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  1. Just started playing this properly and it's great BUT - a few months in and nearly every game seems to have all or the vast majority of goals in the first half. Has this been noticed already? I bet it probably has. Like in a weekend of ten Premier League games there's about 25 goals, and about 20 of them are in the first half. I don't think this is the case in real life - the opposite if anything. Great game though.
  2. DHS

    Stadium pictures

    Brilliant. Thank you. I downloaded the DAZ8 backgruonds but they're all weird in the background - the pictures aren't the right size or something. Makes all the stands look really steep and you can tell the pictures are distorted because the goals are ridiculous shapes. This is great news - thanks again.
  3. DHS

    Stadium pictures

    Am doing now. Sorry I thought they came with the game. Do old background packs from previous FMs work with this one? Thanks for your help.
  4. What has happened to the small stadium pictures on the main team screen? They are all a picture of the same grassy field somewhere.
  5. Sorry. Now sorted. Please delete if possible.
  6. In previous versions there was a file in My Documents called Sports Interactive but nothing now. Has this changed? Many thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks. Maybe I should have done because I didn't do anything and ended up losing on penalties. Quite depressing actually. Can't be arsed with a new season now!
  8. I always start with a lower/non league team and then lose interest after half a season then stop playing and come back to FM a few months later and start again. But I've just got through to the National League play-off final with Gateshead by virtue of a last minute winner in the semi-final. I now have two weeks til the final. Is there anything you'd recommend doing in the week building up to the game that I won't have thought of that could boost chances of victory, being as how I've never had a game remotely close to this one in terms of 'importance'. I usually just click through to the game then do tactics, other than a bit of training and player searching. Anything particular you can do before big games in terms of unsettling the opponents?! Quite nervous here. Christmas could be over. This is FM2015 by the way.
  9. Suppose. But wouldn't they wait until the team stopped winning? I've just lost the next game 1-0 as well! The plot thickens.
  10. Well. I've made it past the point where I got sacked. Two team meetings in which I bigged them up and also put a player in the side who was whinging. That's crap though. If you're 14 games unbeaten there's no way you'd get sacked because a couple of your players were unhappy about not being in the side. I agree with jonnycosmic. It's a great game, of course it is. But results over-ride just about everything in football in real life don't they.
  11. Ta. It's terrible that reloading thing isn't it. Never mind. Don't think I'd be arsed playing again otherwise. I'd only do it for an unrealistic sacking like this never to overturn results. I've just given them a team meeting and told them all how amazing they are and their names all went green.
  12. Hello. I have just gone on a 14 game unbeaten run with Gateshead and am 4th in the table (this is on FM2015) and then out of the blue I got sacked for failing to deal with player disharmony or something. I'm not having that. I've spent weeks building, scouting, training, etc. Seems very harsh. So I've done a bad thing and quit without saving but it's only one week before my 'sacking' when I loaded it back up. Is there ANYTHING I can do to prevent myself from being sacked? There's only one game during this week and I won it last time around. I know the quitting and reloading is bad but I hardly ever play FM anymore but have really got into this save and didn't see it coming at all. So is there any big gestures you can do that will make all your players like you?
  13. Four months after buying the game, I've finally got round to starting a proper game. As Huddersfield (no idea why. Totally random). It's such an impressive game - the detail, the realism, the huge database, etc. Just played a friendly and there's a very realistic feel to the whole game. But there is SOOO much. For a relative beginner to FM15, what would you say are the things you won't get anywhere without focusing some serious attention on? For example, is training important, or is it worth leaving it to the assistant. Or is it all about individual instructions to your players, or is the formation all important, or substitutions, or opposition players and what to do to counteract them? I know the obvious answer is 'all of it', but what things would you say you can't get away with cutting corners. I don't want to play the slimmed down classic version because I know i'll just want to play the real one after a few games.
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