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  1. I know what you mean.... when I had that amount I mentioned I actually became more picky with the transfers etc....I became paranoid about spending on the wrong player.....
  2. yeah its great isnt it... I think at one point I had about £260m of transfer funds to spend......... if only in real life
  3. true ... shame really as he was always a banker to get another 1-3m in the transfer coffers at the start of any toon game...
  4. Ben , I think for me its not necesarily about not getting job offers... we certainly wouldnt want it where your constantly being pestered by loads of clubs and it goes the other way.. but for example. as far as the game is concerned i'm the best manager in the world. won 6 CL finals in a row, world club cups every year. .etc etc . pretty much won everything for 6 seasons .. Yet there has been ZERO offers from any national countries..... I had 2 or 3 club offers early on in season two but despite being not only the nations most successful manager etc etc you'd think 1 or 2 offers from decent sides would come in, even cheaky lower league teams might try an offer.. but its pretty baron.
  5. my only worry about the new patch update is that they will reduce the abilities of existing players because of the poor first half of the season we've had... so yeah looking forward to getting the new players at the club but what they give with one hand they will probably take away with the other....
  6. one thing i have been surprised at was the lack of english regens at least so far i've hardly seen anything above a 4
  7. in my fm game france and italy seem to produce loads for me, i seem to pick 2 or 3 up each season
  8. I usually pay up to 5m ... normally around 1-3m however I did pay about 26m for an absolutely outstanding right back.. reason was he went to spurs for 22m and I missed out on him but put a cheaky offer in 6 months after that and got him for 26m.. i was pleased because he's awsome....
  9. I had a few early on. played 6 seasons with Newcastle and pretty much won everything every season, had offers from man utd, man city, psg, bayern but they were all in seasons 2-4. despite being the best english manager around never had a national team approach me yet. I thought more would offer jobs with the record I have as a manager but obviously not.
  10. I agree with that.. I can destroy barca, real, psg, bayern, man city and utd all at home, but really struggle in away games.....even the weaker teams and lower league clubs in the cup etc........ it looks like they have really hit away sides
  11. Also if you are loaning them out make sure the loan is a "first team or important player" loan.. not a cover player... i've made that mistake.. I used to loan them out and they would never play..... I agree many of the players i've had as 5* players ahve turned into 3* players by 21-22... but some have developed well as well as that... for me the ones that really did well are the ones I played first team and developed in house.
  12. Yeah I have to admit I found it hard for the first half season... I think most people will unless they start with a really top side in whatever league / country they choose to play in. I think its a bit harsh that sunderland only have 1.5m in transfer funds at the start of the game... I'm not sure what would be more appropriate but I think most teams could probably get their hands on at least 5m. keep trying as you say.. once you get a couple more decent bosmans it should start to turn around for you.. just a shame your first effort got you the sack..... I'm surprised really as you said the goals were to just avoid relegation.. which is fine... if you had said euro qualification then I could understand them sacking you for a bad half season... best of luck
  13. or it might be the fact that you managed Sunderland...... ...and thats not an arsey comment.... just a fact that they may be really difficult to start with in this version of the game.... Why don't you try a save with someone really good first... get your confidence up with tactics and finding your way around the new game with what works and doesnt then try again with them... In the end of the day Sunderland at best were predicted to finish mid table.... ...what did you tell the board your promises were at the start.? ... If you said a title challange then finished mid table then giving yourself a hard task to hit initially..
  14. Andreas Iniesta, who I got for free when he was 33 had a good final season before retiring for me. despite the 125k a week wages.. totally worth it. To have Iniesta at newcastle was class. I was just glad I gave him a good send off by winning the league, fa cup and champions league.
  15. As a side note has anyone been tempted or actually done this: I was thinking about starting a new game but putting 1 or 2 past players back in EG when shearer signed for us. Imagine starting a newcastle save with shearer being 24/25 years old ... or a philipe albert etc etc you could have a cracking side as a fun alternative save game
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