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  1. Same thing just happened to me, did anyone get a fix or how long did it last. I also noticed That my player stats are not population properly, Highest average rating and best past completion is blank.
  2. Recommended leagues to load up to get the best out of A-League? Also has anyone had any join loading any lower Aus Leagues?
  3. This is Awesome, I will deffo give this a go.
  4. Hi Freddie, thanks for the prompt reply. Could you let me know if and when you have a solution? Also will you be able to fix my save game? Thanks
  5. HI Ben, I have just uploaded the file name is Darren Brown - Orlando City.fm How long does this process take? Thanks
  6. I am having a similar issue. Even though I have GA Money it won't let me allocate it to buy down the contracts. See below screenshot
  7. HAHA Very true, however I do believe he is unattached,.
  8. The most annoying thing within the game is players retiring mid season. Would be great if their retirement date was in line with the end of the season.
  9. Has any kind soul out there got a save with the official World Cup squads and groups?
  10. One thing is have noticed is the Manager reputations seems to rise very quickly... I have won the Usl with Reno and suddenly I'm getting job offer's from MLS side's. Also they are bringing in managers with little to no experience.
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