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  1. There are various things to try. See the match and observer how the fullback is getting the ball. 1. Is it via a wide midfielder (try instruction defend wide) 2. Is it via a central playmaker (try to compress the space for playmaker so he doesnt get much time on ball) - This can be done by changing roles and duties of ur attack/midfiled or lowering line of engagement so that he gets sanwitched) 3. There is no golden rule, try seeing the match and observe what is working. Dont change ur tactic it looks pretty good on paper. Try adjusting team/player instructions for matches
  2. Here are my rules If you have pressured team too much during build up(press, pep talk) and team is winning at half time by at least 2 goals - praising them makes them more confident and they enjoy game in second half and end up scoring more If you have conceded 0 "shots on target" before half time - dont praise them instead use dont become complacent. It helps their concentration levels If morale is low - praise them if morale is high - use your stick
  3. I have seen a sharp decrease in laser guided through balls if you dont use the offside trap while defending. I have had a lot of sucess with defend deep n hit at counter AF(A) IF(S) AP(S) T(A) CM(D) B2B(S) FB(A) CD(D) BPD(D) FB(S) GD(D) Use TI plays out of defence. counter, counter press, normal def line, normal loe, more press, if you ar
  4. hold dribble shoot beat defensive line win aerial battle can play risky pass
  5. remove the team instructions shorter passing and play out of defense to improve touches to goal ratio. your possession will drop but you will be able to hit the opposition before they get back to defensive positions. due to using these instructions your attackers doesnt get space to operate After removing these you may find some problem with higher tempo instructions if quality of your players is not good enough. if you are creating chances but opposition is creating more due to counter by lost possession, get rid of higher tempo
  6. Thanks mate. Took your advice. Changed Mezzala(A) to B2B(s) and WB(S) to FB(S). got my first clean sheet in an away game next game by 4-0 win over Middlesbrough. They were struggling when they came into the match and we took advantage of their fragile mentality with 2 corner goals and 2 goals from counter.
  7. I am playing Bolton. 1st season. no transfers. Here is the screenshot of my tactic. I have also uploaded a goal I conceded in last match when QPR went all in with their fullbacks. I was using two attack duties at front at that time teraquista on AMR and TM(A) on striker. AML was changed to IF{S} and added instruction to pass into space. rest of the tactic is same as in the screenshot Bolton vs QPR_85 minutes.ogv
  8. Hey This is the best guide so far I have found you on the forum for FM 19. Have really helped me when playing a side destined for relegation fight. I rate you highly as often I see pretty good advice given that is pin point and tells how to translate in the game at the same time. One little help regarding my 4123 formation. I am playing relegation battle team with standard DL and standard LOE with tight marking instruction and set front 5 players to close down more. What do you do when opposition brings both their fullbacks to attack. I tend to make a sub to get a f
  9. I would like to see audio commentary added to matches. It will make the experience of watching a football match on FM much better.
  10. No I am in charge of all team and individual trainings. Its just that crossing is not there in individual training menu. Maybe because of holiday ? will check if it doesnt fix then its a bug
  11. i cannot train my inside forward crossing ? in training individual i cannot set it. help please I am playing as ManU and want to set crossing training focus for Martial
  12. Hey FrazT Thanks for raising a genuine issue. Most of the community moderators blindly back the game implementation instead of raising and accepting the existing issues. I love this game and hope to see continuous improvements.
  13. I think it would be great for a lot of gamers to have a mode in which they 1. pick a team 2. create a tactic 3. Choose Opp. Team [optionally manager, formation, home, away] 4. Play This can be like single game mode just to experiment new tactics against different opposition. In this mode there should not be any penalty for tactical familiarity
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