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  1. Lol I know it does sound stupid. It just got to me so much due to it being like 4 games in a row all the exact same thing. Running straight up the park and scoring, I’m def going to implement the things you guys have suggested and hopefully it will improve what’s already been done. Appreciate the help lads !
  2. Ok I’ll make the changes tonight and report back. Last season I had Brewster on loan from Liverpool and played him in the AF role and he scored 32 goals in all competitions. Could have been due to the lower level him having such a prolific season. Would he suit the PF on attack role do you think ? Have tweaked the distribution to cb’s and fb’s and taken off counter and see how I go. thanks very much
  3. Would it be possible to share what you think I could tweak to the tactic in order to improve ? would be much appreciated. Possibly, I stuck with it as it seemed to work for the best part of the season entering me into a title race so I thought it worked. But I feel I may get found out this season in the championship unless I do something. I tried to take a screen shot of my players to post in the thread but it doesn't appear to be working
  4. I always watch on key highlights to be honest mate, always have done. I had been putting my wing back on attack on the left side purely as my right back was much weaker in that department. I shall take your advice and try that out and see if that makes a difference. Finished 3rd in league one, was neck and neck pretty much the entire season and then fell away in the last few games due to the issues I have wrote about here. Totally blew it. So it only really started the last 4/5 games of the season, and now first league game of the new season in the championship so unfortunately carried on into the new season. I can totally accept not winning each week as I am Sunderland and now in the championship probably expected to finish in the lower half of the league if not battle relegation, but it's this same issue I really want to try and iron out if I can haha will def need to use that pause button more !
  5. To be totally honest Chip on some of the occasions where it has happened i haven't changed anything and it still happened. I was in a push for the title so when i scored i was too busy celebrating lol then by the time the highlight of my goal finished it jumped straight to the next highlight a minute later and it was the opposite team running up the park and scoring. would you suggest dropping the wingback back down to a full back on support in this situation ? i never know what to do i really don't, it does sometimes come across as damned if you do changed damned if you don't. when i score the thinking of lowering the tempo was not rushing the ball forward or around too quickly with the possibility of a miscontrolled pass or poor first touch as my players are not technically gifted yet.
  6. Ok i shall give that a try and see if it improves. The tactic has been very successful for me and i deliberately tried to keep the instructions down to a minimum. Shall make the changes and see if it improves. Thanks
  7. And so I find myself back here within a few days with a new problem. I know it’s something I’m doing wrong but I’m literally lost for ideas. I’m currently Sunderland in the 2nd season. Sitting 3rd after 43 games 3 points off top and 1 point off second. My last 3 games pan out like so... I go 1 up, the other team on the next highlight runs up the park and scores, it happens. I go 2-1 up. I change a few instructions to go more defensive, next highlight they run up the park and score straight away again. This happened in my last 3 league games, all finishing 2-2. I won my playoff semi final 3-0. Playoff final I go 1 up.. they run up the park and score. Into extra time I go, I score on 110 minutes thinking I’ve done it, I shut up shop and low and behold the other team run up the park and score with the next highlight. I luckily won on penalties. My first league game in the championship sees me go 1 up, they run up the park and score and I lose 2-1 which is fine it happens and I’m the promoted team. my tactic is as follows : GK FB Support CB (d) CB (d) WB Attack Def mid ( d ) Mezzala ( supp) DLP ( supp) IW (att) IF ( supp) AF Team instructions - positive mentality, slightly higher tempo, Counter, the changes I make when I score range from dropping to balanced, taking off higher tempo, I’ve even brought the attacking wingers back to the MR/ML positions but that hasn’t worked either. sorry for such a long winded post but I’ve pulling my hair out with this one and need some help thanks
  8. I was thinking 4231 but wasn’t too sure if we had the personnel to pull it off. Def have to change the shape around. In attack it’s been poor. Murphy has been dreadful and he’s leaving in January. are you out of the relegation zone ?
  9. Hey Everyone First tactics post. Due to work commitments I rarely get a lot of time to play FM these days so most of my leagues have found me taking over top teams and tactics has never been my strongest point. I have tried also to read as many of the guides on here as possible but not sure if it's me being thick or i'm just not implementing things right. With having more time off now due to the ongoing situation I thought I would fire myself up a lower league save and see how I go. I started what looked like the impossible task of taking over Bolton. Always liked them. Have brought in 1 striker on loan from Arsenal but due to money that is all. Looking at the squad I thought the best set up to go for was a simple 442. Set up looks like this : GK FB - Support CB - Def CB- Def FB - Att Winger - Supp CM - B2B CM - Def IW - Support Target Man Poacher. Only TI's I used were hit early crosses, thinking of target man, and goalkeeper distribution was hit early to target man also. Creative freedom was be more disciplined. Won my first 4 league games which brought my points tally to 0 and I thought onwards and upwards however it has been a disaster since. I am currently 5 points off of the first place above relegation but I am losing matches thick and fast and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Can anyone share any joy they have had with Bolton or point me in the right direction if possible ? I don't even know what style to try and implement due to the squad Thanks in advance
  10. Great thanks mate much appreciated
  11. Hi, A little bit of help please. I have FM20 already purchased however i have recently bought a new laptop. If i uninstall FM20 from the old one does that mean i need to purchase again through steam on my new laptop or can it just be downloaded again through steam ? Thanks
  12. send it again if you would mate i think i might have deleted it by accident, i can see that i have added you though.
  13. never added someone before, how do you do it ? it's saying something like a friend code ?
  14. looking to join as well guys if that is ok ? what sort of league are you's looking to play ?
  15. how often you guys going to play ?
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