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  1. I have seen a sharp decrease in laser guided through balls if you dont use the offside trap while defending. I have had a lot of sucess with defend deep n hit at counter AF(A) IF(S) AP(S) T(A) CM(D) B2B(S) FB(A) CD(D) BPD(D) FB(S) GD(D) Use TI plays out of defence. counter, counter press, normal def line, normal loe, more press, if you are playing lower mentality you might need to add higher tempo, pass into space
  2. hold dribble shoot beat defensive line win aerial battle can play risky pass
  3. remove the team instructions shorter passing and play out of defense to improve touches to goal ratio. your possession will drop but you will be able to hit the opposition before they get back to defensive positions. due to using these instructions your attackers doesnt get space to operate After removing these you may find some problem with higher tempo instructions if quality of your players is not good enough. if you are creating chances but opposition is creating more due to counter by lost possession, get rid of higher tempo
  4. Thanks mate. Took your advice. Changed Mezzala(A) to B2B(s) and WB(S) to FB(S). got my first clean sheet in an away game next game by 4-0 win over Middlesbrough. They were struggling when they came into the match and we took advantage of their fragile mentality with 2 corner goals and 2 goals from counter.
  5. I am playing Bolton. 1st season. no transfers. Here is the screenshot of my tactic. I have also uploaded a goal I conceded in last match when QPR went all in with their fullbacks. I was using two attack duties at front at that time teraquista on AMR and TM(A) on striker. AML was changed to IF{S} and added instruction to pass into space. rest of the tactic is same as in the screenshot Bolton vs QPR_85 minutes.ogv
  6. Hey This is the best guide so far I have found you on the forum for FM 19. Have really helped me when playing a side destined for relegation fight. I rate you highly as often I see pretty good advice given that is pin point and tells how to translate in the game at the same time. One little help regarding my 4123 formation. I am playing relegation battle team with standard DL and standard LOE with tight marking instruction and set front 5 players to close down more. What do you do when opposition brings both their fullbacks to attack. I tend to make a sub to get a faster centre back then go high DL and high LOE to try to win ball early.
  7. I would like to see audio commentary added to matches. It will make the experience of watching a football match on FM much better.
  8. No I am in charge of all team and individual trainings. Its just that crossing is not there in individual training menu. Maybe because of holiday ? will check if it doesnt fix then its a bug
  9. i cannot train my inside forward crossing ? in training individual i cannot set it. help please I am playing as ManU and want to set crossing training focus for Martial
  10. Hey FrazT Thanks for raising a genuine issue. Most of the community moderators blindly back the game implementation instead of raising and accepting the existing issues. I love this game and hope to see continuous improvements.
  11. Hello Cleon The things I would like to see from tactical point of view 1. Developing a move against different formations and mentailties. 2. Controlling the game once you get the lead. 3. Set piece arrrangements From training point of view 1. general training effects on various settings and durations in long term. 2. Developing a youngster with high potential (I still struggle in it despite tutoring and starting games week in and out)
  12. I just beat Everton 5-0 p0l0aying as Man Utd. Lemar scored a direct freekick so if you ignore that its basically 4-0 open field gols. I played 4231 wide. Can share more tactical details if you want them. Currently I am on winning streak of like 15 including friendlies. All easy matches though. I also used to struggle a lot against this formation despite myself playing 4231. But then I use one of my wide attacking midfielders as playmaker to better control the game and hit them through the middle. It has been easy for me beating a 4231 since then. Because as soon as my wide playmaker receives ball he is closed down and there is tons of space in the middle to exploit. here are the highlights https://youtu.be/L3sFz9VBbNc
  13. I have been playing FM mostly in England. So as a general rule for youth development, I have been following following strategy 1. Players upto age 17 are in Under 18 team 2. Players with age 18 and fairly useful ability go to under 23 team. players with useful ability and good potential to senior team so that i can use them in cup matches 3. If I cannot give game time to a 19 year old i loan him. But in spain I am managing Sevilla, they have Sevilla, Sevilla B, Sevilla C, Sevilla u19 now there is no controlled transition from u19 to senior team. If I move a player to B or C then I dont know what general training they are using as I dont use Balanced general training. but keepingh a player in under19 also feels like hindering his development as he needs to play with better players to develop further How do you people manage youth development in Spain
  14. I have widely used two. AP(S) will usually be in the middle of field like a CM(left) and will make passes from there. AP(A) will also start from middle but will run with ball into defenders before making a pass. make sure your have free outlets apart from a runner for this to work. IF(S) will find him behind the opp full back and will look to run and cross, shoot pass whatever he likes. Unlike AP. inside forward will struggle when playing against two banks for 4 because he will hardly be able to recieve the ball. but then with AP you will loose a goalscoring threat
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