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  1. I am also pro Whitehawk. You could recruit players from the California region ;-) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitehawk,_California. In my mind they would be native Americans with a name as Whitehawk.
  2. In your own profile screen, at the top there's a wanted icon. If you hover over this, it drops down and shows you wich clubs are interested in you.
  3. After more than a decade playing this game, I finally got a son in game. Only then I noticed I had switched surname and name in my profile...
  4. After the Brexit there's no advantage to players gaining another european nationality. They would still be "foreigners" (not English).
  5. I think there is a different thread about this already (see beneath). Perhaps you can try the solutions there.
  6. It will probably be the cut-off date then. The other players are indeed younger than him. It's a shame because you need 9 home-grown players on the pitch in Sweden so it's allways nice to have. However at the rate he's improving, I most likely won't be able to hang on to him for 3 years before he is lured away. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello, I am playing with Örebro in Sweden. I have a strange issue with a home-grown status. In the beginning of the season I bought an Estonian international. It is now the end of the season (as champions :-)) and in my end of season checkup I noticed he isn't due to become home-grown at club (see very small screenshot). A few other players I bought during the same transfer window (a Belgian, Islandic and Danish youngster) are due to become home-grown in a few years. As you can see, he is only 18 years old and haven't been on loan. Why is he not on track to become home-grown for the club?
  8. So it is ok for you to outthink the AI but not for the AI to outthink you?
  9. The stars can also change once they get some training. Sometimes the initial evaluation of your assistant is just wrong.
  10. In my experience, a player only accepts a warning for 2 yellow cards. A fine for 1 week's wage is accepted for a straight red card.
  11. I apparently completely missed this question... So my apologies for the very late answer. It was a one-off. Since this happened, it didn't occur again. After going back to the last save game it didn't happen again. The only customisation I use, is a facepack.
  12. I think it matters wich team status you offer. The money is to convince the club.
  13. I have just gotten an application error. The screenshot just after the error and the crash-dump file is attached. After clicking OK the game closed. I think the application error happened when my TV and PC were trying to connect. They are linked with a cable and for a reason I do not understand both of them sometimes try to connect even when the TV is off... This has never before caused an issue, nor in previous version of FM, nor in the beta, nor in the previous FM18 iteration. If you need some extra information, feel free to ask. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 07.43.22).dmp
  14. I think it activates automatically when the injury is serious enough. Apparantly the sustained injury is not severe enough.
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