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  1. That is why I suggested this to be an optional extra. I find after 15 seasons or so the game gets a little repetitive, and usually by this time outdated as players in real life will have moved on. If after so long you wanted to start again with a shorter challenge then you could use it, if you didn't then you dont have to. I just thought it would make a nice little extra that could add a slightly different area for those who are just looking for a quick fix without having to get involved in the whole squad building side of the game.
  2. Maybe for Manager wages, there could be an extra option like an FM shop like in pro-evo. You save up your wages, maybe a cumulative total from all your saves etc, and you can buy extra tournaments from the past. These tournaments wouldn't affect your save game and you'd have to start a new game to play them but it would be a nice little add on. Managers who prefer starting in the lower leagues usually play with the intent of a longer challenge anyway, so they wouldn't mind maybe working for longer to get enough wages to buy a tournament. Possibly in the extra's you could have a set aim like Make England win the world cup in 66 In January make Newcastle win the Premiership when Keegan fluffed it up (cant remember the actual year.) Taking Greece to win Euro 2004 etc etc Would be a nice little extra and give Manager wages some point to them rather then for ego.
  3. I don't know if these have been mentioned earlier on, I read a few pages but couldn't manage 25. - Training camps: This could be done like requesting a feeder club. You could request whether you want to go on a superior facilities one, a team bonding one, acclimatising to foreign weather one, and then the board get back to you with some options and prices and you get to choose. - Re-arranged fixtures: In real life when a game gets cancelled the two teams involved get to choose when the rearranged game should be played (certainly at Conference level they do as I work in the club offices!) If you have a game cancelled to international call-ups, you could get given maybe 3 or 4 potential dates for the game to be re-played on, therefore you dont get 4 games in a week just before your Champions League Semi-Final match, leaving all your players either knackered or injured and getting slaughtered in that match (ok this one may be more sour grapes, but it would still be nice to implement). - Under 16 teams: In real life you wouldn't get a 14 year old playing for the under 18's, so maybe having an extra age group, where you can only offer youth contracts and then have to choose how many you feel you can promote into senior contracts. Would also be nice for those like me who love to bring through youngsters and see them progress.
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