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  1. 1. More flexability when talking to your players during matches. For example when you are say, Arsenal, and your in the FA Cup playing in the 3rd round against a league two opponent. You come in at half time drawing. Your options of what you can say to your team are poor. If i wanted to give them a roasting i cant because they arent behind! I cant show encouragement because they arent behind. All i can do is say i am angry, but about what? Or i can say we can win this! More like what the hell are you doing here you morons this team is well below you and we should be thrashing them. I cant say to individual players that they are performing badly or i want more from them cos its only a draw. Basically the team talks are just too rigid. Not enough options. 2. Media interaction is poor. In 07 i was playing with stockport. I had a 33 yr old peruvian attacking midfielder who was playing great and his stats were very good for the league and his age. He had ten goals in 25 appearances, average rating of about 7.4 . Then the media attack him saying he is past his best. Can i come out and say no he isnt? Can i defend him at all? NO. Is his morale massively affected by this and do his performances drop? YES. This is very frustrating. The overall way you can talk to the media is very limited, as is the way you can talk to your players. If a youngster who is a wonderkid isnt getting in the team and he becomes annoyed at this, you cant really convince him that he is very much in your plans for the future. Again you have too few options of what to say to him. You cant say for instance, "look i know your unhappy but your very much in my plans and i can see you as a big player in years to come" or even "your not good enough yet, would you like a loan move or do you understand that you have to be patient?" then get the player to tell you what he wants. Its not like i want total interaction just a few more options. 3. Pre and post match conferences. Maybe get the chance to criticse refs for the appalling decisions they have made? Get to say look we were poor but i have a good group of players. Get the press to ask you questions etc. And maybe even get the chance to build a relationship with the press by deciding if you wanna do a press conference....? 4. I have never ever had an appeal for a sending off successful! Never! Surely just once it would happen, i mean the game even says the ref gets it wrong sometimes but can you get them to overturn a ban? NO. This needs looking at big time as you can have big players missing for big games. 5. Whenever you issue an ultimatum to the board you get sacked. I was with newcastle for ten years and won everything. I said i wanted a bigger stadium, they said no. Ultimatum issued, sacked. Yea right, cos its as simple as that in real life. 6. When you look at a players history it only records league appearances and goals, unless you click on that season and it shows you exactly what they have scored. Why not have the overview of their history to include all their goals from cups, international, and league? I love stats and seeing more would be great. I have to agree with someone who said fi it aint broke dont fix it. Personally i think navigating the game in 07 was as good as it gets. There certainly werent any problems so why concentrate on changing this? Maybe if you concentrate on the in game things more it would improve the experience, as for having to get used to a new way to navigate through the game, i think its just annoying and unnecessary. The match engine is fine in my opinion 2D is great, when it works as it should .
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