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  1. Thanks bowieinspace and tyler16. I came in just before the winter break, Wolfsburg in 17th and the board expects a fight against relegation. I immediately lost Luiz Gustavo (huge blow) and Rodriguez to Arsenal and Real respectively (min release). Sold Dante, Bendtner and Bas Dost (unhappy/high wages). Dante is just too weird mentally to work in this system. Concentration 10 and Teamwork/Workrate in the single digits. Plus very high salary and aging. He had to go. Brought lots of players, which is not good in January, but I had to. Romero, E Mas, Arzura, Aboubakar, Gus Cabral and Berardi. Berardi was a panic buy and I've never had him on FM before, so not sure what to expect. Combined sum of €60M. Sold for €80M. Results have been... awkward? Not bad, not that good. The stats show that the games are going as I'd like and we are undefeated in the domestic comps, but rife with personal errors. Gus Cabral has been a disaster, for instance - the fans have turned on him. We are committing more fouls than I'd like, so I will take Jean0987654321's advice and tick 'stay on feet'. Also, we have a new squad and they need a little more time get to fluid.
  2. I will definitely explore some more on the closing down part. But to say he closed down "much more" is a bold statement - given that the closing down happened in his own half and he wanted the shape kept as much as possible. With much less closing down, they still close down (of course), but only very deep in the pitch. Stay on feet is a good point, and one I did not tinker with from the start. Wide players will still drop back and defend when on support duties and a deep line (see pics in post #3). Yes, Maicon is at least a wingback. Ferreira wasn't. At San Lorenzo I had mainly Buffarini at right back, so the role was more adapted to his skills. I was really more concerned about his wide positioning than anything else, especially in defense. For the Milito role I had to have a slightly deeper forward than the CF. I had two older strikers with low pace and one quick/weak striker. So I opted for a DLF with 'roam' and 'move into channels', and it worked nicely. Nicolas Blandi eventually become very lethal there. And yes, it would be impossible for me to replicate JM completely with the constant changes and adapting to the opposition. I do not have enough knowledge about the game to adapt to every single tactic, every substitution etc. I took the most commonly used tactics, especially from the big games, and had a go. In addition, I think one could argue that José would use a lot of OI's in many of his big games.
  3. Yes, I had a tough time finding the right setup in midfield. I had to compensate a little with a "runner" instead of a ball playing CM. I might go back to a playmaker with Draxler at Wolfsburg though. - I left all training to the assistant(s). I holidayed between matches. - Started without transfer budgets first window, so no transfers in or out. I brought up some prospects as back-ups, but they rarely played. I went for mental stats before anything else, and the young guys didn't have that. - I attended post match pressers. The regular answers, tried to be as positive as possible. I always handled team talks in an encouraging fashion, always calmly. I had big problems with nerves as we were leading the table most of the season, so I had to approach it gently.
  4. I watched the semi final against Barcelona in 2010 and the final against Bayern. I won't link it here, pretty sure that's frowned upon.
  5. Very nice jukilo - please leave a few words on how it works for you! I was offered the Wolfsburg job when the season finished in Argentina, will try to continue a bit with the same setup when time allows.
  6. One aspect I didn't explore a lot is the width of each formation. I left it at standard as it seemed to work, but the Diamond version could be tested a bit further with various width settings. It is very narrow as it doesn't have any wingers, where as in real life Valente and Ferreira would be the width holders up and down the flanks. It's something worth trying maybe, but I've spent two days making thread - I need a break I will go more in depth into which player types would be ideal - but a good template is San Lorenzo of today. For the true José experience one would probably look for players with high aggression and work rate, like the Essien type player. One of José's most trusted lieutenants at Chelsea was a guy like Mikel. If anything, he is very good at positioning and reading the game. I don't think it's random that he only seemed to excel under Mourinho though.
