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  1. Has anyone got a similar problem as the below photos? On the French players, if I go to the players via their club, the pictures show up, but if I click on the national team, no photos show at all. The chelsea kits always used to show up here as well...I've tried taking all the graphics out, clearing the cache, reloading the skin, then adding them back in and it isn't working. I've also changed the skin to see if this was an issue as well.
  2. Using the in game editor, can you no longer change a players nationality?
  3. Hi, Does anyone know why the Chelsea kit won't show up correctly?
  4. Hi, Really like the skin, I've got metallic logos, and the top logo is too big, see below photo. Do you have any idea how to sort this? Thanks, Gary
  5. Think this is who I got to replace Cech in the long run.
  6. Mine do as well, I'm just not sure if who ever steps up to fill their shoes will be able to do it as well.
  7. I do, just these guys are lower down the pecking order than others.
  8. Within 3 days, Welbeck, Giroud, Coq, Elneny & Monreal all complained that they aren't getting any games. After talks with Kos/Per/Cech, all have dropped this issue. I'm happy with this But will miss the sway these three hold over the players when they eventually go in the next season or 2
  9. I'm a big fan of Weigl, but at €60 increasing to €96, I think he got done a bit there!
  10. I play a similar formation, but mine is 5-4-1 diamond, and whilst I'm defensivly strong, I really do struggle to create chances, but I really like the formation. At the moment, it's a square pegs in round holes type situation!
  11. It's something that I'll need to stick with, as I like the wing back formation, it's different, and tbh, I don't have a high quality bunch of wingers
  12. You say losing the possession battle isn't a shame if you win, but at Arsenal, is that really true?? It's keeping the game interesting at least!
  13. I appreciate that there are a lot of (s) duties, but I played a similar formation on '17 and performed a lot better. I'm even losing the possession battle, which is a bit of a surprise. Same thing when you start an FM, I really don't want to fall back to the 4-2-3-1 (wide) formation that I always end up using! Managed to get Hernandez on loan, Dolberg was about 20, Savic was 31ish. Most of my youth are out on loan.
  14. So, I'm solid at the back, conceded 1 goal in 11 games (inc friendlies) but not performing as I want. Formation below, is it just I'm set up too defensively? Personally, I'd think my formation is attacking enough. Ignore some of the players...Dendoncker, Chambers & Dolberg are there due to injuries
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