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  1. Have tried asking the board for a higher budget - no luck. I can't seem to get the option of board negotiations for any of the players I am after. Have hired a DoF but they don't really seem to be doing much at all. I managed to scramble in 3 or 4 free players just before the free transfer deadline but I am not at all happy with the shape of my squad.
  2. I have bumped my wage budget up to around 58k. but I am only able to offer 875 a week - most players I am interested in want more.
  3. £7.75m transfer budget. In the BSP. I would be in heaven if players wanted to join me!
  4. Really struggling this season. I'm in the BSP and despite having a new chairman who has injected £18m into the club, I find myself bottom of the table on -6 points after 10 games and struggling for players. I'm unable to stick with a constant formation due to how thin my squad is. I'm starting to think that dropping back down to the BSN & rebuilding there is a good idea.
  5. I'm being targeted by a tycoon for a takeover apparently. Despite my old board deciding to build me a nice 8.25m stadium (not sure where they got the money from) they got me a -10 point deduction in the BSP. I have hardly any players (wasn't able to renegotiate with my old ones in time) so I've got a bunch of my useless youth players filling in for the few senior players I have left. Fingers crossed this tycoon takeover goes through!
  6. PROMOTION! Very pleased with the team - we managed to achieve promotion via the playoffs in our first season. As you'll probably see from the league table - I got an awfully high amount of draws. I was playing a 5-2-2-1 formation for most of the season so would up getting quite a few 1-1 or 0-0 draws. Top Goalscorer - Jack Defty with 17 goals in 34(4) games Most Assists - Lee Smith with 17 assists in 43 games (also chipped in with 12 goals) Highest Rating - Lee Smith with an average rating of 7.18 Smith was probably my best player, and this was recognised by the fact that he was given the "Player of the Season" award for the BSN. Aims for next season - I've already got Papa Bouba Dip and Ian Harte coming in, hopefully they will drag my team through the BSP despite their ageing legs. EDIT: Thought I needed to add something to this, look!! Was not expecting this at all! 2nd EDIT: I am now almost £3m in debt and close to administration. Thank you board for building a new stadium and lumping me with debt!
  7. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f179/Sean3h/SeanMcCullough_OverviewProfile.png Thought I'd give it a go. I have taken over Lowestoft Town FC!
  8. I'm trying to develop Gnabry in a game that I have just started. Due to how low his stats are I can't see him being a starter for me but I imagine he'll become a good backup.
  9. I can't really comment on Arsenal in my game as I play as them, but Liverpool got relegated first season in my game. It wasn't even close, they finished 20th. Rodgers got sacked half way through the season for Benitez, and he didn't do much better.
  10. Did a test (so it isn't particularly realistic) with a team at 10k rep. Messi IS signable at this rep level for his minimum fee release clause (£217m) - he asked for £300k per week. He is much easier to sign than on FM12 (the same was attempted on 12, couldn't agree wages with him at all)
  11. I will be next season due to the update, but I'm currently using the tactic from http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/318271-Assymetrical-2-2-2-2-2-EPL-Win-with-Swansea-1st-season. - I was getting rather annoyed with my own tactic so decided to go for a bit of a plug and play. With the first version of the ME in the beta I was trying a narrow 4-2-3-1 however found that Cazorla got completely surrounded in the middle (by both his own players and the opposing team), so having a more open formation suits him more I feel.
  12. My Cazorla has.... 33 (1) games played in all competitions so far, 13 goals (0 pens), 14 assists, 5 motms, 3 yellow cards, 88% pass success, 0.63 dribbles, 7.35 average rating. He's playing as a trequartista for me.
  13. Liam Brady just found me someone that looks a real gem - it might be worth other people having a look. His name is Siebe Schrijvers, he's a young striker from Genk. He's come to me at 16, although already has finishing of 15, composure of 14 and accel of 16. His determination is only 9 on my game though so I will have to try to get that up to get the best out of him.
  14. How did you sign Neymar? He's not at all interested in coming to play for me!
  15. Marvellous, thank you for the reply. I'll try converting Aaron Ramsey to an ML - will be a nice little experiment.
  16. What kind of player should the WM on the left be? Should he just fit the standard "WM" attributes?
  17. I keep getting comments along the lines of "we need to be tighter in our own area as it's too easy to get shots off right now" - what should I be changing? Closing down is already pretty high!
  18. Why have people been selling Mertesacker? Too slow? I am bringing in Aldeweireld but am looking to sell Djourou (never really use him)
  19. In my game I managed to get Cabaye for £20m which was nice. Obviously he's not a super defensive player, but has tackling of 14 iirc which isn't shabby at all. The main thing I am struggling with is getting a formation to work. Regardless of which formation I try (I've tried over a few different saves) I ship goals left right and center. Anybody got any tips?
  20. I remember quite a while ago there were some studies into seeing which tactics certain managers used during games. As far as I am aware, this was done by putting a really good manager as an assistant manager and letting him take control of matches. How do you view what tactics the assistant manager is using aside from just looking in the "formations" tab after a match - is it possible to extract tactics from matches?
  21. A friend and I are trying to play a network game with a custom database however there are constant crash dumps when he attempts to add a manager. I thought that this may be because he doesn't have the associated files so I sent him the editor data files however it still doesn't work. are there any other files he needs?
  22. In my Norwich game Harry seems to play Samba up front quite a lot. I'm guessing he has some kind of rating as a striker.
  23. Joel Campbell has officially signed for Arsenal from Deportivo Saprissa. Not sure if a CA increase should be on his way too? Can only judge by youtube which I know is poor in itself but he looks a decent player. Also, has Miyaichi been tweaked at all?
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