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  1. Really like the fact that you can now transfer staff. Excellent work guys!
  2. I'm 34, been playing since 1993 and don't intend to give up anytime soon! Me and an old school friend used to skip school and spent many a day playing Championship Manager 93/94. Good memories.
  3. Apologies if it's already been mentioned in the thread, but I would like it if you were able to move a manager to another club (like you can with players in FM14) using the official in-game editor. Thanks.
  4. I had Daniel Agger in double figures (only a few goals behind Luis Suarez) surprisingly enough all his goals came from corners too!
  5. Can we change future transfers using the Real Time Editor? For example say Joe Bloggs had agreed to join Man Utd when his contract expired at the season, could I edit my game to make him join Liverpool instead? Thanks.
  6. You could try this... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/331597-NPT-amp-C-2013!!!-(New-turf-textures-for-FM2013)
  7. It worked OK for me. For example: I had Rafa Benitez down as "wants to be a manager in the Barclays Premier League" He took over as manager of Chelsea after Di Matteo was sacked. Harry Redknapp "wants to be manager at Q.P.R" He took over as manager of Q.P.R after Hughes was sacked. Frank Rijkaard "wants to be manager at AC Milan" He took over as manager of Milan after Allegri quit. There are plenty more examples I could use that also worked well, hope that helps Stevedox?
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