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  1. I have just reached the playoffs in the Spanish third division and I cannot click on Team Selection. It doesnt respond and I'm stuck. I have to go on holiday for one day to get past the game. It just doesn't respond. I have seen that a few people have also had problems in playoffs and can't actually play the game as it is stuck.
  2. My team has gone to a penalty shootout but I cannot see the button to continue? Isn't there a continue or match button at the top normally?
  3. Yeah, I can sign a player who I know is good or experienced or at least 4 stars but unhappy players don't consider it enough. Honestly think this is down to the promises function not being designed properly. It's very vague and causing unnecessary issues!
  4. But I signed him at the end of the Jan transfer window and he wasn't unhappy until May. So if the promise was transfer window specific he should have been unhappy on Feb 1st. At no point does the promise say it has to be there and then. You assume you would have a chance to build the squad. It seems you are given 5 months to fulfil the promise but that is useless for signings at the end of the Jan transfer window. My whole is squad is now unhappy and its virtually unplayable. I'll have to resign or be sacked because a promise is badly programmed and very vague.
  5. Fairly disappointed with some aspects of this game. While I've loved this game for over a decade sometimes I feel that features are added that aren't executed very well. I like the idea of promising big new signings that you'll make other big signings and strengthen the coaching team or other things but I feel as though I don't have much control on fulfilling these promises. I signed a high profile player at the end of Jan, by May he is unhappy that I haven't strengthened the team. I had arranged several big summer bosman signings for the summer but when the transfer window is still shut how can I improve the team? I wasn't even given a full transfer window to sign any players! He also isn't happy at the levels of coaching despite all my coaching points being ranked 1st in my league and all coaching spots filled. My whole squad is now unhappy at how the player has been treated (i haven't said anything negative to press) despite the fact we just won the league, the cup and the Europa League in the previous season and made 5/6 big signings in the summer. This feature needs improving imo. I won't be using any more promises in the future as I don't think they work correctly.
  6. I can offer contracts to players with contracts expiring at the end of May but not at the end of June. Just thought this was strange! (playing as MkDons, L1, currently Feb7th)
  7. A random Q and sorry if I have posted in the wrong section but can you not sign anyone on free until a certain date? It's currently Feb7th but I can't approach to sign anyone on a free who have contracts expiring end of june? I always thought you could do this from Jan onwards? Thanks!
  8. What is happening to this game? Since the update my team and its performances/results/injuries/bookings are now unrecognisable. I don't understand why my players are now unfamiliar with certain aspects of my tactics, specifically- closing down? Is this patch related?
  9. These updates with big changes are getting really annoying. Wish I could undo this one. My system was working, playing in 2018, loads of time and effort put in and now it's all changed. It's as though my tactics are completely foreign to the team. The defending and inconsistent strikers is similar to before the previous patch. I feel as though I've purchased a game which keeps changing the rules and settings when I was perfectly happy. Suddenly bookings and red cards have increased, huge amounts of injuries, clean sheets disappear and star strikers suddenly become very inconsistent.
  10. It may (probably) be just me but I'm suddenly getting a lot of red cards for two footed challenges! Never happened before.
  11. Watching the games doesn't seem as smooth as previous FMs. Players sometimes just stop, run into each other and perform a bizarre number of back-heels on my game. Example- From Kick Off my players ran into each other, stopped in a group and let the opposition take the ball from the centre circle within three seconds. A general lack of intelligence GKs pull off too many world class saves (mine included!) and many strikers seem to struggle. I still think something is up with playing weak teams! They consistently convert such a high rate of limited CCCs!
  12. Strikers are really struggling in my games (in 2nd season)! Mine have a lot of chances but just can't convert. My poacher just ain't poachin'. I'm 2nd in the league, all my strikers have decent attributes/morale/chances and star ratings from scouts/Assistant but are all performing below 7.00 for the season. My CB is joint top scorer with 3goals after 9 games of attacking football. My attacking revolution is delayed. Example of other players struggling: Rooney 8 games 0 goals, Benteke 8 games 0 goals, Suarez 9 games 3 goals, Sturridge 7 games 3 goals, Tevez 12 games 3 goals, Aguero 12 games 4 goals, Messi 9 games 4 goals (even with an average rating of 8.00)
  13. Is anybody finding that small teams are generally the harder teams to beat? I always seem to have high shots/possession stats, never score but always concede from all their shots on target. Seem to remember this was an issue with early FM2013. My FBs will fly into tackles with a high success rate on the halfway line but won't block/tackle anything around the area. CB's are slow to react from 60 yard free kicks and allow so many one-on-ones from them. They just seem to slow down and watch. No high line either. + Goals conceded on near post from Free kicks and corners...high!
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