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  1. Just an idea, but maybe think of every single persons individual save as an alternate reality. There are millions of 'realities' being played out so numbers like this are possible. Yeah it's a lot, but unless it is happening consistently in the majority of games, it doesn't concern me too much. He is probably going to be the best player in the world at some point over the next 10 years, and it needs to be theoretically possible for someone to surpass Messi/Ronaldo's records. Just this time, it happened to you! Congrats! I also think there has been an adjustment to reflect the ability of a
  2. My understanding is that if they play in any games that month then you pay the fee stated, or the same if they are just on the bench if that is detailed, but a definitive answer would be appreciated too
  3. Any idea how much these levels cost and even more so, how much they cost to run?
  4. I've now seen that the board are looking for a suitable site for a 5k stadium. Current one 5.3k... If I am in the championship or the prem when this is actually found, will it change or will they still just build a teeny stadium? It's a 5 year plan and this is only a few months in so wondering if things might change, get cancelled etc
  5. Thanks for the insight. @Nacaw I've just secured a second promotion to League 1 now. It's taken about 6 seasons to get from National League North to here, so fairly quick. I can already feel it getting tight now though as I am still relying on a few part-time long contracts signed at the end of my last season in non-league. I was sort of planning on treading water in League 1 for a bit while buying and selling some players to increase some funds before a big push to see if I can make the next jump. By what it sounds like though, maybe I only have 4/5 years to get to the PL before a
  6. My board have annnounced a 5yr plan to build a new ground. My current one was upgraded to meet the minimum requirements for the English football league after a recent promotion. Does anyone have experience with this happening and what was there new stadium like? My attendances are still small so wondering what they might build
  7. Shortly after getting the message of which high profile players are set to be released by there clubs I check my shortlists and player search but can't find any. If I include the 'set to be released' filter on the advanced search function then no players are visible. Is this broken or am I missing something?
  8. Before I started playing this season, I noticed what seemed like a lot of posts about it. It certainly seemed more than on previous versions. Personally I have found it slightly easier in some ways. My on pitch results have been better than other seasons, but it is harder to find players and keep the better ones. But, managing in England, I think that is more related to Brexit. As for on the pitch, now I have declared I am doing well, I am surely going to tank. I dunno, I definitely feel like I know more and more about the game, and at the same time it isn' fair on new players to expect develo
  9. There's a lot of posts this year about the game being 'too easy'. I have a suspicion that at least one factor may be the improvement of the average player. This could be due to a number of factors: 1. People playing more due to increased Covid related downtime 2. More resource on how to do well - YouTubers, forums etc 3. The average experience of each player I feel as though I learn at least a few new things each year, which helps make the game easier. I try and give myself little challenges to then make it harder again, which in turn often opens up new aspects of the game
  10. Yeah I have tried that although it doesn't seem to work. This filters out players who need a work permit AND the ones who can get settled status. I don't get it. Other clubs seem to be signing players I can't get work permits for, then when they sign for the other club they haven't required a wp and get a settled status tab next to them. Tbf it feels more like I am getting something wrong or misunderstanding something here
  11. Yeah, makes sense. Still, it would be nice to know a way to be able to find this out before approaching, or having to pay a budget busting £20k
  12. Thanks, I know of the work permit chance options in search function, but I want to avoid those that need a work permit application as £20k is way to expensive for me. I am hoping to find an option which only shows the players with settled status. The icon 'Set' icon only seems to be visible with players when they are at a club and I am typically looking at unnatached players so would be handy if I could narrow the search that way too
  13. Just wondering if this is a bug or is correct... I am managing in the National League North and was about to sign a player but after agreeing terms they didn't get a work permit. Fine (I thought they might as they had been playing in the country for a while - Johan Guadagno), so I cancelled the transfer but then he signed for a rival, and now has a box saying settled status and is turning out regularly for them. The only difference I can see is that they offered a full time contract to my part time one. Is that likely to be the difference or is this a bug? Thanks in advance, as I am
  14. Ah beat me to it! Interesting, thanks. I think that wraps up point 2. Any help with points 1 and 3 would be great then...
  15. I wonder whether, in defence of SI, there is a charge for registering foreign players by the FA? It still seems too much but might account for some of it
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