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  1. I haven't made any personally its from the sortitoutisi forums Live Football Manager Data Update download.
  2. I don't always shut my laptop down I just close the lid I only shut it down if I need to restart for updates so I don't save my game often fm just stays open.
  3. I didn't sign anyone first season I usually start games with disable first season transfer window. these are transfer from next 3 season and summer transfer window for season just started after unbeaten season.
  4. if id saved before every game id have at least 37 saves just for the one season and I'm 4 season in.
  5. I took breaks from it played the season over the course of a few days.
  6. Zero I wouldn't have posted on here if id done that.
  7. I used two different formations depending on the opposition also did a lot of rotation.
  8. I won the Club World Championship, Carabao Cup, European Super Cup and Community Shield and lost in the Fa Cup 3rd round to Leicester probably played too many youngsters and lost in quarter final of Champions League to Liverpool lost the first leg 6-1 was losing 2-1 then Savic and Alli got sent off 62 and 67 min and ended up losing 6-1 won the second leg 3-0 but not enough to overturn first leg. I won every competition the season before so not too many complaints can't have it all. Built a good squad but at end of season players keep asking to leave to go to Barcelona or PSG so will
  9. Don't no if there's already a thread for this but just finished the season unbeaten and won every game so thought id start a thread to see if anyone else has.
  10. I actually signed him for 2.5m from Middlesbrough.
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