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  1. Althoug it doesn't solve the problem, if you export your custom view you can at least restore it very quickly. I've found the same as you, and it is very frustrating.
  2. It is indeed a great point. At the same time, as I stated above, IRL a manager watches every second of the match and can see with his own eyes what is happening, and react accordingly. On every highlight type other than 'Full match', in FM this isn't the case, and therefore more information is required, and the fewer the highlights, the more frequent this advice really needs to be. Otherwise in essence the game is forcing you to watch the entire match to be able to get the most out of it. I have found to be fair that Comprehensive highlights are pretty much as good as Full Match, but I will likely lose a little interest playing this way as I don't have time to play as much as I would like, and moving forward 10-20 matches in one session is just not possible watching on Comprehensive, and I thought was the main point of FMT? Therefore surely an answer that suits everyone is that when watching full highlights, you get minimal advice (note the AssMan and the manager do talk IRL as well, so some advice is still OK?) but watching on 'Key' highlights only a more detailed description of changes made happens - maybe a couple of minutes after the AI makes them so that it is not perfect knowledge which is indeed unrealistic. That way Lilywhite can keep applauding and playing his way, and those with less free time or playing for the first time can still enjoy the game fully which comes with having a better feel for what is happening
  3. There are two things that i think could be improved: feedback levels according to the level of highlghts, so watching key highlights you would get more of an idea what changes the AI has made, as you don't see the level of action that you with full match or comprehensive. I've had significantly better results after reading a couple of threads in the tactics forum, and watching on full/comprehensive as you can watch and react. But not sure I want to play like that - beats the point of FMT to a degree. Improved feedback would help in this regard. The other is the descriptions of the tactical options. Although the tool tip descriptions generally match what I would have thought the instructions mean, from reading the tactics threads referenced above, it would appear than many of them do not have the effect that would seem to be obvious and the tool tips suggest. A fuller and more accurate description of the likely effects of the changes we make would reduce the frustration of feeling helpless, which I had before reading the tactics forum. Having to find out what things do on a forum (not how to play, just what instructions actually do) instead of, and in contradiction to, the game cannot indicate a successful in-game help system
  4. I've just seen another thread asking for the FM Touch for PC bugs forum - I'd assumed as I had FM Touch and this was the only subforum headed FM Touch that this was thr right place. Just to clarify, my issue is on the PC version of FMT.
  5. Dn't know, but that really makes me want the iPad version. Sounds perfect. The game started to die when team talks and media was introduced.
  6. FWIW North Shields are now 'offering' £8k too.
  7. Thanks for the reply. No tension that way unfortunately - like watching MoTD when you know the scores!
  8. Not from before I noticed it, but it's coming every time I arrange a friendly. Will try and work out how to upload it - done: FM2016v1 (v03)
  9. Playing as Berwick Rangers, finances are an issue, so arranging friendlies for the reserves - the game reports that Jarrow will offer me £8k for a friendly match... Arranged & played a game, but the following month, in the income screen there is not a single category with £8k or more value in the 'last month' column. So I'm doubting that I'm getting my money from the friendly. The other aspect is why would Jarrow offer £8k for Berwick Rangers reserves coming, when they got a crowd of 33... Is the £8k figure on the 'arrange friendly' screen actually the bug - a false figure?
  10. Copying and pasting from the thread just created at the suggestion of RTHerringbone:
  11. Is it possible to use instant result and view the highlights without knowing the result? At the moment you hit IR and get the score and match summary immediately pop up - what would be great is if you could have the option to hit IR and then be able to view the highlights before the summary screen so that there is an element of suspense.
  12. I spent a while looking for the same thing a while back. Don't think it is possible, but would be delighted to be proven wrong
  13. Kevin Poole did something similar when at Leicester: the ball ended up in his hands at the edge of the box, but the ref gave a FK just outside the box for something in the build up. So Poole cleverly handed the ball to one of the opposition players (forget who it was against now) who promptly put the ball down and floated it into the net over Poole's head as he was trotting back to the goal! Muppet.
  14. Agree completely with #2, would be hugely beneficial. And another vote against team talks
  15. Thought of a way to speed up getting through agent offers 50% more quickly. The current system is that you get the offer, then you have to scout the player to ge his stats, so you're looking at two emails/actions minimum. Instead of this, why not auto-scout players offered by agents, or have a option where this could be chosen, so the offer email comes directly with the report attached? Speeds up the process and would halve the number of inbox items of this type.