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  1. I'm starting a new game too with the sortitoutsi data update. Can't figure out what formation I want to play though to get the best out of LMAO. I'm thinking maybe a 4-2-4 although I don't really want to play Ozil & Miki out wide.
  2. Lost all of the data on my PC so I'm having to start again - I'm thinking of making Jack my captain & having him as a key part of the side (assuming he can stay fit) but I'm not sure what formation to use to get the best out of him. Anyone got any ideas? Has anyone else used him much, and if so, where did you get the best out of him?
  3. I'm starting to think about that now. Stoke and Everton both got relegated in my game, so I'm trying to decide whether to bring in Butland or Pickford - I can get them both for a similar amount and on similar wages.
  4. I struggled to sell Alexis in the summer - PSG showed an interest towards the end of the year though. Rather than risk losing him for nothing, I offered him for Di Maria which was accepted. Not a like for like swap, but Di Maria should certainly help fill the hole that Alexis will leave!
  5. How have people been handing the Sanchez departure? I haven't started a save on the full game yet, but when I tried to offer him out in the beta he kicked off and didn't want to leave (even though he won't sign!)
  6. FM17: Arsenal

    Barcelona have wasted absolutely no time at all and on the 1st of Jan they enquired about Bellerin. I asked for £30m plus Sergi Roberto, and on the next day they returned with a non-negotiable £42.5m bid for Hector. As I've promised to let him go and it's almost double his value I've had to accept it. Other transfers out could well be: Iwobi to Liverpool (an enquiry has been made), Gabriel to PSG (roughly £25m) and Monreal to PSG (enquiry)
  7. FM17: Arsenal

    I'm only in season 1 - started another save with the official data update. Comfortably top after around half a season and I've only lost 1 game so far, which was 1-0 to Real Madrid in the CL. I'm having a look at Sergi Roberto as a replacement for Bellerin. I'm playing IWBs so Roberto may be able to do a job there.
  8. FM17: Arsenal

    Bellerin has just broken my heart and told me he wants to leave to join Barcelona. I really don't want to lose him, but I don't think I have a choice if they bid for him. Considering Monreal wants to go to PSG as well, I'll need to find myself a DL and a DR!
  9. FM17: Arsenal

    Started a new game using a transfer update - couldn't resist bringing Eduardo back as a backup!
  10. FM17: Arsenal

    Pedro Pereira from Sampdoria is looking pretty good in one of my saves. Alternatively, Felix Passlack looks pretty good and is quite versatile.
  11. FM17: Arsenal

    I'm going to start again after losing patience and motivation with my first save. Inspired a bit by Sanchez in real life, and from looking at how you guys are getting good results from him as a striker, I think I'll aim for something with Sanchez up top. I'm struggling to decide on a formation, but I'm sure that will come to me eventually. I love 3 at the back formations but I'm not massively confident with creating one as I've not managed to create a successful 3 at the back formation in any edition of FM. Unless I change my mind and go for a 3 at the back, I'll probably be aiming for a 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-2-3-1. How are you guys using Sanchez up top? Is everyone leaning towards a F9/DLF role for him?
  12. FM17: Arsenal

    I'm starting to really struggle for motivation with my Arsenal save. I'm just into my 3rd season, and while I've been really successful so far I'm not entirely happy. I'm not getting the kind of results I'd like from Ozil (or my AM in general) in that I'm not really getting the assists from there. The vast majority of my assists are coming from the wings or the full backs from crosses, which is a style of play I'm not particularly happy with. I'm now torn between starting again with a new tactic and new signings (allowing me to actually give Iwobi, Lucas, etc a proper chance) or just carrying on with what I'm doing at the moment. The reason I'm hesitant to start again is that I'm not great at tactics, at all. I've made one that is working for me and I'm not sure I'll be able to make another one that's half as good!
  13. FM17: Arsenal

    I use exactly the same tactic both home and away, no tweaks. Stats wise, in all competitions: Away: P26 W16 D5 L5. Goals scored 62, conceded 33 Home: P30 W27 D2 L1. Goals scored 84, conceded 20 I'm much better at home, as you can see, but I'm still alright on the road. The losses away from home were to Man City (2-1), Lyon (2-1), Liverpool (2-0), Juventus (2-1) and Sevilla (5-0)
  14. FM17: Arsenal

    Nice! I've had some similar results against Chelsea in my save. I beat them 6-0 at their place in the league, and then 6-0 at the Emirates in the EFL cup. The league one wasn't exactly fair though - Costa and Zouma had both been sent off by the 39th minute!
  15. FM17: Arsenal

    Sure! I'll attach the tactic, but it's pretty simple. GK - GK D (Cech) DR - CWB A (Bellerin) DCR - CD D (Mustafi) DCL- CD D (Koscielny) DL - FB S (Grimaldo) MCR - CM D (Coquelin) MCL - DLP S (Xhaka) AMR W S (Dembele) AMC - AP A (Ozil) AML - IF A (Sanchez) STC - AF A (Giroud) I run a "Control" mentality with Fluid team shape. From an instruction point of view - Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Float Crosses, Use Offside Trap (might remove this!), Be More Expressive, Roam From Positions, Much Higher Defensive Line, Higher Tempo, Close Down Much More. Player instructions - GK: Distribute to FBs, Distribute Quickly Both CBs: Pass It Shorter DL: Get Further Forward, Cross More Often MCR: Shoot Less Often, Pass It Shorter MCL: Pass It Shorter AMR: Swap with AML AML: Swap with AMR I'm kind of regretting looking at the tactic in depth now - I've noticed that I give up far too many clear cut chances. I've not conceded from many of them, but I need to try to figure out why I'm giving up so many! 4-2-3-1 Wide_727F31B7-9564-4C1D-8E7D-8F4A5B3A0C42.fmf