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  1. According to the wiki page of your home town (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekenäs,_Finland), the majority of the town speaks swedish in stead of finnish. That is probably the reason.
  2. It depends on the country you are managing in. If I remember correctly, Germany has very young newgens.
  3. That is strange. I would recommend to upload your savegame to the bugs forum so SI can take a look under the hood.
  4. It is possible that the league requires you to play at the same stadium for the season. So perhaps next season you will move back.
  5. If I remember correctly I could retreat them from the team. At the time I didn't do that because the competition started after the last match of the season. I didn't realise they would be called up 10 days before the start of the competition...
  6. I got a U23 team (also with Wrexham ) at the moment the draw for the checkatrade trophy is made.
  7. I also think leadership doesn't take any CA points. The only drawback is that it replaces training time.
  8. I had something similar. 12 players from my Wrexham side were called up for the U20 World Cup. It started after the season ended but unfortunately they preparation started 10 days before so I missed them for the last 2 matches of the premier league. 5 of the 12 would have been starters in my team. I have never seen this for senior international matches though.
  9. I am also pro Whitehawk. You could recruit players from the California region ;-) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitehawk,_California. In my mind they would be native Americans with a name as Whitehawk.
  10. That is the location where I sometimes see a Wanted symbol.
  11. In your own profile screen, at the top there's a wanted icon. If you hover over this, it drops down and shows you wich clubs are interested in you.
  12. After more than a decade playing this game, I finally got a son in game. Only then I noticed I had switched surname and name in my profile...
  13. After the Brexit there's no advantage to players gaining another european nationality. They would still be "foreigners" (not English).
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