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  1. 10.3 patch

    Why would they loan Smalling out? he has been United best Defender over the past few weeks! seems odd though, maybe you need to start a new game to get the best out of the patch
  2. you can use a mouse on a laptop also, also if your laptop is pretty new, most of them have HDMI output, so you can always plug it into your 42 inch plasma telly for added quality thats if you wantesd too of course
  3. 2d or 3d???

    3D with my 3D glasses on for no added effect what so ever
  4. Newbie Questions

    I would wait for patch 3 then wait for the game, getting sacked is what i'm best at
  5. I won't tell anyone if you don't... at least give us an option in the editor so we can compile our own fixture list?
  6. I would like this, would also like it if they were able to mirror the current fixture list too, not sure how possible this is.. not sure you can program into the game real life fixture lists for the season
  7. I've let to play football 2011 as I have been waiting for the 3rd patch this time round, not so much because of the bugs just more a case of paying less for somthing that is more polished. Find it a little strange that the price of the game comes down as the patches are released. Maybe they could look into selling the game cheaply next year to start with then charging £5 for each patch So what do I expect of the 3rd patch? a really good game that is worth £17 of my money, because I've been told I could spend it on better things, like paint for my flat
  8. I've had a word with Guy Forkes, he has kindly put the date of bonfire night back 7 days for us all, however.. my girlfriends mates wedding is a different story, as much as I stressed to her that I can't go, I'm now in the dog house,though I plan to take my laptop with me to the day and night do, So I Won't be doing much dancing
  9. I've started my current season only conceding the 1 goal in 7 matches.. I hope I can keep this up and beat that record, I doubt it though as a few bigger teams are after my star centre backs and I know they are going make them unhappy
  10. only when I first join a team, once I know all my players I know who fits in where so I tell them to keep out
  11. twice as long as two pieces of string of the same size put together, I was once at a club for 10 years, they built a new stadium and they named it after my coach.. so I sacked him
  12. more stats, thats what makes the game great. also how about odds on first goalscorer before each game?
  13. why buy of egay in the first place? how much did you buy it for including postage? surley it was'nt worth all the agro which you should have seen coming
  14. Hiya, been a member of this forum for about 3 or 4 years, if not more, i've always been put off about starting new threads, as people seem easy enough to jump on you if you say somthing out of place or in the wrong place Anyway, I downloaded the demo a few weeks back, I was terrified to see it play so badly, I decided there and then not to rush to buy the game but wait maybe a year, or after the first patch or two this week however, I downloaded the patched Demo I have to say, a massive improvement already, the match engine plays and runs better, not as many injurys, quicker response and a whole better feel to it. The match engine however still has its faults but for the first attempt its looking a damm good effort, seen some great moves, great football and a joy to see it on the screen, for the first time ever while playing FM, I was overjoyed to see a goal scored against me as it was a joy to watch I'm still not convinced to buy the full game just yet, mainly because I need a new Kitchen and a boiler and every penny counts, however I am really enjoying the Demo and I really feel a part of my team for the first time in a long time, So a well done and a big thankyou to everyone involved in making the game, it must be dis heartening to see bad feedback, I just hope it does'nt stop you from making 2010,2011,2012 and so on So My Promise to you is that I will Buy the game at Christmas, I know my £25 won't even manage to get a round in for everyone involved, I just hope this good feedback goes a long way in contining a great game for the long term
  15. may buy it next year after patch 2 or 3, or maybe wait till fm2010 to see the 3d improved, as it will be, i'm sure... I voted Miss