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  1. It happens a lot that I just have a winning streak of like 4 matches then I lose 3 games with only 1 chance against me which was the goal. Am I advised to change the tactic always? or 2 have 2 tactics and change between them always rather than 1 tactic?
  2. Guys how do you get all these brazillians with any Work Permit issues?
  3. I think it would have been easier if you had your scouts already out there hunting younger talents. Thats what I did, now in 2nd season(and didnt promote), but got like 4-5 youngsters, that should be ready for first team football next season. My 2cents anyways, is to filter out expiring contracts withing your scouting range and sign any player who is highly recommended then. YOu can opt for older players (32-33yrs). These are usually best hunts for a season and no longer. Also, you might think of loaning players from WW giants like Barca and Real. They usually have high CA players on loan lists. One fast question : What was your tactic? was it your own or did you use one premade here?
  4. Guys... I am in February.. still with exactly the starting team.. Shamefully, didnt do any transfers any of the windows, except for a couple of loans... All my players are 3.5 stars Max in their positions.. thats why im position 16 Is this position normal provided this? The board are satisfied, and I think I can end the season at position 13 or so... so the folks that ended up higher, definitely had players with 4 stars in a couple of positions right? My tactic has been enhanced lately.... I just need a better Assistant Manager. Any suggestions? Please all comment, im open for any advice
  5. I think you need Fellaini to be on Support, as you are not closing down at all in your own half this way. Also, you need to have one of your MCs to be Box-Box or any other role that should support a little in the defensive part. You dont close down the opposition here, and on a counter attack against you, you only have 3 players, the 2 DCs and 1 DM all standing off... Thats why you concede a lot. If Cleverly is not efficient for Box-Box, try buying a higher work rate CM. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Thanks a lot Cleon, I struggle with the following : 1) When my short passing is not working, should I revert to Direct/Fast? 2) Is control OK with the setup above or should I do Attacking when draw/losing and Counter when up? 3) I dont use shouts.. Any suggestions for shouts as a Combo with the above? 4) Does the mix I provided above include any contradictions within the tactic? Thanks...
  7. How did you spot Regens without Genie Scout being out yet?
  8. Guys I've been playing 433 in Control with the following setup 2 CBs ... 1 CB and the other ball playing CB Full Backs as Automatic (but most of the time attacking) 1 DM .... Anchorman 2CMs... 1 as Box-Box and 1 as PM 2AMs... both as IFs 1FW as Poacher Team instructions : Control, Short, Slow, mixed width, no pressing no standoff (Default).... Rigid, no creativity. Im playing with Leeds... so no much creativity in the team. Not working bad, but definitely could be better, any ideas? I know I need to buy an IF as one of them is really bad, but I need some tuning on the tactics side. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Guys... Im desperately looking for good IFs...Im playing with Leeds and its the first window (Jan. 2013). Got a large DB of players. Have $800K for transfers and around 40K left in Payroll. Need 2 IFs... one for each side. They could be a good loan or a decent bargain. Any thoughts?
  10. Ok, I will just offload them and try to buy new ones Im trying to use them as IFs not exact wingers... and use my wingbacks on Attack roles. sometimes the formation just gets you like straight wins then 5 straight losses... a big shame in the game
  11. I am playing 433 with 2 IFs and 1 Striker. Diouf is a big mess I would say? And Varney as a Left IF is not the best too.. Any suggestions? Im in January first season.. and got around $800k budget left for transfers.. any suggestions???
  12. Guys im playnig 4-3-3 Varney as an IF from the left is not the best and almost got no replacement for him. Got a loaned striker (Jerome) that is doing quite well. I am thinking to offload Diouf and Mccormak. Both not doing what is really expected at the moment. Unfortunately, my payroll is already beyond limit and Im in November. Any good hunts in January? Playing a very attacking football. Used that WOW guides in the tactical forum, and its doing pretty well. I need freebies in January or hopefully great loans by then. AML, AMR and a good backup DC. Any thoughts about a good assistant coach too? Too much questions I know But its my first ever time to play with Leeds. A team that deserves much more than its current RL ranking
  13. Yes Exactly, I thought that Control is more of the next level to balanced when it comes to attacking? Thanks anyways for the note, I will do that. Also, My Assistant says that 4231 deep is best for my players... Should I rather sell some players to be able to strengthen the squad depth instead of being stuck with what im given for the whole season? Also, If I play Wide.... and Exploit the flanks, should my team never try to attack from the middle? I need to be able to CREATE A tactic... is this is only like a try and error thing? I should keep on thinking of an idea then do it ... keep tweaking it and then retry? Isnt there a complete guide for everything in a tactic?
  14. Hello guys, I started playing with Leeds. I got sacked twice. This is the first FM edition that I decided not to download a tactic to use. I want to create mine. Basically, my team expectations should be to finish mid table, but I was aiming at a top half finish. No transfer funds almost available, and I am stuck with eh lineup I got in the beginning of the season. I need to know how to create a tactic, and also, I need to make sure that when creating it, My attack is NOT relying no only 1 thing.. that said, I dont want it to be nill if a certain player is well marked or out of form!!!!! I liked having a Direct Fast Control & Counter Attacking strategy. Desperately need help
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