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  1. I don't think anyone can underestimate your dedication to this save. Your success and the speed you are playing at has been mind-blowing and the updates have been well written.

    I had my attempt at getting NI as high up the league reps as possible and got as far as 9th by 2049. In the end it broke me mentally. Knowing the season was all about the 2nd half of the season when the group stage has been played, made playing the 1st half a chore. I finished up getting to the Champions League Semi-Final narrowly losing to Leeds 4-3agg. The only other thing that stopped me playing on was the constant pitiful offers for the players whether they were interested or not. Do you know that if you get a bid for a player and you don't want to sell and you don't want him to get upset you can switch it to a loan bid and attempt to charge £5m playing fee? The bidding club naturally rejects that and the player is none the wiser. I discovered this too late but it came in handy at the end. These players were of the same quality as some of the elite players i was looking at but needed £100m to be bought.

    I don't know how many years you have been doing this, but i'm proper phobic of a NI save now :lol:

  2. I had a look at Llanrhaeadr on my save and they are as obscure as you would expect. Maybe yours is a freak one-off. I'm about to finish 1st above Glentoran for the first time after leaving them 3 1/2 yrs ago. Very jealous of the countries performance in Europe for you. In mine, wild horses couldn't drag them into the next round




  3. An amazing career so far, long may it continue with Linfield. I imagine the difference in player quality is huge. Do you think it will take a bit of getting used to? I struggled to feel any attachment to my Portadown players after leaving Glentoran for about 6 months. We had a PLC takeover collapse after a few messages of what was to potentially to come. Devastated when it fell through. How many clubs do you think you'll have to managed to achieve the goal? You're about to take Linfield to dizzy new heights, in mine they are back in the DBP after a year out of it.

  4. Amazing achievement once again.  Can I offer a little suggestion with regards to the wage bill? I noticed that Barry Hill played 39 and scored 31. You could do a little maths for me (you don't have to)? Could you work out how much you pay in appearances and goal scoring bonuses. I don't offer either of those as well as unused sub bonuses, wage rise and sell-on bonus. The only ones I really allow are team related bonuses, wages after appearances and the goal scoring target. The reason I ask is do you think it is possible to save money without bonuses that can be costly? Defenders and goalkeepers all get their bonus if they keep a clean sheet. That's 5 people for one game, if a striker gets a hat-trick that's 3 times the bonus for one player in one match. I usually nudge the wages down a few clicks and there will be a jump in wage demand with the lack of bonuses, but I would be surprised if you can't save money. I have plans in future to go the opposite and try to save money by going bonus heavy and see if I can cut spending that way. Like I said, you don't have to do the working out, it's just a thought. I'm pretty sure I mentioned how tight I am with bonuses last year.:D

  5. So unlucky with the defeat. I hope you won't do what I did and buy their best prospect and help him go on to win the Golden Boot/Shoe. I got robbed by a draw against Institute. Had a couple of seasons drawing 2 matches, but just get that 38-0-0. Similar thought to the above, are you planning to move again? I just left Glentoran at the end of 2034. Linfield got relegated by Bangor in a playoff. I had to wait until December for the job with Portadown. 

  6.  Loving this thread so far. I feel your frustration with progress in Europe, even though i'm 12yrs behind you. I'm 3rd seed in the Champions League, but I've only managed to get past the group stage a couple of times. Usually we slip into the Europa League. Do you think another club move is necessary for the league rep or have you some unfinished business with Glentoran? Do you think the other teams in the division turning professional has been helpful with league reputation rise? I had to give 8 teams £5m each. I have had a few bidding wars for some of my players and Including the Champions League money, I got the balance up to £100m (sitting on £142m now). Linfield didn't get the money because a player couldn't bring himself to move to Glentoran, so they stayed semi-pro. 


    I'm comparing the rise of league rep with my own save and its interesting how yours has powered on. The noticeable difference is the other teams in your save are doings so much better. I could count on one hand the amount of times they have got through a round. I was gutted to see you fall short in the Europa League, I won in it 2029/30. I also tend to look at the likes of the wage bill and balance and there's a clear difference there too. What do you pay your players :lol:? I'm a tight git and don't pay goal scoring, appearance or assist bonuses. The players only get landmark and international bonuses, but only if they ask. I got a new stadium named after yours truly but it started off at 11,934 with a chance to be 24,154 and instantly went for expansion. I wasn't able to get rid of the standing area before leaving the Oval and I've been stuck on 'good training facilities' for 10yrs or so. Another way we differ. I know I need to leave Glentoran, but I think I need to make the squad better equipped to deal with my departure.


    Sorry for the questions.


    Hopefully the league starts to climb again. Good luck. 

  7. Can anyone tell me how to qualify for the Club World Cup? I won the Europa League with Glentoran in 2030 and haven't heard anything about it. I checked out the previous winners Chelsea and noticed they played a month later in the CWC. We get the Super Cup news, but that's it. 

  8. 3 hours ago, north_london_fan said:

    I wondered why the league's reputation was not going up. I might give this a try.

    I would say it can only go up a certain amount when winning the ACL with just one team. Collectively, Hong Kong teams need to pull their weight a little. Managing another team or even a 2nd team will help. Do you look at the nations club coefficients? I'm trying something similar with the Danske Bank Premiership in Northern Ireland. Similar starting prize money and current prize money, although i'm only in 2028.

  9. I had what I think is a hard Brexit. A points based system and transfers need to be more than the average fee over the last 2 windows. If managing in England then this can be a problem. I am managing in Northern Ireland and I think it is more preferable than a soft Brexit. As players need to play in a certain percentage of games for their national team, I think all foreign player transfers will fail. However, the appeal rules are points based and this is where I think all transfers will go through. 3pts if transfer fee paid is in the top 25% of transfer fees paid in the DBP in the last 2 windows, 2pts if transfer fee paid is in the top 25%-50% of transfer fees paid in the DBP in the last 2 windows. As only 4pts are required to be successful I think this is better than the wage baggage that a soft Brexit can bring.


  10. I have to ask even though you are 50yrs into this save, would you have done anything differently to achieve the save's objective? Or do you just need more real time? Do you think there is some sort of rebounding when it comes to league rep? What I mean is the usual top 4 leagues English, Spanish, etc. will stay there unless a human manager gate crashes. Yet, in my opinion, the NI league being in an unnatural position would slide down quite badly if left to its own devices.


    I am really considering this as a save that needs to be added to my 'list'. I usually like to do a Wrexham save buying Welsh players only and maybe a San Marino save, but this is a nice long term target save, my kind of style. Something to look forward to for FM20.


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