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  1. Ive created a cup for all 90 teams over five 18 team divisions. 72 teams go into the 1st qualifying round. These should all the clubs except the top flight. Ive selected seed teams by division reputation. 2nd qualifying round has 36 teams in it. no new teams enter at this stage Next is a group stage where the 18 teams in the top flight are added to the 18 winners of the last round to make 9 groups of 4 teams. ive selected seed teams by division reputation. then there is a round of 16 with the winners of each group plus hopefully the 7 best runners up then it just plays like a normal knock out cup my problem is that its entering teams from the top flight into the 1st qual round. Do i need to select random for seeding at this stage and seed by div rep at the group stage only? or vice verse? what i think is happening is its picking the 72 best placed teams for the qualifying round instead of the 72 worst placed teams. If i change that to random will it then take into account that it needs to pick the 18 best for the group stage so the only pick the 72 worst teams?
  2. Ive created a big ten tiered world league and i was hoping to add an All Stars exhibition match to the start of the season. Basically it would be an all star team from the top five divisions against an all star team from the next 5 divisions. Is this possible? Ive created an All Star competition and selected All Star Cup in the competition type but i cant figure out what else i would need to do. Is this even possible in the editor yet?
  3. what size should the tiny ones be?
  4. I have some 2d files from an old version that i'm trying to get working on FM13. They were in four folders called small, medium, medium28 and large and contain the icons facing various directions. Each folder contains the icons called kit 6 all the way tto kit 354 in increments of 6. They are currently saves in SI/fm13/skin/fmc2013fm/graphics/pitch/icons/kit. However, they dont seem to be loading. Can i not use old versions of these files? do they all need renaming? do they need saving somwhere else?
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