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  1. Right okay then BWM makes sense in this case. Just best not to use them as part of a 2 man midfield i.e 4231. Well I was only in Jan of my first season with Levante and was offered the Leicester job (they were in relegation zone & Levante were in top 6). The squad seems to suit the way I want to play a bit more so I took it. I always try to start all my saves with no TI's at all purely becasue I think that roles and duties (R&D) are more important. TI's just tend to encourage a specific style of play but you can even do this with just roles and duties correct? The bigge
  2. See that is the exact reason I'm now asking for help haha. The scary thing is to me this made MORE sense! Now having the MEZ(A) I get because it gives the regista another option, but would the BWM(s) be an issue on paper at least? I've always thought/read that its not a great defensive option due his closing down. I know his role fits my TI's thought in trying to win the ball slightly higher up the pitch. Rather than quoting both of your replies, your response in regards to my idea of italian football made sooo much sense. Exactly how Pirlo used to play. Pass to players close to him
  3. Hi @Experienced Defender Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. Unfortunatley the save file for the screenshot I posted was corrupted (crash dump?) So I started a new save with Levante. If you don't mind could take a look at this one instead please? This setup is not too different to the one above and was created before reading your post. The reasons for the TI's are: POD - to try and get the regista involved in the build up from the back to get him on the ball asap. WBIB - to try and keep the ball a bit better in the final third but now
  4. I have been playing FM for a long time. I can't remember exactly when I started playing but it was the CM days with no 2d pitch. I've never been tactically astute as perhaps I should be after many years in playing the game...but I've never really asked for help either. Maybe the two are linked . I normally play with my beloved Birmingham City which can be fun and involving but at the same time I feel emotional attachment perhaps gets in the way with player choice, tactics, turning down job offers etc. The reason for the post is I have recently been feeling slightly bored of FM from
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