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  1. I find team bonding works as well, I always make sure I have a session of it a week
  2. Is there a certain type of formation you need to have this role? It's not showing up on my DM roles.
  3. Ahhh...makes sense! No doubt there'll be some unofficial way of getting him in
  4. Are there any plans to bring him into the game? I'm surprised that he isn't already in as he's in the Dortmund squad after successfully getting the DFB to lower the age restrictions.
  5. Cool, I notice that there are 3 different ones...Can I change which background loads up?
  6. Hi, massive fan of this skin. My only issue is it seems that the background isn't big enough for the screen? Is this something that's easily fixed?
  7. Which panel would I change? I've never tried to do any of this before!
  8. Love the skin. I'm using Tad Twenty. One question, on the attributes page, is there anyway to swap out the numbers for bars or stars? Sorry if this has already been asked!
  9. How's it look? Interested in this myself!
  10. Hi, Anyone know if there is a way to get your news page to default to collapsed days like the below screen shot?
  11. Any plans to back give a transparent background optin?
  12. How do I make the transparency work? I'm having a thick moment!
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