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  1. Hello everyone, I just bought a new laptop finally and also bought fm24.I load data editor and when i went to nations tab and write serbia for example doesn't show up! whats wrong?:(
  2. Hello everyone and thank you for your proposals! I spend some more money and order online this one Asus TUF Gaming A15 FA506NF-HN016W 15.6" FHD 144Hz (Ryzen 5-7535HS/16GB/512GB SSD/GeForce RTX 2050/W11 Home) Hope its good for FM:-)
  3. Hello everyone, Can you please recomend a laptop arround 500-600 euro to play fm24 without worries? Thank you
  4. Thank you Wolf. will look to it!
  5. Hello everyone, I appologise if its not the right topic.I have an old laptop and struggle a lot to play fm23 or older ones.Even in the data editor struggles and in general use as well! Now for work purpose and for fm its time to buy a new one.Can you recoment laptop with the price of 500-600 euro that will be good for fm24 without struggle and for general work purposes as well? Thank you all, Yannis
  6. sounds interesting! Let me know how it works.Did you also change the continent?
  7. How did you replace the id's of Russia if i may ask?
  8. so for example if you rename ukraine to russia and move all to ukraine then all will be working or not?
  9. i have the fm23 not 24 and i had download the file but there are so many errors in red so i had never used it:(
  10. Hello there.Just a question.I have fm23 not 24.Is there a way to import it?
  11. Hello guys.Just a question i have.It regards fm23 but is it possibe to bring back Russia national team to competitions? As i understand this file here is only transfering clubs to competitions only
  12. ok Wolf i will do that as my laptop can handle more.Thank you!:-)
  13. Hello Wolf! Indeed i had put the search to unlimited! Should i put less people ad clubs? is that the problem?
  14. Hello everyone.I like to ask something regarding the FM23 data editor.Probably it has been answered but can't find any.So i bought the fm23 now and download the editor as well.I load it and try to make my own database like i did in previous versions of fm's Now when i click on people or clubs it loads and takes a significant time till it stops.Is there a way to make this faster? Maybe some settings that i haven't find? Can you please guide me? Thank you, Yannis
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