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    been on this game way too long. :)

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  1. Where can i cancel a scouting assignment i have a urgent one stuck on preparing for couple months now
  2. Where is the setting (instruction) to tell my winger to swap wings?
  3. Save game devotion

    reason I'm asking is that I'm thinking that FM14 seems stable enough to play on for couple of years and thinking of going really long term to immerse myself
  4. Save game devotion

    pure stat's? any decent stories ?
  5. Whats the longest real world time that you have stuck to purely one save or a simulated football manager world game time(not including holiday).
  6. I've started a career as England U19 manager in order to build up a reputation as manager. now my main question is that can i be sacked from this job at all ? and will i be noticed by clubs wanting a manager ?
  7. as title suggested anyone know if its possible and will i get recognition from club teams to hire me if i do well?
  8. its a xml DB edit but uploaded under name Calv'DB.xml
  9. hmm i've uploaded test2 (v02).fm i will say that the custom league was made up of mainly B teams and after a season they got promoted to skrill north/south so would be entered into FA cup the second season. and just to say in the custom DB i made no changes to the FA cup
  10. was originally a different name as i renamed to upload to ftp but just tired loading it and came up fine just found the crash dumps too i've put on ftp as calvgdb1 and calvgdb2
  11. i used the editor to make a team and a new league within the england nation rules I tested the nation rules and it states that is valid rules but yet ever sim season crashes FM on the 25th june 2014 i've uploaded an save thats from the 24th june that seems to be working wondering if you could look at it to see it theres something that need fixing. file name in ftp is calvg1 thanks for the help PS sorry for stupid mistake in title i clearly meant past but had only just woke up.