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  1. Starting a liverpool save tonight never done a save with them im using the Jan database any suggestions in terms of players to buy and sell
  2. Has anyone managed to get CR7 back to united this game if so how did you do it i have tried and tried ad just cant do it also where do you play him
  3. Just cant get United scoring no matter what i do i get them dominating but all shots just go straight or just go well wide team gets plenty of chances tried different formations any advice guys
  4. No matter what i try just cant get the team to take their chances we defend well enough create chances but when it comes to taking those chances we miss so many and its ends up costing us games so annoying
  5. Has anyone signed Hakan calhanoglu im considering making a move for him never managed him before just wondered what people's experiance's with him are
  6. Anyone got a less known gems for this years game im looking for mainly attacking players but feel free to recommend others i have signed martins from sporting and a couple other senior players i have like 40 million left after bringing money in so any suggestions will be helpful ideally the attackers to have pace
  7. does the fact that i have a foreground sugar daddy mean they will step in and help with things like complying with FFP
  8. Which wonderkids are a must buy this year in people's opinion dont worry about the money side i will worry about that also they can be in any position
  9. I have a youtube channel which currently has a beta save with England National and im doing Monaco for the full release check out my the first ep of the england series below
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