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  1. 3 games to go in my 1st PL season and hanging on in 17th position...anyone been relegated from PL with Leeds and get back up in next season found it tough so hoping to survice then have a clearout.
  2. won championship and now going into PL and tempted to go with majority of my team... signed blackman as he was outstanding and lewis Baker bought, pearce held his own and av 7.08 as douglas had a few injuries so deserves PL as does young pearce and shackleton. Clarke rattled in 22 goals in an average u23s so he will be in with a shout ive gambled with ayala and want to bring in moreno or abrahams up front... i had jenkinson on loan at RB and he done well anyone take him to PL? enjoying 2019 after a 2018 break....
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