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  1. That’s great mate thank you ! So if I plug those speakers in it would still need to be done to the laptop yes ? Unless there is a speaker built so I got a monitor, didn’t pay great amounts for it so much not expecting wonders. however, when I watch the match on 2d the flow of the game is great. But when I plug the laptop into the monitor it’s a little bit jumpy but not a lot. is there anything I can do to fix or stop this ? If so how do I go about it ?
  2. i see that none of those monitors have speakers, stupid question but what would i have to get to have sound come out of the monitor from the laptop ? could you point me in the direction of a decent one please ?
  3. thanks for that mate, appreciate it. spoke with someone at dell yesterday and they recommended this one https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/dell-24-gaming-monitor-s2421hgf/apd/210-awmg/monitors-monitor-accessories is there much of a difference between that one and the one you recommended ? i just want to make sure that FM's graphics requirements will be ok with the monitor too
  4. I know nothing about computers lol is it this ? 1920x1080 8GB NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX would this one be ok ? https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/dell-24-gaming-monitor-s2421hgf/apd/210-awmg/monitors-monitor-accessories
  5. I’d be looking for around 24/25 inch. As good a resolution as my budget allows I suppose. I have an Alienware laptop so a monitor that could hopefully deal with decent graphics
  6. Looking for some monitor advice. I currently have an HP laptop for work and I have an Alienware laptop for gaming and FM. I am looking if I can to buy a monitor that I would use mostly for work but when I have the chance plug my Alienware into the monitor for the bigger screen. Budget is prob max £150-200. Could someone point me in the right direction please as I want to make sure I get one that’s of enough quality to handle the alienwares good graphics
  7. Lol I know it does sound stupid. It just got to me so much due to it being like 4 games in a row all the exact same thing. Running straight up the park and scoring, I’m def going to implement the things you guys have suggested and hopefully it will improve what’s already been done. Appreciate the help lads !
  8. Ok I’ll make the changes tonight and report back. Last season I had Brewster on loan from Liverpool and played him in the AF role and he scored 32 goals in all competitions. Could have been due to the lower level him having such a prolific season. Would he suit the PF on attack role do you think ? Have tweaked the distribution to cb’s and fb’s and taken off counter and see how I go. thanks very much
  9. Would it be possible to share what you think I could tweak to the tactic in order to improve ? would be much appreciated. Possibly, I stuck with it as it seemed to work for the best part of the season entering me into a title race so I thought it worked. But I feel I may get found out this season in the championship unless I do something. I tried to take a screen shot of my players to post in the thread but it doesn't appear to be working
  10. I always watch on key highlights to be honest mate, always have done. I had been putting my wing back on attack on the left side purely as my right back was much weaker in that department. I shall take your advice and try that out and see if that makes a difference. Finished 3rd in league one, was neck and neck pretty much the entire season and then fell away in the last few games due to the issues I have wrote about here. Totally blew it. So it only really started the last 4/5 games of the season, and now first league game of the new season in the championship so unfortunately carried on into
  11. To be totally honest Chip on some of the occasions where it has happened i haven't changed anything and it still happened. I was in a push for the title so when i scored i was too busy celebrating lol then by the time the highlight of my goal finished it jumped straight to the next highlight a minute later and it was the opposite team running up the park and scoring. would you suggest dropping the wingback back down to a full back on support in this situation ? i never know what to do i really don't, it does sometimes come across as damned if you do changed damned if you don't.
  12. Ok i shall give that a try and see if it improves. The tactic has been very successful for me and i deliberately tried to keep the instructions down to a minimum. Shall make the changes and see if it improves. Thanks
  13. And so I find myself back here within a few days with a new problem. I know it’s something I’m doing wrong but I’m literally lost for ideas. I’m currently Sunderland in the 2nd season. Sitting 3rd after 43 games 3 points off top and 1 point off second. My last 3 games pan out like so... I go 1 up, the other team on the next highlight runs up the park and scores, it happens. I go 2-1 up. I change a few instructions to go more defensive, next highlight they run up the park and score straight away again. This happened in my last 3 league games, all finishing 2-2. I won my playoff semi f
  14. I was thinking 4231 but wasn’t too sure if we had the personnel to pull it off. Def have to change the shape around. In attack it’s been poor. Murphy has been dreadful and he’s leaving in January. are you out of the relegation zone ?
  15. Hey Everyone First tactics post. Due to work commitments I rarely get a lot of time to play FM these days so most of my leagues have found me taking over top teams and tactics has never been my strongest point. I have tried also to read as many of the guides on here as possible but not sure if it's me being thick or i'm just not implementing things right. With having more time off now due to the ongoing situation I thought I would fire myself up a lower league save and see how I go. I started what looked like the impossible task of taking over Bolton. Always liked them
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