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  1. Hi Knap, your job is amazing, keep it up! I'm trying the 4-3-1-2 All Cups, a couple of questions about it: 1) If some player doesn't perfecty fit a specific role, especially the midfielders, do you recommend leaving the two central attacking with the defending regista like this or you suggest to change their roles for a better suit? 2) Are hard tackles absolutely needed? I saw you tend to use them very often, but my players collect too many cards.
  2. I understand what you are saying, but my point is, will he perform in every way as a 160CA player?
  3. if i raise weaker foot to 20 to certain players, leaving all other attributes unchanged, i see a huge amount of CA, like from 135 to 160. So does that mean the player will perform through and through as a 160CA guy, just for having a perfect weak foot? Or is it just the CA system telling that with a 20/20 foot there is less empty space for the other attributes to fill? Basically will i see the full strength of a 160CA player on the pitch, or is it just a "masked" CA? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Is everyone interested in a game where you create your own FM player and everyone is put in the same database with matches streamed via Twitch (with peaks of 250-300 viewers)?! You can also manage a team if you want and you can have your own club and do offline transfers with the other club owners! In Italy this is running from two years and it counts almost 2000 players. Now they have just opened the international one, if you love FM you can't miss this! You just need to join the Facebook Group and create your player with name, height, weight, position, favourite foot, best qualities, worst attributes and favourite teams. This is the link: Become a Legend on Football Manager Twitch Channel if you want to check the streams to have a better understanding on how it works: Twitch - Progetto Gaming
  5. I got a bet with a friend: he asserts that Finishing and Composure has exactly the same importance for a Striker (i mean in the game engine of course, not in reality). I say that Finishing has a lot more since a Striker with 20 Finishing and 1 Composure would perform so much better than the same Striker with 1 Finishing and 20 Composure, who’s right?
  6. A little trick I use to boost morale is to set a friendly against the maximum poor team available (usually you find it in "Near teams"), if everything goes right you win it 8/10-0 and that helps a lot. Maybe you can try it too if you have some free space in this part of the season, but anyway keep it in mind for the next one.
  7. Red Star Football Club is a French association football club founded in Paris in 1897. Red Star plays its home matches at the Stade Bauer, but its house will be Stade Pierre Brisson in Beauvais for the next two season due to renovation works in Bauer. Despite not having clinched a Ligue 1 title, Red Star has a rich history. The club was founded in 1897 under the name Red Star Club Français by French football legend Jules Rimet. Rimet later went on to serve as president of both the French Football Federation and FIFA. The original FIFA World Cup trophy was named in his honour. Red Star is one of the founding members of Ligue 1 and have spent 19 seasons in the first division; the club's last stint being in 1974–75. Red Star's youth academy was still very productive until recent years and the likes of Alex Song, Moussa Sissoko and Abou Diaby, all renowned players in English football, came through the club's youth system. My main goal is to bring back the club to where it belongs and build a solid side in the maximum French league. We are being predicted to finish 17th, but I think the team has a good base to start immediately to aim at something better. I like the defensive line in particular, it's a mix of well experienced players and interesting talents. The main midfielder is portuguese Rui Sampaio who always played in first leagues around Europe. The forwards look pretty good as they are but maybe one extra player can be added during the summer window. Our temporary stadium is the Pierre Brisson which appears to be nothing special with its 10.000 spots, but as said in the incipit we will be back to our home at Stade Bauer which will offer a bigger number of seats in July 2017. Facilities are honestly pretty poor compared to the other Ligue 2 competitors. It's surely something we have to improve during the years, maybe the only real weak point I can actually see in this club. Stade Pierre Brisson
  8. This seems a really great group this year and I can't wait to see how I will do starting from 0 like everyone. Let me know the time of the draft guys (via PM or Steam Chat).
