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  1. First half of the season is now done! We're currently sitting in 1st with 54 points (17 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss) - Liverpool have a game in hand over us but are only on 50 points, so there's a little cushion there.

    Stats wise I'm not hugely happy with how we're doing. We're 6th for possession, but only 11th for passes completed. We've created the highest number of chances by far (105 to Everton's 77) and have the highest number of shots on target (241 to Liverpool's 200) but we're just not putting away as many as I'd like, especially considering we've scored less than Liverpool. 

    In terms of playing personnel, we had big injuries to Mesut Ozil (broken leg before the season began) and Bruno Fernandes (torn hamstring) so we were without a couple of our best midfielders for quite some time. Aubameyang has been our best player so far, with 25(5) appearances and 14 goals, 11 assists. I've been quite impressed with Reiss Nelson so far and he's made it quite hard to leave him out of the team, with 19(2) appearances, 9 goals 5 assists.

    I'm going to try not to buy too many players in the January window, although a better backup LB may be required.

    I also got this nice little message in December:



  2. Following the great advice, I've now started my save and the transfer window has slammed shut! We've made a lot of changes ahead of our opening Premier League fixture.

    Our squad is now looking like this:


    • Bernd Leno - Happy with him as my #1, no real need to replace him here
    • Emiliano Martinez - Will keep him on for a season as #2 and decide on his future later
    • Maarten Vandevoordt - I wanted a better young 'keeper than Macey, so brought in this 17 year old Belgian to be our 3rd choice

    Full backs:

    • Hector Bellerin - When he's fit, he'll be our DR 100%. I aim to keep him for some time unless a big offer comes in
    • Kieran Tierney - He needs to prove his fitness, but I can see him being our DL for years to come if he does
    • Ainsley Maitland-Niles - I chose to keep him partly due to HG quotas and partly due to his versatility, he may be moved on in future
    • Calum Chambers - Similar to AMN

    Centre backs:

    • Ruben Dias - Big money signing, he should be able to lead our defence for a long time
    • Kristoffer Ajer - I'm hoping he'll turn into a ball playing version of BFG, I have high hopes for him
    • Zinho Vanheusden - Another new signing, he'll need to develop quickly
    • David Luiz - I struggled to move him on, so he stays for now to provide cover

    Centre mids:

    • Bruno Fernandes - Another huge signing, he'll either play MC or AMC depending on who else is in the lineup
    • Bruno Guimaraes - Double Bruno! We've been linked with him IRL - my aim is to develop him into an IWB if he doesn't quite cut it at MC
    • Lucas Torreira - Will rotate with Bruno G in the more defensive MC role
    • Matteo Guendouzi - Not too sure what to do with him, so he'll just be rotating
    • Joe Willock - Same as Matteo, will be a rotation option for now
    • Jude Bellingham - He'll be used in all midfield roles as cover until I decide where I want him long term


    • Nicolas Pepe - Needs to prove that he's up to his price tag. Will be moved on if he doesn't
    • Reiss Nelson - I have high hopes for Reiss, hopefully he can live up to the hype
    • Emile Smith Rowe - Similar expectations to Reiss, but a completely different kind of player. I'll try to develop him as an AMC if he doesn't work out wide
    • Gabriel Martinelli - I have the highest hopes of the lot for Gabriel - a very exciting prospect who can also cover at ST

    Attacking mids:

    • Mesut Ozil - I still really hope Mesut can return to his old ways. He won't be getting a new contract though, so he's either sold or leaves on a free when his deal expires
    • Dani Olmi - Mesut's successor, he'll be getting a lot of game time


    • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - I chose to sell Lacazette in order to keep Auba. Hopefully he proves me right!
    • Amine Gouiri - Laca's replacement - looks a great player already and I hope he continues to grow


    We also signed Nicolo Armini who has gone out on loan to Fleetwood. Kolasinac went on loan to Southampton for 300k/m and 100% wages.

    Will do another update when we get to January!

  3. With the beta out I think I'm going to be starting my "proper" Arsenal save. I've played around with a few separate saves already and feel like I now want to get into things properly!

    I'm going to be playing a 4-2-3-1 as I still love the AMC position even though it's not hugely effective this year.

    One question I have, mainly for @SteveUK based on his fantastic deals, is how to go about getting rid of the dead wood? In some of my playaround saves I've tried offering out people like Mustafi, Kolasinac, etc, however I've not been getting any real interest, let alone teams willing to pay the amount you managed to get! Tips would be greatly appreciated considering shifting players is necessary to start the rebuild!

