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  1. Which panel would I change? I've never tried to do any of this before!
  2. Love the skin. I'm using Tad Twenty. One question, on the attributes page, is there anyway to swap out the numbers for bars or stars? Sorry if this has already been asked!
  3. How's it look? Interested in this myself!
  4. Hi, Anyone know if there is a way to get your news page to default to collapsed days like the below screen shot?
  5. Any plans to back give a transparent background optin?
  6. How do I make the transparency work? I'm having a thick moment!
  7. By george, it's tight at the top! Somehow, in my first season in the Prem, I'm top after 28(I think) games! Closely followed by Liverpool & then Everton! It's a weird season, think United are languishing around midtable, Arsenal have just hit a patch of form and are in the top 6, City are up there as well. Not bad to say my 5 year plan was to 'be the best of rest' One will do a more indepth review at some point today. - Not sure if this is a bug, or if the board are mega chill, but they've granted about 90% of my requests, bought Son for me, set the wheels in motion for a new stadium (approx 51,000 capacity), increased staff levels several times over and are constantly improving my training/youth facilities.
  8. I like to 'collapse' my news by days, as seen in the photo below. Now when I progress the day, they all expand again. Anyone know how to keep them collapsed?
  9. Just started one with Nashville...I shall keep you advised of the progress!
  10. Sounds good...Take advantage of the friendlies, try and get some money in that way. Nashville also join at same time. I'd expect that one to be even more difficult. Won't have the glitz & glamour of Miami.
  11. Thinking about it...Liking it...Loving it...Loading it!
  12. Not sure if this is the correct area. I'm currently at the end of my first season, and I haven't had a Youth Intake yet, despite the screen saying it should be in March sometime? I am improving my youth facilities, would this make a change?
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