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  1. Hi Guys! I read here on the forum and decided to start a derby-save after all your wonderful stories. Perfect team with many strong youngsters that can evolve into stars. I'm currently in my tenth season, and Louie Sibley and Archie Brown are still claiming their rights to a being first team regulars. Archie Brown won the race over Lee Buchanan, and he as been ever present for my team through ten years. Louie Sible hasn't really evolved that much stat-wise as i hope he would do, and i probably haven't played him to his best through the years. So his average rating have probably been the f
  2. He is actually Haaland's cousin. Tjåland and Haaland :-)
  3. If you read the match engine bug forum you will see that this issue is aknowledged by SI and and they are working with a new patch for it. I have almost stopped playing entirely until this is fixed, as i dont enjoy the game for the first time since Championship Manager Italy in 1993 :-)
  4. Where can i find the paper/overlay file? And what do i do in there? I edited this for fm19, but i cant seem to find out of it now..... I have downloaded the base skins and want to have backgrounds less transparent, so i can see the white text in the skin....
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