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  1. Oh wow £83M. I can easily afford it, I just don't know if I want to spend all that!
  2. I think I'm now at the stage where I may need to sell Bernd Leno. I didn't really want it to get to this point, but Bayern Munich have just offered me £50M up front, rising to £66M. Feels hard to turn down for a 31 year old goalkeeper. Starting to look at potential replacements, so far I've got the following players on my shortlist: Gerónimo Rulli - will cost £31.5M from Villarreal. He's been decent for them since signing - last season he only managed 8 clean sheets though. I think he'd be a decent stop-gap while I wait for one of my youngsters to develop. Kepa Arrizabalaga - Di
  3. 2022/2023 season review We made very few transfers this season, instead deciding to focus on youth. We narrowly missed out on the league, with 3 losses and 3 draws in our final 10 games. Despite this, we managed to win the FA Cup and Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo ended up being the glue that stuck it all together, as he was my top scorer in all competitions. Transfers Squad stats Competitions Youth Players Due to how much time and effort I'm putting into my younger players, I thought I'd give a little look at
  4. 2021/2022 season review My second season is now finished and it brought us straight back down to earth. We didn't win any competitions this year (although we did come close to winning the league) and our attackers just didn't perform anywhere near the level I was expecting of them. Before the season started, I had a bid accepted and contract agreed with Dominic Calvert-Lewin, before deciding to cancel the deal at the last minute. In hindsight, this was a pretty poor decision as we didn't score as many goals as we should have done. Transfers I went into this season with the main
  5. I'm going to do a write up at the end of my second season (should be this afternoon) but had to get a little post in early... I've just had my youth intake for the year and think I've possibly got my central midfield sorted for years to come. Firstly, meet Declan Larkin. According to my head of youth development Sebastian Pait, Larkin "looks as if he could possibly emerge as one of the best players of his generation". His physical stats leave a little to be desired, but his mentals look decent. Secondly, we have Carlton Rayner. Not quite as highly rated, but he looks like he cou
  6. 2020/2021 season recap I've now finished my first season and I think I can be pretty pleased with how it went in general. We were absolutely fantastic up until April, where the issues with our squad started to become more apparent. A pretty poor final month saw us just about winning the FA Cup (penalties after a 0-0 draw with Leeds) and losing the Europa League final vs Roma (a 1-0 loss in extra time) so I'm a little disappointed there. Competitions As you'll see in the below picture, We won the league. we were comfortably ahead for quite a while, but dropped points against Shef
  7. The window has now slammed shut and... It didn't exactly go to plan. This first update is going to be a bit of a wall of text, but future ones should be a bit nicer! We ended up doing the following business: In Wilfried Gnonto - £700k (rising to £800k) - Zurich - This guy looks like he has some decent potential. He's only 16, and I'm aiming on having him develop with my U18 and U23 teams for now. Jack Wilshere - Free - We all know Jack. I needed some midfield cover and as he's free, I was more than happy to bring him in. Andrea Papetti - £1.8M - Brescia - Really promis
  8. The time has come to start a new Arsenal save. My intention at the moment is to play a possession heavy 4-2-3-1 and I'm intending on making some big changes during the opening window. I'll post a little write up once the window is over, but I'm interested in seeing what you guys think about this offer for Mesut Ozil: £6M up front, £6M over 6 months, 170k wage contributions. He's valued at £12.75M so I'm almost getting his full value. As he'll be going on a free in the summer, I ideally want to cash in. This will save me a huge chunk of his wages over the course of the season and pote
  9. 64%! Wow, that's great - what are you using for that? I saw your tactical idea in the total football thread (the 4-1-2-2-1), is that what you ended up going with?
  10. Mine is similar to yours, but probably a year earlier. I was a huge, huge fan of the Rosicky - Flamini - Fabregas - Hleb midfield. If I could recreate that now I would in a heartbeat!
  11. I play a Norwich City game on every version of FM and he always seems to perform well. I don't think his ceiling is particularly high, but because of his physicals he's always done a really good job for me. Will be interesting to see if he develops any better in this edition of FM, looks like he's doing brilliantly for you though. What role(s) are you playing him in?
  12. I'm currently using a possession heavy 4-1-2-2-1/4-3-3. When I've got myself an AMC I want to build the team around though I'm planning on changing to a 4-3-1-2 or 4-2-3-1, I just didn't want to put all of my eggs in the Ozil basket.
