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  1. Blink2k

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Just finished life is strange myself yesterday, fantastic game, a few faults, mostly in chapter 5 imo, but overall absolutely loved it. Going to pick up before the storm this week hopefully and play through that as well.
  2. I'd be really up for some rocket league games, have it on every platform, so, everything is good for me.
  3. Blink2k

    notorious crimes close to you?

    Same as what he said, can't think of any others really.
  4. With the recent tournaments update, do we have enough people still playing this that we could arrange a tournament?
  5. Don't starve is amazing, already have it on 4 platforms, including mobile, will more than likely pick it up on Switch as well.
  6. Blink2k

    Smart Meters

    What i heard with the current ones is that you can't change suppliers with them. So i'm waiting until that is possible then i'm going to get one.
  7. This would be a 100% purchase for me.
  8. Blink2k

    Francis Cole aka McMaster#28

    Very sad news, RIP.
  9. I've got the sea of thieves beta downloaded. Didn't play the alphas.
  10. I'll be around for some races in the evening this week as well.
  11. Blink2k

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    It's more detailed maps, that sort of thing. And i think you need north, south and the France addon.
  12. Blink2k

    STEAM deals - Keep this updated

    Bought that yesterday as well. Wish i'd got some of the DLC though as promods doesn't work without it. Will get that in a few weeks, base game is great though.
  13. Games Completed: 3 14/1/18 - Abzu 9/10 (PC) 15/1/18 - Doom 8/10 (PC) 15/1/18 - Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist 7/10 (PC) Very short game, but, can't complain for free. Enjoyed it, was funny and clever the way the narrator reacts to what you do. Not much else to say about it really seeing as it was so short.
  14. Games Completed: 2 14/1/18 - Abzu 9/10 (PC) 15/1/18 - Doom 8/10 (PC) Got this when i got my PC in 2016. Been playing it off and on since then. Was playing on hurt me plenty. Found it to be just too difficult for the last couple of levels so had to knock it down to the easiest setting. Last boss was kinda boring, but apart from that i thought it was a great game. Classic Doom, with some new ideas thrown into there. Ran super smoothly on PC, looks great and the soundtrack, and general sound design was fantastic
  15. Games Completed: 1 Abzu 9/10 Got this ages ago from humble Bundle, finally got round to playing it. Pretty much a perfect game. Graphics are beautiful, music fits it perfectly. Very simple story, very nicely told. Very much enjoyed my time with this.