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  1. Release a more complete game. Its a joke buying a game, and then wait till March next year in order to play a less buggy game. Dissapointed with this year version especially with the match engine which is the core of this game
  2. THIS. The players are asking crazy money, yet when they refused the contract he accepeted a lower contract from other team?
  3. The funny thing is your player is not highly valued as the computer's team. More frustrating is contract handling where most players asked ridiculous amount of wage and refused to come the the club, but shortly after, he received a very low contract from other team which is 'what the fork' for me
  4. tHAT is pretty good considering it is very hard to keep a clean sheet in fm 2013.
  5. I reported it here, but have not upload my PKM yet. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/341418-Knocked-player-always-injured-on-substitution
  6. The match engine is killing the game (simple rant). 1) Poor marking lead to poor defending against crossing and long ball What I have seen in the match is the defenders does not mark the opposition, and regularly misjudge the oncoming cross or long ball. Its probably problem on the marking because most of the time I have up both my central defender marking and closing down the same player and ignoring the other one, leaving the opponent with clear chance of scoring from through ball. (Yeah I tried all combination, press more and zonal marking, stand off more, all kind of combination). However this only happen to the user, I rarely see any AI/computer doing any defensive mistake. The marking has led to poor defending against crossing. 2) Closing down and defenders tackling the opposition These two also have been ruined. I cannot see any defenders hassle the opponent (maybe the aggression of the player is too low? but it is not). It would have been good if the defenders mark the opponent tightly and maintain their defense line' and shape. 3) Too many long shot and no through ball. Problem in build up play? This is probably the most common rant over this ME. The players are running around, and holding up the ball, the pass it to the other player for them just to long shot. It is also probably when the player sees no other way to go through the defence, they tend to shoot. It would have been better is they just keep passing around (if their long shot is set to rarely) until a chance come and pass the ball back down. Conlusion: Love this game, been playing it for years, love the other new features on FM2013 . I think its the the first time I feel so frustrated with the ME (and write this). But i trust the SI team can fix this as they usually do
  7. critical problem found. Crash when trying to remove/add league in game... Its this database fault probably because tested it with many league... Problem solved only when this database is not loaded when starting a new game.
  8. can u make a continental rules of asian CL, asian cup and president cup with no foreign limit. Ive done one but the qualification places doesnt work, it seems the qualification is fixed.
  9. i played 2 seasons with dortmund and just realized the reserve had no matches for 2 seasons!. Going to test this file, but which one should i download? which one is the final/latest? Thanks for all the hardwork
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