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  1. Hi, It is always being said that the 3d graphics can't be improved because of users with low end machines. How about a DLC of improved ME graphics for users with higher end machines . This would greatly improve the 3d experience for users with high end machines without impacting sales from users with low end machines, whilst also providing a cash boost for SI. Cheers
  2. Playing as Arsenal. Just played away to Chelsea, got a player sent off and twice came back from a goal down.... this game is so unrealistic
  3. Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I have just won the Champion League with Arsenal. My team have been entered into the FIFA World Club Championship early June, but my players are all showing as on Holidays until the end of June. This is a game stopper for me. Please ignore... I ran a test save to see what would happen...the players turned up but were unfit.
  4. I've been lucky (probably in minority) and haven't encountered either of these tbh, so SI have a tricky problem to solve, when not everybody is seeing the same issues
  5. You can Right click on the Dev Center in the side menu to access the U18 and U21
  6. Thanks for the info Marc, would it be possible to say if the Hotfix will be save game compatible? Before I push on with my game :)
  7. Not normally no, they always state that it's a new game so doesn't need a change list.
  8. I'm 60 now and remember them all well...happy days. The Double is still available on emulator lol
  9. The updated public beta is available with new match engine ...it's mentioned loads of times above, New ME 2016
  10. Sleeves are reversed and socks have thick band on top
  11. Hi, I was just wondering as the 3D kits in FM20 have been changed to show more flow in the material etc will the current 3d kit mods be obsolete?
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