  7. Analysis The back four is in line. If you change either FB to WB it won't be that compact and when defending the WB will often rush out to close down a player leaving the CDs in the lurch. Our three midfielders are lying in wait. Our RPM, Belluschi, will be the first to attempt to close down Ortiz. The other two are holding position. 9/10 times the opposition CM will now get the ball out to the right winger and he will in turn attempt a cross. Cerrutti, our Joe Cole, will close him down. Here's another example of forcing them to shoot from out far. What are Colman's options here really, besides going for it? In about a nano second Ortigoza will be all over him. He shoots, it goes high up into the stands. How does it behave going forward? Well, with our attacking mentality we waste no time. The counter attacks are typically launched by the RPM, either directly up to the striker or out to the wide players first. Let's look at this example against Rosario: [video=youtube_share;H5i9RJ6rpHQ] https://youtu.be/H5i9RJ6rpHQ First we lose the ball, but it is impossible for them to launch a counter as we have 3 or 4 players already at the back. Then Belluschi snaps up the ball and on one touch it goes forward to Blanco, two touches and then our makeshift Milito is through on goal. Of course, I make it sound ridiculously easy here. You need the players, especially in midfield, to make this tactic work. Do not whine about bad results if you do not have the material! For me (and Mourinho), this is an ideal statistical game (their CCC and goal came from a penalty): We won the game 2-1. These are interesting stats, and one that you'll see pretty much all the time. Shots/shots on target ratio of the opponent, tackles won, fouls committed etc. We have less possession of course, which is the plan. The obvious side effect of playing with attacking mentality is that the passing will suffer. I don't mind that much, we are Mourinho and extremely results oriented. Here's another one against less glamorous Olimpo: Another thing worth noting is the player ratings. Your DMs will look very average in the ratings system. This is because they won't make that many goal points or key passes high up the pitch. Don't worry about this, because like I said - we are result oriented to the core. We only care about the points. League table in the end: You will notice the clean sheets of Torrico. The overall goal difference is impressive. 0.5 conceded is pleasing and in line with the philosophy of José. I am very open to discussions about roles and such. This is my interpretation, but it's been ages since the days of the happy and positive José Mourinho, so some things are forgotten.
  8. The Tactic in FM One of the best threads here is the "Art of Attacking Football" by Cleon. Until recently it was the most underrated in the Art of-series, now it's a five star thread. In it we learn that in FM terms attacking mentality doesn't really mean gung-ho, 8 men going forward. It means that you can design a tactic where a few key players have attacking duties and that the ball moves very quickly between these players. If we then add Rashidi's excellent shape theories into the mix, we can explore how to set up a defensively sound tactic that moves the ball quickly around. So my take on the mentality aspect in FM is really transitions, how risky you want to play and how fast you want to play. I chose San Lorenzo of the Argentine Primera because I wanted to test it with a team in an evenly contested league, with the right players: solid DMs, good fullbacks and decent strikers. We also need a creative outlet in midfield, the Deco/Sneijder role. Transfer budgets disabled and holidaying between matches. I payed no attention to prep or training. First; the diamond formation used predominantly at Porto: You can argue that the CM(a) can be slotted in the AM position. The reason why I went like this is that I want the Sneijder role to stay deeper when out of possession, which is 60% of the time. Then the 4-2-1-3 used often at Inter and Chelsea: Team Shape: Normally I go with 'flexible', either because I'm not sure or I just want a 'flexible' shape. This time however we go with 'highly structured' simply because Mourinho is the embodiment of structured football. Especially at Porto and Inter, where there were only a handful of players responsible for attacking play - the rest stayed in position. Mentality: You can easily say that Mourinho will shy away from everything else than counter. I disagree given the confines of what we have in the ME. I briefly explained my reasoning in the previous post. I want the ball to go super fast forward, especially from our CM(a) or roaming playmaker (Sneijder/Deco/Lampard). We want to be as direct as possible, without resorting to long balls hoofed from our DCs. To use an example from real life Mourinho: the first Milito goal in the final against Bayern started with a goal kick from Julio Cesar, Milito won the aerial duel with van Buyten and Sneijder put him through on goal: 1-0 and game over. Player Instructions: Here is where we have to be diligent. We keep the TI's to a minimum in order to have a perfect shape, but we also need to replicate the play of especially the DMs. If we can say that José prefers a type of player it is mentally strong DMs. Cambiasso, Costinha, Tiago, Mikel, Muntari, Motta +++. The list is huge with players limited to defensive play. At San Lorenzo we have guys like Juan Mercier: I put all CMs and DMs to tackle harder. Also the fullbacks. Remember that with our very deep D-line we invite the opposition into our half, we fly in tackling and win the ball back. We combine this with low closing down - we will see some nice play in our own half. The CDs must be tinkered with a little. I set them to ease off tackles after some testing - you're experience may differ. Player Roles: GK: Nothing out of the ordinary. Intentionally not set to roll it out. RFB: The Ferreira/Maicon role. Both players were transformed into fullback demigods after meeting Mourinho. We set this duty to attack. CDs: Nothing spectacular. Can be modified. LFB: This role I change during a game, from support to attack if needed. Nuno Valente would be high up the pitch, while Chivu was a CD until JM changed his role into a fullback. DMs: We've covered this. Tackle harder is key here. RPM: This is the CM who is the only player with real creative freedom. With the attacking mentality he will pass the ball from deep long, behind the enemy's d-line and such. Important attributes will be the classical #10 with mental stats. LW: The left sided winger will be the Joe Cole/Pandev of the team. We can also experiment with an inside forward here. RW: The Eto'o role. Easily a right footed inside forward who also must defend. His goal scoring ability is also important. CF: Milito, in my mind one of the most underrated strikers in recent history. Poacher, complete forward, target man. Great striker who moved into channels, drifted wide, set up Eto'o and Sneijder, scored himself tons of goals. We deploy him as a DLF(s), with move into channels and roam from position. It is rather important to have a good finisher here, along with the deep lying forward attributes. In addition to this, I set all players to restrict long shots. This will reduce the number of hopeless efforts a little, since we already have attacking mentality. I found the most success with the 4-2-1-3 really, so I focused a little more on that as the season progressed. The 4-1-3-2 was vulnerable to certain tactics and it was difficult getting the midfield to work. Next we can look at the analysis!