  13. Season 1 Review Ok, so the 20/21 season is now out of the way and it went... A LOT better than expected. I'm almost a little disappointed, as I was expecting it to take a year or two to get to where we are. Competitions Overall we can't have any real complaints here. We did need to rely on 3 penalty shootout wins though, one in each of the cup competitions. I can't quite believe we managed to win the league. We were quietly doing our own thing for most of the season, but grabbed our chance at gameweek 34 and held on for dear life! Despite losing to Spurs in the last
  14. I'll do a full write up at the end of the season, but Lacazette has decided he wants to leave to get more first team football. I'm fine with this and have jumped ahead and signed his replacement... Zlatan Ibrahimovic! An incredibly short term signing as he's now 39, but his experience will be invaluable and I'm hoping he'll be a good influence on some of my younger players.
  15. Yeah it's a little disappointing to see that. Saka and Martinelli especially were the main positives from last season, so it seems weird that they've not been given a PA bump at least.
  16. Beta dropped last night. I've so far tried and failed a couple of times to beat my own second XI!
  17. Haven't properly done this properly for a few years, so thought I'd jump back in and give single player FM a bit of a kick! After many reloads (I started at 7am this morning!), I'm starting as my local team - Worthing. #WeAreWorthing
  18. I've just finished my first season with Norwich and... well... it was incredible! Season 1 review EPL - Finished 3rd(!!!!!!!) - I ended up being a point behind winners Man City, who ended up winning the title on GD over Liverpool. There were 2 results in the last 5 games that could have won me the league in hindsight. The first was a 2-2 draw vs Man City at the Etihad - they scored in the 92nd and 93rd minute to equalise. The second was a poor 1-0 los at home to Watford - we dominated but just couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. Even so, we can be VERY proud o
  19. Season 1 finished! We ended up winning the PL by 7 points over Man City, and relegated Mustafi's Crystal Palace on the last day of the season! Gouiri couldn't help loan club Newcastle in his few months there, and they ended up going down too. We also won the League Cup (2-0 over Manchester United) but lost 3-2 to the same team in the 5th round of the FA Cup to a 95th minute winner by Mason Greenwood. In the Europa League, we faced Valencia in the final which finished 2-0 to us. Young centre back Scott Kitchen came on in the 2nd half and scored our 2nd goal to secure the win. Competitions:
  20. "Golden Generation" youth intake has now come in! The best youngsters are: The best name by far has to go to Alexander Hole... How unfortunate
  21. Ozil has again suffered a major injury, this time a damaged achilles tendon. Suggested time out is about 4 months again, meaning he'll have missed 8 months this season. His time at the club is likely to be up in the summer as I'm expecting his attributes to take a big hit.
  22. First half of the season is now done! We're currently sitting in 1st with 54 points (17 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss) - Liverpool have a game in hand over us but are only on 50 points, so there's a little cushion there. Stats wise I'm not hugely happy with how we're doing. We're 6th for possession, but only 11th for passes completed. We've created the highest number of chances by far (105 to Everton's 77) and have the highest number of shots on target (241 to Liverpool's 200) but we're just not putting away as many as I'd like, especially considering we've scored less than Liverpool. In te
  23. Following the great advice, I've now started my save and the transfer window has slammed shut! We've made a lot of changes ahead of our opening Premier League fixture. Our squad is now looking like this: GKs: Full backs: Centre backs: Centre mids: Wingers: Attacking mids: Strikers: We also signed Nicolo Armini who has gone out on loan to Fleetwood. Kolasinac went on loan to Southampton for 300k/m and 100% wages. Will do another update when we get to January!
  24. With the beta out I think I'm going to be starting my "proper" Arsenal save. I've played around with a few separate saves already and feel like I now want to get into things properly! I'm going to be playing a 4-2-3-1 as I still love the AMC position even though it's not hugely effective this year. One question I have, mainly for @SteveUK based on his fantastic deals, is how to go about getting rid of the dead wood? In some of my playaround saves I've tried offering out people like Mustafi, Kolasinac, etc, however I've not been getting any real interest, let alone teams willing to pa
  25. Just received an absolutely mad bid for Sandro Tonali in my Norwich save. I'm in my third season now and am just about top of the Premiership. Manchester City have decided that they REALLY want Tonali from me, and have agreed with my negotiation of £93M for a man I signed for just £4.7m. I'll be sad to see him go, as he's been a mainstay in the side that got me promoted and then finished 2nd, but I'd be crazy to reject that kind of money!
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