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  1. Quality of youth intake.

    The stars can also change once they get some training. Sometimes the initial evaluation of your assistant is just wrong.
  2. In my experience, a player only accepts a warning for 2 yellow cards. A fine for 1 week's wage is accepted for a straight red card.
  3. application error

    I apparently completely missed this question... So my apologies for the very late answer. It was a one-off. Since this happened, it didn't occur again. After going back to the last save game it didn't happen again. The only customisation I use, is a facepack.
  4. I think it matters wich team status you offer. The money is to convince the club.
  5. I have just gotten an application error. The screenshot just after the error and the crash-dump file is attached. After clicking OK the game closed. I think the application error happened when my TV and PC were trying to connect. They are linked with a cable and for a reason I do not understand both of them sometimes try to connect even when the TV is off... This has never before caused an issue, nor in previous version of FM, nor in the beta, nor in the previous FM18 iteration. If you need some extra information, feel free to ask. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.18 07.43.22).dmp
  6. injury release clause

    I think it activates automatically when the injury is serious enough. Apparantly the sustained injury is not severe enough.
  7. For me it also had by far the best ratio of price/hour for every hobby or other game. FM - €41 / 750hour = 0.05 €/hour FM (without reduction) - €54 / 750hour = 0.07 €/hour Civ V - €50 / 250hour = 0.2 €/hour Movie - €11 / 2 hour = 5.5 €/hour Football match - €15 / 1.5hour = 10 €/hour
  8. Any Love for Serie A

    I am currently enjoying a save with Udinese. I'm doing a journeyman save. It began in Luxembourg 3th division and via 2 championships with Wisla Krakow in Poland, I ended up in Udinese. First season I became third and won the cup. Second season I became second and again won the cup. The competition is fun because there are a lot of evenly matched teams going for the top places. Juventus is better most of the time but Roma, AC Milan, Napoli, Inter Milan and recently Udinese ;-) also fight for top places. Last year there was just 1 point difference between the first 5 teams 4 games before the end. It are actually 12 reserves you can take with you :-), so youngsters get plenty of chances. The non-EU rule is explained very clearly so no problems there.
  9. Help! Can't cancel loan

    Perhaps the team where he is at loan is not in a transfer window?
  10. Ajax would be a little weird. They are known for their excellent youth acadamy. Didn't AC Milan play with a very old team a few years back?
  11. I don't think it'is useless. If you don't report it, it can't be fixed for FM2018.
  12. I have used a 3-2-3-2 with great succes. At Wisla Krakow it didn't lose in 1.5 season. At Udinese I am fighting for champions league places battling much bigger budgets. AF (A) - CF (S) CM (A) - DLP (S) - CM (D) WB (S) - WB (A) DC - DC - DC Possesion based, short passing strategy Currently I am thinking to switch my strikers around to get more out of the AF.
  13. Ground maintenance expenditure

    I agree that letting you know the cost beforehand would be a usefull addition. Hopefully you get better youth players because of this. In the long run it could be worth the investment.
  14. How Long!!

    Normally it should happen instantly. Perhaps they decide for themselves it isn't necessary in most of the situations. For example, I have set up my corners to be taken short. Sometimes however my corner taker still takes a direct corner. I suspect this is because he decided the short option isn't the best option. Perhaps something similar is going on with the players on the posts.
  15. Ground maintenance expenditure

    Did you get an upgrade on your training facilities? Those also go into ground maintenance. Normally you do get a notice of those kind of costs though.