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  1. Wow 5 foot 3 a good 2 foot of that must be his hair.
  2. Quite clearly he forgot to warm up after being given the go ahead.
  3. Good job so far and amazing luck with the board, usually when I get a board take over they are rubbish or sack me no matter what I won the last season.
  4. I dunno his heading is very good get it up to 20 and stick him on Fellaini's shoulders and you will be unstopable lol
  5. Just got William Williams into my youth intake he is a CB and will fit in alongside the CB I got in last years youth intake quite nicely. My CB partnership will be William Williams alongside William Williams (will have to retrain first he was a GK but worth it) Wonder what they would do IRL as if players have the same last name they add the first initial but obviously this wouldn't help.
  6. Hopefully if you haven't signed him his name appears on an agent offer so you will get the news item "Agent Dave offers ****s"
  7. It gets old fast especially when you sign a player and fan confidence is 100% but go to the social bit and its the usual "WOO" "NOOO!" and "wait and see" responses. Also kind of stupid that for injuries it has fans openly declaring that the player wasn't even injured when they come back, fair enough from a dead leg or something like that but coming back after months out because of a broken leg you see a fan saying "Bet he wasnt even injured you know what footballers are like" yes some players can be accused of being soft but how many would fake a broken leg and waddle about in a cast for month
  8. This guy is only 5ft 10 but with that hair he's easily 6ft6 and how on earth he affords enough hair gel to get such a perfectly flat top that tall on £10 a week is frankly amazing.
  9. I like the part about the cost being too prohibitive the quotes from contractors for 2 seats must have been astronomical.
  10. Lee Cattermole accepts your challenge... but seriously that has to be a bug 25 yellows in 29 appearances and no reds he must know exactly where to draw the line.
  11. Someone should tell the AI this, in my save Bournemouth signed an agent owned player from some club but didn't buy the agent out so this poor player has sat in the club ineligible to play any games for a full season.
  12. I could have a crack at the Sunderland thread if @Jordanknox isn't doing it again this year. Edit- Sunderland thread is up
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