  9. NICHOLAS MICHELINI - BOLOGNA RESUME OF THE SEASON 2031-2032 It was a transition season for Bologna for sure. The main problem of Michelini's men were the many injuries and a number of goals conceded which was definitively too high: 82. This probably happened because the italian manager is betting so much on his young central defender Daniel Ibrahim; this was his very first season where he had a main role as starter, but everybody knows in Serie A TIM experience is what you need most and even if his technique attributes are out of discussion, that was probably his main missing this year. With the emilians still playing with a one striker formation the best one could only be Walter Burguez again. His 30 goals was one of the few positive statistics for the Rossoblu and allowed a safe mid-table position. The team did a little step back and you can see that just thinking about the unbelievable KO inflicted to big teams like Perugia or Atalanta in the previous seasons. There was a home 9-2 to Pro Vercelli but that seemed to be just a good day where everything worked. So no continuity of results and no defense left Dallara supporters with a bad taste about this year. But Luiz Guilherme is growing so well and he's already a key player. Some good shots in the market were taken anyway, like the brazilian left back Edu (2.5M€) and the playmaker Evandro Lemes (14.25M€), both coming from relegated Cesena. No doubts with a good summer window Bologna can easily improve that 11th place. RESUME OF THE SEASON Finish Place: 11th (Prediction: 13th) TIM Cup: First Round Wins: 14 - Draw: 6 - Loss: 18 Goal scored: 69 - Goals conceded: 82 Best win: with Pro Vercelli(9-2) Worst loss: @ San Marino (0-4) Top Scorer: Walter Burguez - 30 goals Player of the Season: Walter Burguez - MV: 7.35 (30 goals - 5 assists) Edu Evandro Lemes
  10. NICHOLAS MICHELINI - BOLOGNA RESUME OF THE SEASON 2030-2031 Michelini and his men are ready for what they are waiting most. The season has started an amazing win: Dallara was literally on fire when Bologna defeated European Champions Perugia by three goals to two. The team looks solid and ready to compete in the main league even from the first games like the 3-1 with Pro Vercelli and at Palermo say. Walter Burguez still the main striker with no rivals in the team; his 28 goals allow Bologna to believe until the last couple of games to reach the amazing achievement of taking part in the next Europa League. But the true soul of Bologna is Luiz Guilherme; 24 years old brazilian right wing who was acquired from Hajduk Spalato for 4.6M€; his 21 assists are gold for the emilians and his versatility allowed Michelini to put him on the left side or even behind the striker when it was needed. In the end Bologna got another significant win at home with vice European Champions Atalanta and can boast of having defeated both Champions League finalists in addition to a surprising 4-0 win with Juventus. But the bianconeri took their revenge beating i felsinei 3-1 at the Stadium and finally Lazio turned off the last chances of Europe for Bologna with a 2-0. The team ended the season with a good 9th place, a very good result if you consider the 18th place prediction. It was an important season for the Rossoblu who could find their own place in Serie A and they could especially improve the young promises as central defender Daniel Ibrahim; another key player was Michel Atangana, who came from Siena for a million and a half and instantly took the reins of midfield. RESUME OF THE SEASON Finish Place: 9th (Prediction: 18th) TIM Cup: First Round Wins: 15 - Draw: 11 - Loss: 12 Goal scored: 72 - Goals conceded: 63 Best win: @ Verona (7-1) Worst loss: with Cesena (1-6) Top Scorer: Walter Burguez - 28 goals Player of the Season: Luiz Guilherme - MV: 7.31 (8 goals - 21 assists) Luiz Guilherme (as of December 2032) Michel Atangana (as of December 2032) Daniel Ibrahim (as of December 2032)
  11. NICHOLAS MICHELINI - BOLOGNA END OF THE SEASON 2029-2030 [video=youtube;Y_L96yO06qs] The masterpiece is completed. Bologna is back on Serie A TIM after nine years. The emilians won the Serie B Eurobet with 95 points, 8 points above Cagliari. Nicholas Michelini is the main maker of this big achievement, he won the league dominating the second half of the season coming from a disappointing 12th place. After becoming 1st on november his players has never left that position until the end. And who knows what would have happen if they lost that TIM Cup game at Siena, with the board ready to sack him just before the start of the league. What a huge mistake that could have been. Walter Burguez and Ross Souttar are the heroes of this achievement, but every player gave an important contribution. The uruguayan striker scored 36 goals in 35 games. The scottish was simply class: by far the best player of the league, his presence on the right side was always a danger for the opponent side, it seemed just very easy