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  1. HAHA Very true, however I do believe he is unattached,.
  2. The most annoying thing within the game is players retiring mid season. Would be great if their retirement date was in line with the end of the season.
  3. Has any kind soul out there got a save with the official World Cup squads and groups?
  4. One thing is have noticed is the Manager reputations seems to rise very quickly... I have won the Usl with Reno and suddenly I'm getting job offer's from MLS side's. Also they are bringing in managers with little to no experience.
  5. Into Second season and all the teams seem to have populated. I have to say I have played a few USA Expansions through other FM games and this is best. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  6. Am I the only one noticing that teams don't really sign players. For example Austin Aztec Start with no players and by June they have signed 3. The rest of the team are grey players.
  7. This would be great. There is noting worse than wasting time negotiating with the club to accept an offer then the agent/player wont even let you offer them a contract...
  8. Couldn't agree more the mileage limitation could be a great way around it. The Northern Ireland one has been a great pain over the last few games. If i remember correctly in the games previous to FM14 you could scout Ireland and sign plays from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales albeit lower ranked player or older players. This is true to real life if you look at some of the recent signings for example Brian Jensen (Danish former Burnley keeper) has just signed for Crusaders.
  9. I have raised this Issue about being unable to Scout and unable to sign southern Ireland Based players to the bugs forum for the last few games. For Example if you are in Belfast it takes less time to travel to Dundalk or Derry than it takes to Travel to Ballinamallard... Strange one i have always thought.
  10. HI Claassen is there any sign of your doing the NASL and USL along with the other minor leagues in US?
  11. I have been playing this file for the last 6 months and i have to say its one of the best MLS edits i have come across. Hopefully there will be a bigger better version for FM17.
  12. I do have a physio I'll see how I get in moving forward thanks so much.
  13. I thought that might have been the case, so i checked when my player picked up the injury went to that date and there was noting in my in my inbox, then another player got injured and same thing.
  14. It used to be on all previous games when a player got an injury you received a message into your inbox informing you of this, in some instances you could treat by physio or injections all depending on the injury. But in FM15 i don't seem to receive these messages any ideas?
  15. Would be awesome if a FM14 version were to be made this by far was the best database on last years game. Keep up the good work Paul.
  16. Would be Awesome if this could be fixed.
  17. My fiancée is a fan even knew of the famous Freddy Adu before meeting me. She's handy for a bit of scouting.
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