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  1. Lag on high-end Nvidia graphics cards

    Very much doubt whether my 3-4 year old laptop has a ‘high end’ nVidea card, but I do have an nVidea card, and I do have lag between screens, and don’t have any problems with any other games. Fortunately I dl’d the demo rather than bought the game, but it’s lasted 5-10 minutes because of this lag issue. Will keep an eye open on any development.
  2. Player comparison screen

    FWIW think I’ve worked out what the issue might have been - I use f:lux and I bet it was the evening settings causing the colours to look so similar. Feel free to delete this thread
  3. Player comparison screen

    On the demo I was seeing green, and a different shade of green. That image looks like what I was used to on the iPad on FMT17 and is clear enough (thought I’d try the PC demo to see how FMT18 compared)
  4. Simple request: after using a match plan or instant result on Touch, it would be much better to have the option to view the highlights without knowing knowing the score, instead of going straight to the match summary.
  5. Player comparison screen

    Although only played the demo for half an hour or so, one thing tht seemed really strange was the colour of the lines on the hexagon view used for the player comparison screen - the two shades of green are so similar that it made it hard to distinguish which was which
  6. Lag on player profile

    Does anyone know what version the Steam demo is? I dl’d it yesterday, but this issue drove me nuts very quickly, so it was an immediate uninstall. If there has been/will be a fix for this I’ll give it another shot, but can’t enjoy the game with the unresponsiveness of the UI I suffered
  7. FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Downloaded the demo, and the speed (or lack of) around the menus and loading pages made me delete after 10-15 minutes: drove me crazy
  8. Match plan and instant results

    Thanks for clarifying.
  9. FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Can anyone advise if this is possible? This will likely be the difference between making 18 a purchase/not for me
  10. Match plan and instant results

    Can anyone confirm if the result is hidden after simming a game in FM18? personally would much prefer to watch the highlights without knowing the score to add tension and immersion - it is likely to make the difference between buy or leave tbh
  11. FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Quick question - if you use a match plan to let your staff simulate the game, can you watch the highlights after the sim without knowing the score in advance?
  12. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Echoing previous posts, control over tutoring, full youth intakes, and I would like to have proper squad registration too for ech competition - it doesn't take long to do and is a part of RL football: it kinda feels arcadey without full squad rules
  13. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    Scouting sounds good, less convinced by data analysts tbh - very much wait and see on the latter
  14. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Didn't realise that! Cool, will see how that works - could be even better as assuming can change the match plans to suit how the game pans out.
  15. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I posted this in the suggestions forum, but this might be the better place? Started playing FMT again recently, but found that I liked the squad building side and team selection, but the tactical side still turns me off. I love the Instant Result with simulation idea - go for win, play for draw, etc, but just having the score pop up is very anti-climactical (not sure if that's a word, but I'm gonna run with it!) If it was possible to have an option whereby you simulate the game, but could watch the highlights of the game before knowing the score, that would create an immersive factor for those who want to simulate rather than play out the matches, and would make me enjoy the game again.