  9. For me, there is no manager quite like José Mourinho. I've never been a fan of the Spanish soft touch football and I have always liked managers with no playing pedigree to lean on. However, when José joined Real Madrid something changed. His fear of failing far outweighed the will to risk. His demeanor changed drastically as his high stakes clashes with Pep Guardiola intensified, as did his tactics. This post is about replicating Mourinho from Porto and all the way up to 2010 - when his transition into a Sith Lord began. Sources, besides my own memory: uefa.com, wikipedia, various tactical sites, torrents and youtube. The last 4-5 years we have gotten to know the extremely defensive and calculating José. He wasn't always like this. In fact, his greatest achievement of all was done by deploying two strikers and Deco behind them, not exactly a workhorse by any means. He was very flexible in his approach, but rarely sought possession and almost always let the opposition have the initiative. During all his major finals or semi finals, only against Celtic in the 2003 UEFA Cup final did he have a marginally higher possession than the opposition, of course winning the game in the end. Tactical Background Reading interviews with players from his Porto days is extremely interesting. Winning the UEFA Cup and CL back-to-back with a Portuguese team is so impressive it's mind boggling. José would predict all the moves his managerial counterparts would do during the 90 minutes. He would tell the players beforehand how the game was going to end. His calculating and manipulative behavior back then was mostly for the good of the team, though, and all the players responded to it. His antics and his team's heroics at Old Trafford in 2004 is the stuff of legends. Here are his teams for the 2004 CL final win against Monaco, the 2010 CL final team against Bayern, the 2007 FA Cup final against Man Utd and the 2010 Coppa Italia win against Roma: For instance, Monaco had a total of 8 shots in that game, 0 on target. In the first half against Bayern, van Gaal's men had 10 shots, 1 on target. That changed in the second half, but they were in complete control of the match all along. The key was always a very solid defensive midfield and scoring goals from quick transitions. Next post is about translating this into FM!
  10. Cheers Barside, do you mean the save files named like V2 etc? I only have one save of that particular game.
  11. Reputation related. So I am testing a new tactic with Huesca in Liga Adelante. They are clear relegation candidates and most of the squad there are either on loan or on expiring contracts. We go on to win the league by a fair margin. The problem is that with almost zero transfer funds we need to loan players, or sign free ones for the new season. I try to loan a host of players from the established teams in La Liga, but their players prefer to go on loan to recently relegated clubs and established second tier clubs - I can only assume because they have a higher reputation than me. Also, one of them had better facilities. I offer them key roles, where as for instance Girona sees them as a first team player, they still choose a Liga Adelante outfit. This makes no sense to me. I mean, if a player wants to showcase his skills at the highest possible level, why would he choose a lower tier team? Why would their club allow this, if the loaning club is closer in proximity (Huesca vs Las Palmas for a Barcelona team)? Especially when I can offer them 30+ league games in the top division.
  12. No, sorry. I just took the Dortmund job and Bayern came in with for him.
  13. Borussia Dortmund buys Josh Kimmich for €24M, Bayern secures a buy back clause of €18M..............................
  14. Do we have a comprehensive guide on tutoring here somewhere? I have tons of questions...
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