Steam ID to display all the FM achievements you have so far in your career.
  6. hey nickoska pitch size 104x67 training done by Assistant Manager No shouts
  7. now we understand how mourinho and ferguson feel when they lose
  8. started new thread for KISS 442 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/347316-13.2.3-KISS-442-Attacking
  9. (Keep It Simple, Seriously!) 4-4-2 Attacking Have been using Modern Warfare at the start but after the new patch, it has broken a wonderful tactic created by our friends in FM-Thai (bossanova) So after trying to get back to winning ways, keeping possession and win big, I think i finally found it. Please give it a try and report back to me with Possession, Shots and Goals. Do let me know too the majority of goals that are scored and conceded. This is 442 - Attacking - Very Fluid Using Short passing and Not pushing up the defence line. No Shouts - Training been done by my Assistant Manager. If your ML and MR has poor shooting skills, set the Player Instructions of their Long Shots to Rarely. I have tweaked the Player Instructions so that 2 strikers can pounce on the rebound and wingers to be cutting in and scoring goals themselves. I got Bale and Muniain and they have been banging in the goals. Corners have been well received too by Kaboul. You might enjoy to see a very quick passing game if you play it in slower highlights. Please have a go and enjoy the game. www.footymanager.net/modules/tactic/tactics_download/2
  10. We apologize for that Dec9693, the post has been deleted. We were excited to share it with other FM sites for support.
  11. make sure u download the latest version How to know if its latest? Go to Tactics - Team instructions Defensive Line = Normal Width = Narrow Tempo = Quick
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