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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place or not... BUT... I've made myself a slightly tweaked database to play with, and can't see how to use it. Previous versions of FM, its been easy. But in this one, not so much. In the top-right of the "Career Game Setup" screen there is a greyed-out database drop down with "19.1.0 update" listed, which gives the impression that this is where I should be able to select it. But the feature doesn't seem to work.. Any suggestions, please? Thanks
  2. The store@sigames.com is bouncing my e-mails back! How can I possibly even ask for a refund?!?!? Thanks
  3. Tiny little writing in size 6 font isn't that clear in my opinion... How do I get my momey back?
  4. How do you use items you buy for "real cash" in the game? Its not very clear! I can see a transfer fund upgrade in my wallett, I can see it when I go in "store" in (what I refer to as) "Football Manager lite" but can't see a "store" option in my "full on" Football Manager game. And the "full on" is the game I want to use it in. It really isn't clear at all how / where it can be used. How do I apply the funds to my full on FM game??? Thanks.
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