  4. Just received an absolutely mad bid for Sandro Tonali in my Norwich save. I'm in my third season now and am just about top of the Premiership. Manchester City have decided that they REALLY want Tonali from me, and have agreed with my negotiation of £93M for a man I signed for just £4.7m. I'll be sad to see him go, as he's been a mainstay in the side that got me promoted and then finished 2nd, but I'd be crazy to reject that kind of money!

  5. Will be jumping on the Norwich bandwagon as well this weekend! It's where I grew up, so I always like to play games with them.

    Out of curiosity, how are people using Buendia? On the games I've played with Norwich before in this game I've struggled to fit him in (partially because he seemed to only play AMC) but would like to try to get him move involved this time around.

  6. 10 hours ago, Garygooner666 said:

    I'm really having limited success in selling some of the fringe Arsenal players off so thought I would ask to see what are the best sales people have got for the players.


    Ozil .. Not overly looking to sell other then to reduce the wage bill and offload once suitable replacement, it seem most tend to free transfer him.

    Mkhitaryan ..  Would like to sell but had no offers at all, even tried throwing him into deals without much success.

    Welbeck .. no offers

    Elneny .. best so far was from PSG which was around £25mil.

    Monreal .. sold for £12mil in December leaving end of season (have Tierney signed for then).

    Jenkinson .. £4mil seems the magic fee and normally goes Turkey.

    Cech .. Starting new save and debating trying to sell him in this one (Leno got injured pre-season in my game so didn't try it).






    Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Welbeck all had nobody interested for me at the start of the second season. I eventually offloaded Welbeck for free, but nobody will touch Ozil or Mkhi, even for nothing.

    As an aside, I managed to get: £27m for Iwobi, £15m for Ospina, £1.5m for Macey, £5m for Asano, £5m for Martinez, £29m for Kolasinac and £30m (rising to £40m) for Mustafi.

  7. 8 hours ago, NabsKebabs said:

    since you have laca, you may aswell replace auba with a natural winger. Ousmane Dembele or Hirving Lozano spring to mind

    I already have Pavon and was thinking of bringing in Sancho as well - I could bring in Dembele instead of him but I imagine he'd be more expensive. I intend to rotate whoever plays AML/AMR with Reiss and ESR next season, so can probably only afford to bring one in.

    I also want to get rid of some or all of the following, but I'm struggling: Sokratis/Koscielny, Elneny/Ramsey, Xhaka, Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck. I'd consider selling Ozil as well to free up the wages for someone else - he's on the same as Mbappe would be!

    I'm unfortunately not getting any offers at all for Xhaka, Mkhi or Welbeck, so it's making a squad reshuffle much harder than I'd like!

  8. Ended up settling on a 4-2-3-1 and got both Aubameyang and Lacazette scoring regularly by swapping them between AML and ST. They ended up scoring 32 and 31 respectively, with 20 each in the league.

    I won the league and the FA cup first season, but now have a big decision to make: selling Aubameyang. Real Madrid are offering just under £80m, and Chelsea are offering £99m. While I'm a massive fan of his, £99m for a 30 year old seems very hard to turn down. I've had a bid accepted for Mbappé, but he'll cost a potential £200m plus 350k p/w. Any other ideas for replacements for Auba if I were to let him go?

  9. I've managed to  get 18 goals and 4 assists from Aubameyang in 21(1) games as a lone AF(A) although I must admit I'm not too happy with how the rest of the team is doing so may start again and rethink things tactically.

    Lacazette, while he hasn't played much due to injury, has 2 goals and 2 assists from 8(5) games, although most of these were from AML as an IF - this is one of the things I'm not hugely happy about. I don't mind who plays up top for me, but I'd like both Auba and Laca to be scoring regularly. I'd also like Ozil to do SOMETHING. I think playing him as a Mezzala as suggested already in the thread may be the right call. I've been playing him at both MC and AMC so far, and he's managed 1 goal and 2 assists in 21(2) games. In contrast to Mesut though, Smith-Rowe has been brilliant for me and I look forward to developing him further.

  10. 7 hours ago, Sysiphus said:

    The screenshots I promised. First off, the tactics; one of them attacking based on Man City irl and the other a counter one based on how Liverpool played vs. Man City in the CL quarter finals last year.


    Özil has been immense as a mezzala, it's really the first team in recent FM's I've got him to play like he's supposed to. He's averaging 7.76 over the first 12 games in the league, has been rested the other games.


