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  1. Shame I blocked the use of the in-game editor when I set the game up!
  2. So there is no way to do it for an existing save? That's dissapointing!
  3. Adding my own custom kits to Nyva Ternopil (ID: 71100095) and they simply do not work. I have reloaded the skin, I have restarted the game. There is no way around it. I have tried to change the ID in the config to other teams in the division and there seems to be a few that it works for and a few that don't. I have created kits for teams many times over the years so this is pretty second nature to me so I am 100% sure there is something not quite right here in the back end somewhere. I have had someone else check to see if it works on their game and they are having issues too suggesting it is not just me. Thanks
  4. Creates two new kits for my team on FM. Done this a thousand times over the years so thought it'd be no problem. How wrong was I? Here is my config file. https://imgur.com/jK7fwVz Here is my team's ID: https://imgur.com/jVSGyej Here is my folder layout and the files I want it to use. Both .png files. https://imgur.com/0lj9dj5 I have reloaded the skin, I have restarted the game. I don't know what I am doing wrong! Maybe I've been looking so hard that I'm missing the obvious but I'd love some fresh eyes on it to help me out. I'm at my wits end here! Thanks guys!
  5. Just wanted to let you know that I've posted several challenges and ideas in the last few weeks. I've had quite a lot of traffic from this topic which has been great so would love it if you could let me know if you've given any of them a try!
  6. Downloaded an Italian lower division database but want to replace a team in one of the divisions with one I have created. When I click 'Load Database' it loads the default one and I can't see anywhere else to load a different one. Feel like I'm being a little dim here and there is an easy way around it but would love some help. Thankyou!
  7. Hey guys, I hope this is okay to post, if not then point me in the right direction and I'll skiddadle my way over there instead! I just wanted to introduce my new site to you all; FM Ideas. I've recently got it up and running and posted it on r/footballmanagergames so some of you may have seen it already if you frequent over to the dark side, but it's basically a site for interesting, unique FM save ideas and challenges that maybe you'd not have thought of before. I've got loads written down ready to create and write up so there is no shortage of ideas, just time! I've really enjoyed setting it up and would love for people to get involved and let me know what you think. It's been a real learning curve but I think I've got it where I want it right now. It's my goal to make it the go to place for people when they are struggling for FM save ideas and want to try something new. It's very niche I know but it's a bit of a passion project and I really enjoy coming up with new ideas for it. I'm hoping to post some experiments eventually too but they wont be your typical "what would happen if lower league club x had ONE BILLION DOLLARS", it'll be a bit more unique than that! I'd love some feedback on what you think of the site and ideas posted on there and if you're going to start a save with any of them then please do comment and let me know. If you could bookmark it then that'd be great too! I have a twitter @fmideasuk if that takes your fancy and you want to be kept more in the loop too. Thanks for the time guys.
  8. Hey, this is my website! Thanks for the shout out. I'm hoping to add more philosophies to the generator when I can. :) If you have any ideas then I'm all ears!
  9. Starting up a project and ideally would like to be able to copy and paste a list from one place to another as opposed to writing them down one by one. I have contacted SI directly but I'm not sure how quickly they will get back to me on it so thought I'd try my luck on here too. If anyone can help I'd be hugely appreciative. Thanks!
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