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  1. Hi Knap, your job is amazing, keep it up! I'm trying the 4-3-1-2 All Cups, a couple of questions about it: 1) If some player doesn't perfecty fit a specific role, especially the midfielders, do you recommend leaving the two central attacking with the defending regista like this or you suggest to change their roles for a better suit? 2) Are hard tackles absolutely needed? I saw you tend to use them very often, but my players collect too many cards.
  2. I understand what you are saying, but my point is, will he perform in every way as a 160CA player?
  3. if i raise weaker foot to 20 to certain players, leaving all other attributes unchanged, i see a huge amount of CA, like from 135 to 160. So does that mean the player will perform through and through as a 160CA guy, just for having a perfect weak foot? Or is it just the CA system telling that with a 20/20 foot there is less empty space for the other attributes to fill? Basically will i see the full strength of a 160CA player on the pitch, or is it just a "masked" CA? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Is everyone interested in a game where you create your own FM player and everyone is put in the same database with matches streamed via Twitch (with peaks of 250-300 viewers)?! You can also manage a team if you want and you can have your own club and do offline transfers with the other club owners! In Italy this is running from two years and it counts almost 2000 players. Now they have just opened the international one, if you love FM you can't miss this! You just need to join the Facebook Group and create your player with name, height, weight, position, favourite foot, best
  5. I got a bet with a friend: he asserts that Finishing and Composure has exactly the same importance for a Striker (i mean in the game engine of course, not in reality). I say that Finishing has a lot more since a Striker with 20 Finishing and 1 Composure would perform so much better than the same Striker with 1 Finishing and 20 Composure, who’s right?
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