    We lost the first game of the season 1-0 away to Man City with them scoring in extra time. Since then it has been smooth sailing and the team has been firing on all cylinders. We're also top of our Europa League group but somehow went of the Carabao Cup vs. Bournemouth where Boruc saved 19 shots! 


    Glad to see you've got Mesut performing - what goal/assist figures has he got for you?

  11. 1 minute ago, dcaine100 said:

    I found it hard getting Lacazette and Auba working together had consistent results with the following 4-2-3-1:


    Bellerin, Sokratis, Koscielny, Kolasinac

    Torriera (CM support), Elneny (BWM Def)

    Mkhitaryan (W Att) Ramsey (AMC S) Ozil (W Att)

    Lacazette (CF Attack).

    Using Auba in cups and off the bench.


    Interesting - what was your reasoning behind putting Ramsey central and Ozil out wide? I didn't think Ozil would be explosive enough to really get a lot done in that kind of area.

  12. I'm struggling to decide on a formation as well - all I know at the moment is that I'd (ideally) like to have Auba and Laca playing up top together, or at least attacking as a 2 when we're in possession, and I'd like Ozil playing centrally as well. I don't really know how I can achieve what I'm thinking in the tactics creator though, essentially I want kind of what we've got IRL under Emery:

    4-2-3-1 when defending, but 4-2-2-2 when attacking, with the strikers forming a partnership. I don't think IF(A) will give me the movement I want in the ME. Perhaps a narrow 4-2-3-1 could work with the AMCL as a SS?

  13. I just did a holiday season as Arsenal (with live data update from sortitoutsi), and had the following results:


    2nd place with 23 wins, 8 draws, 7 losses - 77 points. The losses were ALL away, and were:

    0-1 vs Bournemouth, 2-5 vs Man City, 3-4 vs West Ham, 0-1 vs Chelsea, 1-4 vs Tottenham, 0-2 vs Wolves, 1-2 vs Burnley

    Had the most possession (60.58%) and highest amount of completed passes (24026) by far, with the highest completion percentage (85%)

    Most goals in the league with 94

    3rd highest clean sheets with 15


    Player wise, I had Augameyang and Lacazette getting 1st and 3rd in the top scorer charts respectively, with 37 and 23 goals. Lacazette was mainly playing AML by the look of things. Mesut Ozil, the Enganche, had the highest key passes in the league with 76, but only registered 10 assists.


    Cup competitions

    League cup winners, Europa League finalists (lost 5-1 to Lyon, but had 2 red cards in the 42nd minute - still controlled possession though), FA cup finalists (lost 2-0 to Chelsea after extra time despite controlling the game and having injuries to key players). Looks like the tactic worked wonders in the cups.


    After this relatively low effort test, I'm looking forward to starting a proper game with the tactic and seeing where it will take me when I've not just left my AM in charge of everything. Nice work!

  14. Going to start a post-Wenger game and try to mimic the "continental" setup that we are seemingly going for IRL.


    I'm thinking of delegating the following roles - what do people think? 

    • Hire/Fire DoF - Ivan Gazidis
    • Hire/Fire Chief Scout - Ivan Gazidis
    • Find and make offers for players for your First Team - Raul Sanllehí (as Sven isn't an option here)
    • Find and make offers for players for your Youth Team - Raul Sanllehí (as Sven isn't an option here)
    • Set assignments for the scouting team - Sven Mislintat
    • Update you on the players your scouts have found - Sven Mislintat

    All of the others I'm planning on keeping as default. Not having Huss Fahmy in the game means that I can't mirror the contract negotiation side of things in game, unless I delegate that to Raul as well.


  15. 1 hour ago, Sysiphus said:

    Just started a new Arsenal game with the FMInside data update which includes the January transfers. No PA/CA changes. Screenshot of the transfers below, bought Moise Kean as well for 18 millions and he will arrive after the season. 


    Will ease Sergej into the midfield as Mkhi, Auba and Laca are all "new" signings on the game, i.e. have not played for the club. Will try to blend in some youth; Willock, Niles and Nketiah most notably.


    I'm starting a new game too with the sortitoutsi data update. Can't figure out what formation I want to play though to get the best out of LMAO. I'm thinking maybe a 4-2-4 although I don't really want to play Ozil & Miki out wide.

  16. 26 minutes ago, yey said:

    just wondering who do you guys buy to replace petr cech? do you start with him or immediately sell him in the first season?

    I'm starting to think about that now. Stoke and Everton both got relegated in my game, so I'm trying to decide whether to bring in Butland or Pickford - I can get them both for a similar amount and on similar wages.

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