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  1. I signed Eder Balanta for Club Bruges when he was a wonderkid a few years ago. This season he signed for us IRL !
  2. I had the same. Chairman accepted a 975K bid which was a huge amount for a Belgian tier 3 side. I was happy with it. Then he accepted another bid for 475K and I was like wtf why do you accept this one when you already have a 1mill bid. Ofc the player went to the latter club and we lost 500K from this.
  3. I holidayed directly to the start of the next season, won the first game, and now my team is in blue. Should be OK now hopefully. Hopefully smooth sailings from now on. I invested quite a bit of time in this save for it to end like this. I didnt't really change anything though, there were also no ground improvements or anything. I wonder what it could have been.
  4. Regular season is over and i'm not in play-offs. I just dont get it
  5. Good morning, I have the following issue in my save with Mandel United in Belgium. Started in 4th tier en now in 3th, I see the following league table: https://ibb.co/DrNdZDN My team is not highlighted in blue. I assume this means i can not play in play-offs? I am not a B-team or anything. Would anyone know what could be the issue here? Thanks in advance.
  6. On the transfer history page you can find all the players who have left the club over the years.
  7. Go to your profile and click the little crayon button in the top right. Then click on Edit Personal Details and you can change your name there. Of course you need to buy the official In-Game Editor first. It's around €5.
  8. I thought i was the only one! I am now starting my 4th season in the PL with skrill south-club Ebbsfleet. i have a wage budget of almost a million and the most they can offer me is 2.2k. Even my ass man Yaya Toure is earning around 10k
  9. The one and only Timmy Simons. 37 y/o and a lot of ppl in Belgium are surprised why he wasnt selected for the World Cup
  10. I am not yet familiar with the rules in the lower leagues in England. I always thought you could sign a player on a free when he is in his last 6 months of contract. Now, i am managing a professional team in the Skrill Premier, but in january, i'm not able to approach players with contracts running out in june. Is this a rule i am not aware of?
  11. There isn't much change in comparison to last year's fm tho. I find it hard to believe that a 17 y/o talent still has the same skills as 1 year ago
  12. Found a few not-yet-updated players in the Jupiler Pro League Bart Buysse (Club Bruges --> Cercle Bruges) Thibaut Van Acker (Club Bruges --> Cercle Bruges) Jordi Figueras (Club Bruges --> Real Betis) Denis Odoi (Anderlecht --> Lokeren) Guillermo Molins (Anderlecht --> Malmo) Lukas Marecek (Anderlecht --> Sparta Prague)
  13. It's the other way around for me, i started at Club Bruges with sunday league rep. I won the title 4 times in a row and then went to arsenal (they had just won PL + CL) to replace a retiring Wenger. Couldnt believe they'd want me
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