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  1. I'm going to start again after losing patience and motivation with my first save. Inspired a bit by Sanchez in real life, and from looking at how you guys are getting good results from him as a striker, I think I'll aim for something with Sanchez up top. I'm struggling to decide on a formation, but I'm sure that will come to me eventually. I love 3 at the back formations but I'm not massively confident with creating one as I've not managed to create a successful 3 at the back formation in any edition of FM. Unless I change my mind and go for a 3 at the back, I'll probably be aiming for a 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-2-3-1. How are you guys using Sanchez up top? Is everyone leaning towards a F9/DLF role for him?
  2. I'm starting to really struggle for motivation with my Arsenal save. I'm just into my 3rd season, and while I've been really successful so far I'm not entirely happy. I'm not getting the kind of results I'd like from Ozil (or my AM in general) in that I'm not really getting the assists from there. The vast majority of my assists are coming from the wings or the full backs from crosses, which is a style of play I'm not particularly happy with. I'm now torn between starting again with a new tactic and new signings (allowing me to actually give Iwobi, Lucas, etc a proper chance) or just carrying on with what I'm doing at the moment. The reason I'm hesitant to start again is that I'm not great at tactics, at all. I've made one that is working for me and I'm not sure I'll be able to make another one that's half as good!
  3. I use exactly the same tactic both home and away, no tweaks. Stats wise, in all competitions: Away: P26 W16 D5 L5. Goals scored 62, conceded 33 Home: P30 W27 D2 L1. Goals scored 84, conceded 20 I'm much better at home, as you can see, but I'm still alright on the road. The losses away from home were to Man City (2-1), Lyon (2-1), Liverpool (2-0), Juventus (2-1) and Sevilla (5-0)
  4. Nice! I've had some similar results against Chelsea in my save. I beat them 6-0 at their place in the league, and then 6-0 at the Emirates in the EFL cup. The league one wasn't exactly fair though - Costa and Zouma had both been sent off by the 39th minute!
  5. Sure! I'll attach the tactic, but it's pretty simple. GK - GK D (Cech) DR - CWB A (Bellerin) DCR - CD D (Mustafi) DCL- CD D (Koscielny) DL - FB S (Grimaldo) MCR - CM D (Coquelin) MCL - DLP S (Xhaka) AMR W S (Dembele) AMC - AP A (Ozil) AML - IF A (Sanchez) STC - AF A (Giroud) I run a "Control" mentality with Fluid team shape. From an instruction point of view - Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Float Crosses, Use Offside Trap (might remove this!), Be More Expressive, Roam From Positions, Much Higher Defensive Line, Higher Tempo, Close Down Much More. Player instructions - GK: Distribute to FBs, Distribute Quickly Both CBs: Pass It Shorter DL: Get Further Forward, Cross More Often MCR: Shoot Less Often, Pass It Shorter MCL: Pass It Shorter AMR: Swap with AML AML: Swap with AMR I'm kind of regretting looking at the tactic in depth now - I've noticed that I give up far too many clear cut chances. I've not conceded from many of them, but I need to try to figure out why I'm giving up so many! 4-2-3-1 Wide_727F31B7-9564-4C1D-8E7D-8F4A5B3A0C42.fmf
  6. Whatever I'm doing seems to be getting the best out of Giroud. He had a brilliant first season, bagging 47 goals in 47 games. I'm currently half way through Jan in my 2nd season and he's already scored 42 goals from his 33 appearances!
  7. Wilshere is performing really well for me so far. Ozil was out for the first couple of months of my season, and I opted to play Jack as my AMC. In 10(3) games in total, he's got 5 goals and 2 assists, averaging 7.32. I'm not particularly happy about the low amount of assists, but in honesty Mesut isn't giving me many assists from AMC either. In comparison though, Mesut has now played 9(1) games and has 3 goals, 1 assist and an average rating of 6.95.
  8. I was going to go for Higuain but my board have decided that I'm not allowed to increase my wage budget, despite having over 70m in transfer budget that I'd be happy to shift into it. Oh well, will be interesting to see how this season goes with a weakened squad!
  9. He's already gone to Man City unfortunately. I've also missed out on Griezmann (who I'd have loved) as he joined PSG before I had the funds available.