for him to dribble the defender and put sweet balls in the center or to be ready to finish off a rebound. Christian Meier was a perfect playmaker; signed for free, he dictated the tempo of the midfield; a key player, not by chance Bologna missed him just for 2 weeks in the entire season and in the games played in that period the team struggled in creating chances and having control of possession. Now finally the players have found a big harmony, this certainly is a true team, but Serie A is full of sharks, everyone is ready to bite you if you are not 100% ready, Michelini knows it and that's why Bologna will need to invest on improving the team in every zone of the pitch. So after the celebration there will be one month of deserved rest for the players, few days for the manager, then back to work to build a team able to save itself in Serie A TIM next season. RESUME OF THE SEASON Finish Place: 1st (Prediction: 11th) Wins: 30 - Draw: 5 - Loss: 7 Goal scored: 90 - Goals conceded: 37 Best win: @ Grosseto (6-0) Worst loss: @ Pescara (0-3) Top Scorer: Walter Burguez - 35 goals Player of the Season: Ross Souttar - MV: 7.57 (15 goals - 15 assists) Manager Reward Panchina d'Argento: Nicholas Michelini
  12. Yeah guys sorry, I don't know why you can't import this I've tried to upload it again but nothing changes, you have to do like this if you can't import the tactic, it's not a long work it takes just 2 minutes.
  13. Sometimes I set to Much Lower Tempo and More Discipline in these last minutes when I'm leading by one goal and I deselect Pass Into Space. What you say can be right by the way but I never suffered any particular comeback with my tactic. You just need to handle the squad with a little of experience
  14. I started doing it with the Beta, but then I saved it with the first full game update (sorry I don't remember the exact number)
  15. It's not hard to believe it, Sterling is perfect for this tactic, probably one of the best three in the entire game to play with this as right winger.
  16. Please let me know, it's important to see how the tactic works with weaker players..
  17. Thank you mate! Myself I'm still playing the season with Fiorentina and it's going pretty well. It Looks even more solid defensively but I noticed that with this update the wings sometimes hold the ball and go to the middle and then shoot at the limit of the area.
  18. I just wanted to indicate which players are most important to do it. By the way i'm not sure if a player set with personal instruction will do it more than usual.
  19. Just click the first image, by the way here it is: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/575481/-s-Wing-Thing-tac.html
  20. I finished the second season with the last update of the BETA, sorry I don't remember the number of the version; now I've just update the game to the first version of full game that is the one that you just wrote.
  21. UPDATE AMAZING SECOND SEASON with AC Fiorentina Best winning streak: 12 Unbeaten streak: 18 Trophies: UEFA Champions League - Serie A Tim - Tim Cup - UEFA Super Cup [TRIPLETE] Remarkable wins: 5-2 with Manchester United, 3-2 @ Juventus, 4-1 with Chelsea, 4-1 with Manchester United, 3-1 with Real Madrid League Table
  22. In fact I use a general fitness training and then I train individually my players on the role they should have in my tactic, or in a particular attribute that i need for that specific role. For example Gabbiadini is a really complete forward but I needed him a little more faster so I trained him in pace and acceleration for a while.
  23. That's an interesting change, let's see how it works in the long period. I have to say that for me the particular role effect depends on what kind of players you are using. Personally I have Balanta who is everywhere in the back-line, but it's possible that for a weaker defender it's harder to be so consistent in this tactic. Talking about goal conceded, us too we gave about 50 goals in the first season, but we had huge offensive performances and we managed to score more than 110 (Europa League included) and so we had a very positive season. Keep trying some defensive change and let me know guys!
  24. Yeah don't know why I didn't post it in my overview, I'm gonna add it. Nothing particular, but the most important thing to make this tactic working good is that our players must be fit. So this are our Training settings: (Don't know why Keeping attributes are set to Light, I personally individually train Goalkeepers on Role->Goalkeepers (Defend) - Heavy Intensity I don't know if this can work for everyone, because I have a really quality staff and not every team can get it (if you have the money to hire 5-6 trainers build a similar staff, this is great):
  25. UPDATE 200 Downloads in 2 days! Thanks guys, that's a really good number of downloads, I need you all to let me know how this Tactic works for you!
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