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  1. almost every game i see at least two shots to the goalposts
  2. how can i know if i´m playing the beta or the final version?
  3. so there´s no change in the ME sinse christmas? so there still are ghost goals?
  4. MATCH ENGINE v1339 - Tuned dribbling generally - Fixed issue that counted too many dubious instances of running past opponent - Toned down poor decision long shots - Fixed some instances of short, under hit passes - Made keepers more aggressive in meeting short back passes - Slight improvement to defender positioning for short goal kicks - Fixed bug that could cause players to try to clear ball from in front of own goal instead of scooping it clear - Improved last ditch tackling and engaging of ball close to own goal - Slightly reduced defender reactions at lower levels - Improved engagement of ball player to reduce effectiveness of running with ball - Fixed some instances where defenders don’t engage ball player around own area until it’s too late - Further tuned kick and header accuracy - Reduced aimless passes into channel from high up pitch - Fixed rare instances of dead ball not being delivered correctly into opposing area - Further tweaked defending against ball player - Fine-tuned run past opponent counts slightly further - Made dribbling slightly harder to achieve at higher speeds - Made most players a favour more direct passes slightly - Small fix to player reactions to loose balls - Made defenders more aggressive in terms of looking to tackle ball player - Fixed players with low closing down settings doing it so high up the pitch - Fixed players set to specifically man mark opponent from leaving him too eagerly to engage ball player - Small fix to specific man marking when opponent goes close to opposition d-line - Fixed some interceptions being logged as tackles - Fixed some instances of players playing opposition onside when defending free kicks - Fixed some more instances of players not reacting to loose balls - Fixed corner phase of play not ending when ball cleared way outside area, causing some bizarre knock-ons - Fixed rare occurrence of play not restarting after a goal - Fixed player not trying to turn and shoot when close to goal - Fixed rare instances of unrealistically inaccurate kicks and passes - Fixed some further issues with players closing down or not closing down properly - Fixed some headers being unrealistically unchallenged due to collision avoidance code - Fixed too many unrealistically weak penalty kicks - Fixed some instances of unrealistically poor first touch - Fixed players getting stuck in nets when retrieving ball - Fixed rare issue causing keepers not to pick up routine ball near edge of own area - Reduced crowding of players going for same ball on some crosses/corners - Fixed assigned throw in takers not always being used for throws in attacking areas - Further refinements to closing down and engagement of the ball player - Some fine tuning of the weighting of short passes - Made wide midfielders pay a bit more attention to opposition full backs - One minor ball physics related fix - Fixed unrealistic dallying on ball - Less aimless clearances up field when not under pressure - Couple more tweaks to closing down logic - Fixed bug where keeper fumbles ball then doesn’t react properly - Reduced risky passes across defence line - Fix for ball passing through net occasionally - Couple more small tweaks to closing down logic - Further improved wide midfielder tracking of full backs - Fixed goal kicks not being taken short - Fixed quick free kicks rarely being taken - Fixed bug where keeper moves a long distance to retrieve ball at free kick and is caught out of position when it’s taken quickly - Fixed bug where keepers’ don’t always try to dive at attackers' feet - Fixed players dropping too deep on some free kicks - Fixed a couple of bugs causing keepers not to intercept speculative balls properly - Fixed a couple of bugs causing players not to react to loose balls or passes correctly - Fixed bug causing player not to attempt jump for ball that he cannot quite reach - Tweak to off ball movement - Slightly encouraged high reward lofted passes - Made players who have just done a burst of running more prone to miscontrol - Fixed bug where player may over-run ball unnecessarily - Slight toning down on accuracy of more difficult kicks - Further fix for incorrect players taking attacking throw-ins - Team talk fix relating to overfamiliarity with manager talk - Improved challenging for headers on long kicks - Fixed nasty knock on relating to players switching off when taking control of ball - Fixed some lofted passes being a bit extreme - Reduced power of ball bounce off post and crossbar - Fixed rare instances of players dallying on ball - Yet further tweaks to closing down logic - Fixed some instances of keeper short distribution not working - Couple more fixes relating to player reactions to ball - Reduced some instances of dangerous passes in defensive areas - Fixed rare bug where play freezes when two players close to stationary ball - Fixed rare bug where quick free kick is decided upon but never taken resulting in deadlock until end of period - Fixed unrealistic instances of players deciding to take over receiving ball from team mate - Very slight increase in width of defensive unit to try to open play up slightly - Fixed bug in pass choice AI that should now result in a bit better decision making - Slight reduction in 50:50 challenges for lower aggression players - Small ball collision fix - Fixed a couple of bugs causing keeper to not try a save - Fixed a rare bug causing players to double up on closing down an attacking player prematurely - Made first touch a key attribute for sweeper keeper - Fixed a bug with players going for the ball too early in the animations so if there wasn´t a new ME update, why does this changelist appears in the information of 13.3.3?
  5. Is the motor engine also updated? i´n the ME forum there´s nothing about a new release
  6. also the portuguese league is undervalued.. the players of the most teams are worst than the players of the english and spanish and italy secondary divisions.. the diference is so high, i really think thats not accurate. But the three top teams(benfica, porto, sporting) and Braga are good, so what happens? 6-0; 5-1; 4-0 scores
  7. please please improve the number of clubs interested in players, if the player is not listed, its so rare, in my entire team in 3 seasons i´ve never had more than 4players with clubs who wanted to contract them:s, and that wasn´t at the same time..
  8. this was my first impressions, but the game is so much better know, really enjoy it
  9. just played a few games, loving it, i´ve just have some aspects that should be improved in my opinion: -the crosses were never good in any update, in this they´re few and too high -too many tackles -lack of interest in players, in my team is so rare having another team interest in my players, and they play the champions
  10. my team is pressing the goalkeeper with 3 players, and the opposite team also did that, Bug?
  11. just saw the list, nothing about crosses, ghost goals and injures?
  12. same here. By the way i don´t understand the price of some players, i´ve made a great season with porto and the value of varela went up to 9M, however i could´nt sell him for even 3M
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