  10. In that case, once I've flogged Walcott (Atletico have bid 25m for him and I didn't really use him last season) I'll try to sign a top striker. Giroud was amazing for me last year but I'll have around 100m available!
  11. I'm really struggling in season 2. I've only made one signing and have shipped out as many players as I can but I'm still due to fail PL FFP due to the "wage rise regulations". I'm not sure what I've done, or how I've got to this point, but I'm sitting with £72m as my transfer budget and £220k p/w spare of my wage budget yet I can't do anything with it. This season, I've brought in Ousmane Dembele (70k p/w) and have offloaded Lucas, Mertesacker, Campbell, Ospina, Cazorla (loan), and Iwobi. I've got absolutely no idea what else I can do to reduce my wage bill! According to the FFP summary, I'm allowed £136m per year, but I'm projected to spend £152m. I need to reduce the wages by around 300k p/w, but considering I'm going to be unable to sign anyone as a replacement I can't afford to do that at all. Realistically I'd have to get rid of at least 2 of: Cech, Koscielny, Xhaka, Ramsey, Walcott (I've tried getting rid of him but nobody wants him), Welbeck, Ozil, Sanchez or Giroud. Looks like I'm going to have to take the points deduction...
  12. Just finished my first season on FM2017. I'd say overall I'm pretty happy with it, but there are definitely some things that need to be worked on next season. Competitions: Transfers: Stats:
  13. I have the same issue - drawing far too many games despite being on top for the majority.
  14. Take a look at Fran Villalba at Valencia. Looks a gem and has a release clause of just £3.4m!
  15. Alright, thanks for the replies guys. I was hoping to have it happen "naturally" so that the rep would be reduced & some of the players would be gone (would be interesting to see if any stayed) - I'll just use the editor to drop them down and see if the players can be kept with a reduced rep.
  16. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before, but as my last FM16 save I'd like to get a Premier League team (Arsenal) relegated to the Conference so that I can build them up from the bottom. Does anyone know of a quick and/or easy way to do this? I don't want to do it via the editor as I'd like it to be in the future rather than starting from season one. I'm happy to use the in-game editor etc if this is the best option. Cheers!
  17. johnhughthom - Very nice updates. I've been away from FM for a little while but reading through your player histories has made me want to start up a new game. I've only got one complaint though... Jack at Spurs? Makes me want to cry!!
  18. The issue with crosses seems to be that my defenders (I'm playing 3 at the back) all clump up in the middle/on the side where the ball is, leaving a man free at the far post. Do I need to instruct my players to play wider in order to get them to hold their shape a little better? I'll try setting my DWs to defend to see if this helps as well. Hopefully it's not going to make me even weaker offensively!
  19. 5 games in to the new season and I'm still not having much luck. The results I've had are: 0-3 vs Shrewsbury (conceded 3 goals in 9 minutes as my defenders forgot how to defend. First goal: Long cross in, defender headed it onto an attacker who scored. Second goal: through ball cut through my defence between where my LCB and LW would be. Third goal: Another cross) - Win wasn't deserved as I was beaten in pretty much all areas other than possession and passes. 0-0 (lots on pens) vs Barnsley (Unsurprisingly outclassed by League 1 opposition. Did well to take it to penalties but I didn't deserve anything from the game. Only had 1 shot on target) 1-1 vs Chesterfield (Very even game, led for 60 minutes before a long miss-hit cross hit the post, beating my goalkeeper and their striker tapped it in to equalise. Still got heavily beaten on shots) 2-3 vs Port Vale (The most even of all of my games so far in terms of shots, I actually had the most shots for once. Beaten by 3 crosses - they seem to be my weakness. 2nd goal was again a cross that bounced off one of my defenders.) 0-1 vs Exeter (Lost to a cross.) I'm really not sure what else I should be doing. I'm thinking of taking off either "Work ball into box" or "Retain possession" to try to get more shots on the board, but my apparent weakness to crosses is really concerning me.
