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  1. Damn just saw this was going to try and get in on it. Nevermind following though this is pretty good.
  2. Wow 5 foot 3 a good 2 foot of that must be his hair.
  3. Could have done with a bit more warning about what is coming, like say in 2018 you get a message saying "The UK will leave the EU next year and the likely scenario is..." better than suddenly getting a message saying its already happened you must adapt immediately. That or I just missed the warning messages lol.
  4. Defoe was great for me I used him as a AF alongside TM(S) of Anichebe most of the time and he scored plenty. Never had any luck with Borini he got injured allot and wasn't great when he was in the team Anichebe didn't score loads but he got tonnes of assists. Second season Defoe picked up a very nasty injury and retired so cant say how he held up long term.
  5. Quite clearly he forgot to warm up after being given the go ahead.
  6. Agreed especially since in press conferences there is the option to say they refused to shake your hand but if you take that option they can just say they did shake your hand and thats it. Would be nice to create manager feuds and create a rivalry that could spur your team on or make them doubt you that kind of thing.
  7. Could just simulate to that date and to be fair if they added the option all it would do is simulate till then anyway. An option for start date with longer into the future would streamline it a bit don't think it would be too much quicker than just holidaying till that date yourself though unless they figure out a quicker way to simulate things when starting up the game though.
  8. As long as they don't go the fifa route and you can get sacked for swearing I would be ok with this wouldn't use it too much myself though tbh, and usually voice recognition struggles a bit so could see it being tough to implement but would really add to the realism if I could actually shout at my players when they are playing crap and the listened.
  9. Isn't there also a very small chance of a Brexit result that ends with Scotland leaving the UK or did I imagine that one? Anyway as others said I wouldn't worry too much about it at the start it varies what and when happens, one save I spent a fortune building a good all British team in preparation for Brexit and got the nothing really changes one the top level players were fine but the midlevel ones I brought in just for post brexit selling made it a bust.
  10. Hey, what happens in Frickley stays in Frickley.
  11. When I get a son in game that is a bit useless I try to be extra critical of him and give him warnings for bad performances when I wouldn't give them to other players just to ensure he knows the depths of my disappointment.
  12. Didn't work out too well for Lescott.
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