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  1. 3 games to go in my 1st PL season and hanging on in 17th position...anyone been relegated from PL with Leeds and get back up in next season found it tough so hoping to survice then have a clearout.
  2. won championship and now going into PL and tempted to go with majority of my team... signed blackman as he was outstanding and lewis Baker bought, pearce held his own and av 7.08 as douglas had a few injuries so deserves PL as does young pearce and shackleton. Clarke rattled in 22 goals in an average u23s so he will be in with a shout ive gambled with ayala and want to bring in moreno or abrahams up front... i had jenkinson on loan at RB and he done well anyone take him to PL? enjoying 2019 after a 2018 break....
  3. im struggling finding most players for signing on FM17 prbably database size ive got england as playable then most of europe as view only? any suggestions folks
  4. just starting in PL kept cook, mowatt, Taylor and brought in Hamer in goals, could be a mistake, and adamilson striker, lewis grabben who was outstanding befoer new patch and michael keane CD and wellington CD kept dallas who was outstanding in championship and got a guy clled Guarente? DM will see how we go!! survived takeover so hopeful
  5. into 2019 now...in prem but highest finish has been 9th so here goes took gary cahill and javi perez and guietti to push on ..lewis grabben was PL top scorer for me wid 28 last season
  6. Managed to get promoted in 2nd season and spent my budget on harrison reed and tylas browning who both acheived a rating of 8+ getting me promotion....14 games into PL im sitting in 15th but just beat Man U2-0 and went wid a board request for transfer money and they gave me 27 million .....!!!! i was taken over by someone called scally.....mmm wonder where his cash came from...anyway im after a good striker who would be interested, im tempted by woodrow from fulham for 10 mill not sure he will do the business in premiership. any advice guys
  7. Doesnt get any easier for me managing Leeds, in 2nd season in championship bought lewis Grabben and knocked in 22 goals in 30 games ive been top all season ahead of brighton by 8 points and Grabben goes and breaks his leg with 16 games to go...ive loaned Lee Tomlin whos scored 10 and Byram has 10 playing attcking wing but my back up strikers wood and erwin have been abysmal.. 16 to go and going to be a battle still waiting for a takeover so cant get any cover, gonna be tough:eek:
  8. just finished first season only got 11th spot seem to be a draw specialist team.....anyway gotta set my stall out next season and go for automatic promotion....onwards n upwards hopefully guard against injuries lost Byram dallas and antennuci with long term injuries didnt help. any suggestions on physios and fitness coaches
  9. first time ever on my FM games it doesnt work? message says internet shortcut not valid go to internet shortcut property sheet and make sure target is correct????? any ideas
  10. played 20 won 8 drawn 11 lost 1 .... in 7 place strange....... nxt team on draws are brighton wid 3 ???? wtf
  11. Hope im in the right place here? when i download a tactic (tac file) my PC constantly defaults to adobe and cant get the tactic? saying adobe reader cant open file any help would be appreciated
  12. coming to end of football manager 2014 best signings were Thievy averaged 20 goals a season cerri not far behind barkley assists for fun Sterling hated me but still done a job !!! Fabio averaged over 7 for 4 consecutive seasons Played till 2021 5 yr in PL highest finish 5th but won euro cup and FA cup and 1 x super cup so happy wid my progress best version yet for me always struggled with previous versions
  13. using xp on desktop i always managed to download tactics as they showed as tac. files, now on a laptop using win 7 cant seem to be able to download any tactics? am i missing something simple???
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