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  1. Just a small update. The changes are working very nicely. I'm getting more different types of attacks then before. Removing overlap has sped up the passing game just a bit and my AP is much more involved in the areas where it matters. The improved tactic just got me through 3 preliminary rounds in the champions league so I will be able to test it against the giants of europe . Thx again!
  2. I don't create that many chances but those I do create are usually good ones. I removed "Look for Overlap". You make a good point and perhaps now my midfield won't just be waiting for the backs to overlap but consider more options. The DLP-S is actually better as an AP so I changed that role. During play the CM-D is allways the safe passing option so I like to keep him around. For now I didn't have any problems with the stopper but I will keep track of it during matches. I'm going to try switching around the striker pair. Thx for the insights!
  3. I am playing a journeyman save and after succes with Orania Vianden (Luxembourg D3) and FC Wiltz (Luxembourg D1), I am currently the manager of Wisla Krakow (Poland D1). Last year I became champions with the tactic seen below. However, a lot of my wins were with a very small difference (mostly 1-0). I would like to improve this but I am unsure what I can adjust. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tactic, feel free to enlighten me. The club philosophie is to play Possession football and with this tactic, this is working very well. My main goalscoarers are both of the strikers, with the CM attack also contributing nicely. Assist are distributed around the squad but the WBR attack is leading the pack. The only PI I am using is distribution rolling out to CB for my GK. As I said, the tactic is working but I am looking to improve and for the moment I don't see where I could do that besides improving the players. So any help would be appreciated. If extra info is required feel free to ask.
  4. In what way does this not answer your question? The first link you come across gives Brian Mcclair as second best and Rui Faria as best. If you can't get Faria and don't want Mcclair anymore you can pick out of the other 18 given. Or you could try the staff search button...
  5. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=fm+2017+best+assistant+manager
  6. You can do this. Just make a loan transfer offer and select as date 'end of next season'.
  7. In the full version it would cause problems with happiness. I suspect that this is different in FM touch.
  8. I don't think so but you can just ignore the grey players.
  9. I am playing this game since 1997 and still going strong, so not all of the long time players have quit. I do have to admit that I mostly read on these forums and barely post.
  10. According to the link below, it was possible to play over LAN with one version of the game for older version. Perhaps you can try that.
  11. or you can play hot-seat and play alternating on the same pc
  12. I think it is possible now to mimic this behavior. The tactical view is the defensive position so you start in both cases with a 4-4-2. Because you want to have a completely different shape attacking you get al fluid-very fluid system. The movement in attack is controlled via the roles and playing instructions: Juve: Advanced Forward (attack) - Trequiesta (attack)/False 9 (support) Winger (attack) - Deep lying playmaker (support) - Central midfielder (support) - Winger Attack Fullback (attack) - Central defender - Central defender - Fullback (support) GK Barca: Advanced Forward (attack) - False 9 (support) Winger (attack) - Advanced playmaker (support) - Central midfielder (defense) - Wide playmaker (support) Wingback (support) - Central defender - Central defender - Complete wingback (attack) GK I haven't tested this but believe this should provide the wanted plays.
  13. They probably got nervous because they weren't expected to get promotion. Depending on the personalities in your squad, this can have a greater effect. As a manager you can adjust your team talks to these personalities. For example; if they are all young players with low-average determination, you need to lower the pressure during team talks.
  14. When you have a data analist, you get specific news items with the analysis of the last match (heat map, passing schedule,...) I am not so sure about the sport scientist but I hope he works together with the physio to reduce injuries or speed up recovery time.
  15. Perhaps it's just takes some time to take effect. It says "in the future".