  20. Thanks for the advice! Most of my saves over the past few games have been with Arsenal, so top end of the Premiership. Not used to this lower league stuff! There's not a great deal I can say about the SS at the moment. Granted I'm only in pre season, but I haven't really got much out of the role yet. I went for it to try to give my attacking midfield slots a bit of variety, however I've not really had goals or assists from it so far. We'll have to see when we finally get to the start of the season. I've just signed a player that my coaches say is a leading player for most L2 sides. I'm hoping that he can slot in to the SS role however my coaches are suggesting that he's best as an AP so I may have to switch the role in order to get the most out of him.
  21. Looks pretty similar to the majority of last season for me! Pre season has started for me now and I'm not doing too badly, but I'm noticing in my games that I'm still struggling to create chances. I'm not giving many away, and I'm winning the possession battle in most games (as I type I've got 58% possession vs Premiership side Derby in a friendly) but the lack of chances created means I'm unlikely to actually win many games.
  22. I think I may have spoken too soon. In my second game (vs mid-table Mansfield) I've been quite poor in all of the areas that matter. The final score was 2-0. I had more possession than they did (59%) and more passes (472/606 to their 268/374) however that is where my domination ends. They had 23 shots (10 on target) to my 7/1. My wingers again failed to complete a cross (only attempting 3 in total this game). Shots wise, only 2 of mine were inside the area. Only 6 of their 23 shots were outside the box, with 1 of which resulting in a goal. Their other goal came from a cross that was quite deep in my half (pretty much half way between the half way line and my box).
  23. I've been struggling in my first season in League 2 (4th season in-game) as King's Lynn. It's not a massive surprise because I am by far the weakest team in the league but I've managed to just about stay up. Now that the end of the season is approaching, I need to take a long hard look at my team and get something sorted in preparation for next season to ensure that I have a more successful year. This season I've been trying to play an offensive 3-4-3 diamond & a 4-2-3-1. Neither have worked as I just don't have the strength at the back to be able to deal with any kind of attacking threat from the opposition. The amount of times I'm either being done by crosses or over the top balls is astounding. After reading through this thread I think that "defensive" football may be the way forward. As a manager I like to play an expansive, possession based style with intricate passing, but I'm not sure that my players are able to do this. Based on 1 game (so far!) defensive football gets me closer to that, and makes me more sturdy at the back. For my new tactic, I'm lining up as follows: GK(D) CB(X) CB© CB(X) DW(S) CM(D) CM(S) DW(S) AM(S) SS(A) DLF(S) I was worried when I first put the tactic together on the tactics screen that the "front 3" of AM, SS and DLF would all be occupying the same space. That hasn't happened so far, however I have noticed that the 2 AM players and my CM players are turning themselves into a box midfield. I'm not sure whether that is a good thing or not yet, I think only time will tell. I'll also need to take my first few games with a pinch of salt because I don't have players that are particularly well suited to their roles yet (for example relatively poor full backs in an attacking sense in both of my DW slots). From an analysis point of view I'm only really going to analyse the first half of my first game with this tactic (vs Carlisle) as they had a player sent off in the 43rd minute. I went in at half time 1-0 up thanks to a penalty, which was won by my right DW bombing into the box and being taken down. Shots wise, however, I've not done very well. I have only managed 3 shots (1 on target) and have fashioned 1 clear cut chance. From a possession point of view, I've had a whopping 67% possession and have completed 288/332 passes (86%) compared to their 125/176 (71%). I've also won 13/14 tackles and 17/24 headers (their stats are 14/23 and 13/25 respectively) Looking at the stats, my DWs have not completed a single cross (10 attempted) however have 2 key passes (both from my right hand side). My DLF has only had 2 shots, one of those being the penalty, so I need to find out why he isn't getting chances. Judging by his heat map & average position, he's dropping deep and getting involved in play in the middle of the park (as you'd expect from a DLF(S)) and not really getting into the box at all. He is doing a very good job of holding the ball up though and I think that if he had better support (a more threatening SS for example) his lack of chances wouldn't be much of an issue.
  24. The issue I'm having with my 3-4-3 diamond is that opposing CMs are being given an awful lot of space. As my CMs are tracking the wingers, any kind of cleared ball is going straight into central midfield. I'm going to try "clear ball to flanks" to see if this will give my players a bit more time to regroup.
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