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  1. Great Point. I don’t just want to figure out flaws and exploits so my strikers do better. I want AI strikers and wide forwards (attackers stats to closer reflect their real life performances). We are still a way off seeing the type of returns that the elite players actually produce. Mbappe and Messi were pretty much a goal a game last season. I want to see the top top players getting high 30’s and more goals, also assists. i will give credit where it is due though to the guys are SI. There is an improvement in latest patch, but I would say still a little way to go.
  2. I’ve also noticed that players don’t seem to be able to progress as well as you would imagine they should do. My save I have too facilities all coaching categories 4 stars min. Players playing 40+ games per season and stats are pretty stagnant. Look at players like Grealish and Daniel James. They have come into their own this season with huge reputation increases. I don’t see that being replicated in the game.
  3. Yea I know it’s there. What I’m saying is if the issue has anything to do with the animation, maybe it would be easier to scrap it.
  4. Typical example of what we've been talking about. If this doesn't perfectly exemplify an unbelievably obvious issue in the match engine nothing will. McTominay and Von der Beek my two central midfielders spent the entire match passing to each other and to the full backs. I had a CAM to link midfield and forwards and as you can see they pretty much ignore him also. Please SI take the steps to fix this, lets start seeing passes from midfield both in behind (isn't that what a killer ball is??) and passes forward into the final third. We would see more forwards involved and so shooting, scoring and creating more, its my only complaint about the game. Leicester v Manchester United.pkm
  5. Through balls massive issue. Also tendency for midfielders to shoot, and full backs and wingers to pull ball back rather than flash it across the six yard box. Also the amount of missed one v ones is crazy but I know SI are aware of this. Ive stopped playing again now because I can’t deal with the low striker and wide forwards performances. Harry Kane got 8 goals (4pens) in 31 games. Jimenez 4 goals (2 pens) in 36. Mane 6 goals for in 36. im praying this is patched soon 🙏🏽
  6. I’ve just had a player ask for a new contract in a private chat. I granted his request and Immediately tried to enter negotiations with him, he refused negotiations, then promptly requested a transfer because I broke my promise.
  7. Work arounds are not the answer. I don’t want my strikers scoring freely whilst AI has world class forwards scoring in the single digits. it also concerns me how few of you are also drawing attention to lack of productivity from wide forwards. Over last few they are not central strikers have been either the most or among the most prolific players in Europe. Think Salah, Mane, Sterlin, Messi, Mbappe, CR7. Its the lack of space in behind defences that’s the issue. Only time we see these players get behind is from long balls over the top. We don’t see midfielders or creative midfielders passing down channels into the box or into space. I personally would be happy if SI scrapped the match engine, went back to the old school 2D graphics - The graphics they use to demonstrate how a tactic should work on the create a tactic screen. The moves on that screen are NEVER EVER replicated in ME.
  8. I don’t know if anyone has reported this but I’ve set my scouts to scout competitions (PL, Liga BBVA etc) and after an entire year they have come back and said they didn’t find any suitable players.
  9. I´ve uploaded tonnes of PKM´s on other threads, hasn't even registered. What I am trying to do with the screenshots is demonstrate a blatant and obvious issue - Attacking players regardless of the tactics are not being involved in the game. I also think its an issue that we are having to ¨work around¨ ME. AI can't, so we find exploits and game becomes ridiculously easy, which is another one of my biggest disappointments with the last two editions.
  10. 61% posession 16 shots Striker gets 10 passes and one shot. The players we want to shoot are our forwards and wide forwards. There is no way a team should have 16 shots and the striker only have one of them. They need to be more involved. Rashford also only had 2 shots and one was a penalty. Is there any indication that this is being looked at? I have been making this point since day one of BETA and still hasn't been fixed.
  11. I can’t continue to play the game until this is fixed. It kills it. Although I really feel its kit just a central striker issue, it’s also issue for world class goal scoring wide forwards especially on attack duty. They simply can’t perform with ME as it is. If devs are saying they are seeing different results in there tests then pls show. Look at sterling’s goal stars and we are only in November in real life. Or Lewandowski. These types of performances are simply impossible in the game right now.
  12. This post is to demonstrate two points. Last one wasn't a one off. This is the following game and when you play a player in WF positions with Attack duty instead of Support they are just as useless as forwards. They don't get passed to. So not just real players but AI will always struggle to get good performances from these players because they simply don't get the ball. If they did maybe we would finally see the attacking stats in real life replicated in the game. A question to the devs - Do you ever see stats like Hazards last year replicated in the game? A WF with almost 20 goals and 20 assists? I never ever see that because these players are simply ignored by midfielders and defenders In the game. Look at James´s touches when put at ML rather than AML. I repeat AM´s and FW are irrelevant with the game as it is.
  13. Please guys ME is broken when NOBODY is passing to the Striker. The recent improvements to match engine are great but this is just not realistic whatsoever. How often are people seeing their striker score a poor match rating? Look at his stats, he NEVER gets the ball. PKM included... But please just look at the pass map there. Shows all you need to see. Can other users provide pass maps also so to draw Devs attention to this blatant and game destroying issue. Manchester United v Atlético de Madrid.pkm
  14. Been saying this for years. Strikers and even wide forwards are wasted in the game. I’ve included PKM’s where my midfielders have 160 and 152 passes each, and striker has sub 15. Most shots come from midfielders so the best attacking players will always underperform.
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