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  1. Arranging friendlies?

    I have tried it with various clubs, still doesnt give me the 'propose friendly' option after choosing other.
  2. Anyone else struggling to find the option 'propose friendly'? I select a date in fixtures, go down to choose other tab, locate the league, then the club, but it doesnt have the propose friendly option like in previous FM. please help!!
  3. In my view, the best way to utilise it is to change your affiliated clubs and how they work for you. One of my favourite experiences within the game is having a plethora of lower league clubs around the world to send my younger players out on loan, for pre-season friendlies and to obtain work permits (namely Belgium) for the EPL.
  4. The stars rating screen?

    Thank you! Much appreciated
  5. How do i get to the screen where it rates all my players current ability / potential ability etc in star form. Or do i have to manually scout each player in my team? Apologies in advance for the standardness of the post!
  6. What is everyone's thoughts on this. I think as long as the youth player is having a good 1st team run and banging in goals or keeping clean sheets etc, it shouldn't matter where he is on loan should it? Whether it's English league 2, Swiss challenge league, or Australian A-League. thoughts appreciated
  7. Oh ok, I didn;t realise it had been posted before. I did realise it returned after the 1st season. thanks for the replies
  8. Always wondered if setting the game to Key would take away from potential chances in the game. I generally flick between Full & Extended as I'm worried I'll miss out on chances due to the fast forwarding. Any thoughts on this? Cheers
  9. in patch 11.3, newly signed Dzeko's stats don't show, except for league app/goals. nothing else, anyone else have this? annoying
  10. Home Grown Status

    In another thread I read that if you loan your youngsters (potential HG players) out to foreign clubs during their time at your club before their 21st birthday, it doesn't count towards HG status? anyone shed some light on this?
  11. Home Grown Status

    I buy a bunch of youngsters in the beginning but not necess to fill the quota. I do it moreso to have a good set of options in a few years time when my established players move on. For example, picking up your Lukakus, Thorgan Hazard, Aurier, Varrane, etc when they are 17, so that when the 30+ yr old's leave the team and I need to re-buy players, my current crop of youngsters are nearly ALL homegrown, if that makes sense. Strange how I plan ahead in FM, but don't plan ahead IRL. haha
  12. Hi, are you certain about this? Because I've just loaned out a bunch of my aspiring 17yr old's to foreign countries thinking it would be better if they played in the premier division of a sub footballing country.
  13. Hi. If anyone could confirm for me, I'm playing in England and like to concentrate on youth. If I sign a 17yr old in the July-August transfer window, and he turns 18 within a few weeks/months, does he still qualify for HG status after 3 yrs? Many thanks
  14. Ok. this is the issue I am having. I have bought a whole reserve team of great youth prospects. there is only 13 or so of them in the squad. but for some reason the computer picks half the team from the U/18s. without taking full control of the reserve team matches, how can I ensure that the players that I want and place in the reserve squad are playing each game? the U/18s players being put in the reserve game's aren't even better than the ones I have. Please help if you can! Cheers
  15. Importance of captains

    What about stripping the original captain of his captaincy at the beginning of a save? For example, De Jong, instead of Tevez. Has anyone experienced the original captain become frustrated?