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  1. WSM 2008 Questions

    Well, I tried applying the FM patch. I might have done it wrong but when the patch installation started, it wasn't able to find the WSM game.
  2. WSM 2008 Questions

    Sure if that works. I wasn't sure if you could transfer the games or not. I'm perfectly willing to buy FM 08 and play the games on that if necessary.
  3. WSM 2008 Questions

    Thanks for the link. Does that patch work with Worldwide Soccer Manager though?
  4. This may seem a little (ok a lot) out of place but I started playing FM 2008 again, mainly because it's the one I've enjoyed the most out of the past few years. But a bug has come up after I finished one season: I don't get my new transfer budget. This makes it a little difficult to continue the game. I think I remember that this bug was fixed in the newer patches. Unfortunately, I'm playing Worldwide Soccer Manager on the Mac which makes it impossible to find the patches now. Is there a way to get around the bug in some other way? Or is there some place I can still find patches? I guess if it nothing else works and there are still FM 08 (Mac) patches available, I will switch games. Do WSM save files transfer over to FM?
  5. Here's a bit of a hypothetical, to see how much Rooney is valued in this thread. Which players in the Premier League would you consider swapping Rooney directly with? I don't think I would accept anyone except Mata/Hazard, Bale or Yaya.
  6. And the sentence I've said to myself the most in 2013, Nani on for Valencia please
  7. We missed Carrick today so much. That was tedious to watch.
  8. Champions of Europe 2012/13 Thread

    What is Benitez doing? I haven't seen many non United games this season and I didn't realise he has been so bad. Why is he fighting with Terry (according to my commentators)?
  9. That first goal was so amazing. Carrick's pass was delightful and the finish was just perfect.
  10. Oh no. Nani injured (?) so we're back to Valencia's insipidness.
  11. Probably because if Valencia had done that he wouldn't have meant it.
  12. Valencia's been so pointless in this game. And Rooney's messed up just about every one two he's tried.
  13. But then how would Giggsbot reach his/its 2000'th appearance? Edit: Just noticed Nani's not playing. I hope he's being rested for Madrid or I'll be really disappointed.
  14. Have we demolished any team this season? I can't remember many huge scorelines. But I like that we've started to get into a groove. Our defence has stabilized and the attack looks good.